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  1. I’d be having the other key deactivated!!
  2. Another forum member that disappeared
  3. They're adding that fucking retail check to it FFS If it didn't have the word 'Autotrader' on the page you'd think it was a joke wouldn't you?!?!?! If you are interested in accessing 12,000+ profitable vehicles with retail metrics that indicate consumer demand within your local market, register your details below and a member of our team will be in touch.
  4. Up to 24 months after depending on the outcome.
  5. Yes, you can plead poverty and they'll allow you to pay circa £150pm *****BUT***** I Believe unless you pay within 30 days you will have a CCJ registered against you. I know what I'd rather do.
  6. I had a jag once that did this. It was years and years ago so can’t remember exactly what it was. I think the little electric valve that that lets hot coolant into the heater box. Or the signal to it. The car had 2, one for driver, one for passenger.
  7. I did say to ring them after? I don’t think that’ll be an issue in this case do you?
  8. Do the deal with Peter Orr. deliver the car personally, could be the same guy. Kick the fuck out of him and call the police.
  9. Isn’t there a different thread for ‘buyers remorse’ where we all cunt the buyers off? I don’t buy the story and even if I did I’d be sticking with the ‘It’s your car’ comments. Thank god you don’t work for the government in nuclear missile launch control room
  10. The loss is the SIV of the car. Nothing more, nothing less.
  11. I don't need to read it again. The 1st sale has had no comeback. He's calculating his loss with £7,750.00 car that has gone and the £7,750.00 payment which is being clawed back.
  12. Not wanting to rub salt into the wound but £7,750.00 over the phone????? Only take over the phone what you can afford to lose. And you haven't lost £15,500.00!! In total you've lost £7,750.00. Still not great but not as bad as you're telling yourself. You could even argue that your actual loss is the SIV of the sold car, £6k maybe? Chin up, move forward and in a few years time it'l be just a story to tell.