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  1. @XFS I’ve totally heard you when you say you don’t need the money, don’t need this that and the other and I’m totally with you on the sell from home nice house positives blah blah blah. I do exactly the same myself but as much as you say you want to do business on your terms etc etc I still can’t get my head around why you don’t want to be able to offer finance?
  2. Unless he’d applied for the V5 in the new owners name Result!!! Hope you’d not spent too much time ‘finding’ the history for it
  3. I wonder why What's your website, @15Cars?
  4. All the main dealers I've seen that do it are uploading it direct to a BCA app.
  5. Cracking numbers!!! What's your website?
  6. Hope you don't take that approach with every car that hasn't sold as quickly as you'd like!! You'll need a driveway the size of your local Tesco car park!! And a lot of money ps If @Rory RSC and @Mark101 cock on you. I have £14k for it!!
  7. Oh dear. Are you selling finance? If not it needs to be very cheap. Even if you are, I bet joe public can walk into Audi and get either a new or pre reg car for lower monthly’s than what you could give them. I had a similar scenario when I was fresh and naïve, 24 month old MB C Class coupe. Monthly’s for a pre reg from MB were less than what I could sell out at. Luckily a friend of mine SOR’d it in his show room and returned me a profit. Maybe you know someone that could do that?
  8. Won't solve you not being able to sell the car to a customer without it?
  9. It’s on lockdown following a security breach. No one in No one out
  10. Either tell them to take it or leave it or price a couple of new ones up?? Not sure I would’ve got myself into that agreement unless you’ve got loads of bunts across it.
  11. Find the time in the week and turn up unannounced at the garage. If it's not there, excellent, she's using it and there's nothing wrong with it, well, not enough wrong with it to deem it to be unfit for purpose. If it is there, you need to take possession of it there and then. I'd be paranoid of them doing something to it if they have advance notice that you'll be collecting it and potentially taking away £x,xxx.xx's of potential income from them. I'd also be recording the whole situation from the moment I step out of the car. The only time I had a similar dispute with a customer I did exactly the same as above. The car wasn't there and after doing some digging the garage owner was related to my customer. You may not be so lucky but you have to keep your cards close to your chest and go catch them out (potentially). Close still reversed the deal
  12. Or the smaller 4 door Rolls Royce
  13. Well, when you look at it like that, yes, I suppose I have.