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  1. Remove Speed Limiter

    VW main dealers do it but not sure what software is used.
  2. I assume you’ve checked the ride height level sensors both visuallyand analysing what reading they’re giving through diagnostic equipment?
  3. Mazda mx5 2.0 sport

    You WILL do well with it.
  4. Mazda mx5 2.0 sport

    Is this real or you just gloating? pm me if you want it underwriting.
  5. 1/4 of year? Politician talk. So in 13 weeks, from start to finish you had a replacement engine fitted at a main dealer free of charge? On a 4 year old car? Not bad going if you ask me. Yes the time frame is a little excessive but I guess you were in a replacement car? There’s been a fair few bank holidays and were certain parts on back order? You didn’t mention the fact you had to make a contribution? I’m guessing you would’ve mentioned it. So..... a car past the warranty period of most other manufacturers. Engine replaced. Alternative transport. No contribution. Theres isn’t a single manufacturer that is immune to fault so if you can’t handle a major failure, maybe a bus pass would be the best option (they do break down too)
  6. Any dash cam will work in your car. Buy based on the quality of the camera. Any will work in your car.
  7. Old style v5 (BLUE)

    Tony, Check the V5 reference number and issue date on HPI to see if it's the latest issued V5 for that car. If it is, I believe you'll be ok to use it. Why don't you just try it on the online system? See if you can get past the reg and reference number page?
  8. You took his money over the phone which was ‘subject to some t’s and c’s which don’t actually exist. Give it him back.
  9. More advice please

    Or 9 months?!?!? We’ve all had them. Well I have anyway
  10. More advice please

    You must be doing very very well to be panicking after having had no interest in 9 days. Anyway, I had a look at your advert. Clicked off it as soon as I saw your description is A MIXTURE of CAPITAL AND lower CASE LETTERS.
  11. Bye bye autotrader

    Really good that you're doing well but a 12 month comparison will tell us for sure. It does work for me but being a tight northerner it pains me that it's my biggest out lay, including mortgages, wages, everything. But if it attracts most of my customers than it's my best resource. I don't know if it attracts the most as I always get a blank expression when I ask where they've seen it advertised.
  12. Bye bye autotrader

    Me too
  13. Electric Fart Box Car Batteries

    Ok, I made a typo, it should've read 'illegal number plates'. And yes, they're very illegal. I've always known there's no pointsinvolved and I thought it was £30.00 or £60.00 fine so was never bothered if I do get caught. I've had them on a few carsand never had a problem with them. Police strictness must be different where I am. I was 200 miles away. Apparently everyone thinks they look shit and I must admit, they are a bit too much. I'm in the process of ordering some slightly less shit ones. If I knew how to upload a picture I would be able to give you all a good laugh.