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  1. More advice please

    Or 9 months?!?!? We’ve all had them. Well I have anyway
  2. More advice please

    You must be doing very very well to be panicking after having had no interest in 9 days. Anyway, I had a look at your advert. Clicked off it as soon as I saw your description is A MIXTURE of CAPITAL AND lower CASE LETTERS.
  3. Bye bye autotrader

    Really good that you're doing well but a 12 month comparison will tell us for sure. It does work for me but being a tight northerner it pains me that it's my biggest out lay, including mortgages, wages, everything. But if it attracts most of my customers than it's my best resource. I don't know if it attracts the most as I always get a blank expression when I ask where they've seen it advertised.
  4. Bye bye autotrader

    Me too
  5. Electric Fart Box Car Batteries

    Ok, I made a typo, it should've read 'illegal number plates'. And yes, they're very illegal. I've always known there's no pointsinvolved and I thought it was £30.00 or £60.00 fine so was never bothered if I do get caught. I've had them on a few carsand never had a problem with them. Police strictness must be different where I am. I was 200 miles away. Apparently everyone thinks they look shit and I must admit, they are a bit too much. I'm in the process of ordering some slightly less shit ones. If I knew how to upload a picture I would be able to give you all a good laugh.
  6. Electric Fart Box Car Batteries

    I'm not going to say I'm fan of hybrids but I certainly don't mind them. I've sold plenty and my wife currently owns a plug in hybrid Cayenne which I cannot stand. Give me a standard hybrid all day long but not a fucking plug in one. I certainly would not own a full on plug in electric car. It must sound pretty fucking lazy but I think I've plugged the Cayenne in 3-4 times since she got it in January. There's no point, the ICE is so uneconomical as soon as the engine kicks in the mpg plummets anyway. With an economical ICE I think I'd be more of a fan. It has the 3.0supercharged Audi V6 (think Audi S5). Sold an Activehybrid 7 series last week, not a bad car but miles off the mpg ofa 3.0d. The active 7 has the straight6 3.0 turbo charged lump in it. Dunno why (maybe someone could educate me) more manufacturers aren't doing diesel hybrids? I've sold a handful of Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4's and they mega economical. Back to the Porsche, I'm in Chesterfield but spend a lot of time in Sheffield. Charging points are VERY thin on the ground. None in Chesterfield town centre, none at Chesterfield Royal hospital and none at our local Tesco and I've never seen a Tesco so big anywhere!!! My local pub has been installing 3 of them for months, doesn't look like they'll be getting finished- even if they did finish them I don't drive to the pub!! The only place I've found some is at Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield- there was a grand total of 3 of them (a quick google search tells me theres 12,000 parking spaces at Meadowhall). All 3 were occupied- 2 Nissan Leafs and a Golf GTE. Back to plug in Hybrids, a lot more needs to be done IMO. BMW are doing wireless charging mats which is a great idea. For now, yes I like hybrids but not plug in one's. And certainly not fully electric- for now. To add to the lack of charging points, last week we were in a nice hotel in the New Forest- no charging points. Although I did get a £100.00 fine for my legal number platesOn the other hand,Peppa pig world was great!
  7. a little help please

    That made me spit my coffee out. Seeing Nick had replied I was expecting some sort of.... Throw the book out the window, make your own price, fuck the competition, overprice it, this is where you'll make your money this month and then I got to I'd scrap it
  8. Expecting retail money back OMG

    I had to turn a very close friend down this week when he asked 'what could I do for him' on a car I have in stock. If this was in the private forum I would tell the full story but lets just say, I can't ever imagine he would ever willingly give me even 0.5% of what I will earn out of this particular car retailing it.
  9. I wouldn't have thought so. I was a BMW mechanic for many years. A replacement engine was always a bare engine. No injectors, no pumps, no pipes, fuck all. Back to the topic, I personally would put it in the advert. Brand new engine supplied and fitted by BMW main dealer on XX/XX/XXXX
  10. Just been offered

    What did you do @Grantlfc81
  11. This And this I have to disagree Umesh. I, probably like a lot of others started part time. Why wouldn't you? You have the income security of your job whilst you get set up and start the ball rolling. 2 years is a very long time, I did it for 6 months until I believed I was as ready as could be to jump into it full time.
  12. Just been offered

    I think you've got to stand by your first customer. You'd be fucking screwing if she said she'd found a cheaper car elsewhere and asked for her deposit back. She'll have put a decent amount of time and effort in preparation to collecting her new car. It's not unheard of for customers to have set up insurance as soon as they've deposited, she may have made plans for when she's picked it up, she might just be excited about getting it. You were obviously happy with the deal rather than 'beaten down' otherwise you wouldn't have done it. If you fuck her over, you're no better than the customers that pull out of deals and try moving the goal posts once deposits and invoices have swapped hands.
  13. Evans Halshaw Prices

    I've been trying to get my little sister an A1 for about 8 weeks in auction. Due to her student budget it wasn't very easy. Then a week ago Evans Halshaw stuck one on Autotrader for LESS than I'd been watching them go through auction for. Full Audi history, 2 keys no damage. Yes she had to pay £99.00 admin fee and yes they charged her a tenner for some diesel but it was still less than a BCA car once buyers fees are taken into account. It would appear that they're not all total shit although I have seen some of there unwashed unprepared scrap examples.
  14. NMR flag on HPI check

    It's not based solely on MOT mileages, James. Things like dealer visits also count. Run an NMR investigation and within a couple of days you'll have the mileages emailed to you.
  15. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

  16. Autotrader awards

    I haven't had an invite but did a couple of years ago. I didn't attend as it was around the time of my wifes due date. I don't believe reviews have anything to do with it. I have an average of 5 stars over 115 reviews compared to your 22. Where I think you are correct is how friendly you are with Autotrader, my invite was first by telephone and then by post only a few days after I heavily defending Autotrader and Bethany on the old Autotrader forum. Since then I haven't heard from them other than the annual price increase when I ring to downgrade certain parts of my package to avoid the increase.
  17. Rude email from BCA

    What's Nicks nationality got to do with your differences? The most helpful trader I know. I've never met him but the lengths he goes to to help off the forum are unreal. If you want to cast stereotypes I think the real issue would be an ex council employee that's been let of the lead. There was nothing wrong with BCA's email, you should be accustomed to awkward, unfriendly and none helpful staff by?
  18. Extended Warranty Advice - VAT

    I would charge VAT. I would also be pricing a self funded 12 month warranty so high it either put him off or it was too good for you to turn down.
  19. If you didn't sell cars what would you be doing?

    I'd love a garage/workshop. Although I fear it would soon be taken over by my own personal cars. I was a mechanic since the age of 17 (32 now, own sales business for 4 years) and never worked a day in sales until starting my own company. One day when I have enough money and space I would love a garage. I have a fear of over heads and loans hence why my pitch and office is on land I own and stock is self funded. My planis to incorporate a workshop into my sales business when I have sufficient space/move in the next 3-4 years.
  20. Great idea if it works, I've had a really good 2-3 months but only 1-2 over that whole period were on finance. Even the bread and butter stuff, 2 today, a £10,795.00 and a £11,990.00 were bank transfers. Even the £30-40k stuff which I would've placed all my chips on being finance sales were bank transfer. Not sure I've got balls big enough to try your theory but would be very interested to watch you try it
  21. court Mediation service Help

    Bit of a long shot and probably a bit too late now but do these cars store when they've illuminatedwarning lights? I know BMW's do (around 2007 onwards), they log the warning light, mileage, date, engine temp, fuel level and loads of other information. You'd then be able to work out the mileage difference between warning light and mileage of the car now. Long shot but it would settle the whole 'did she drive it with the warning light on'.
  22. Hi Nick. Have you tried changing the name of the images. As in have a separate folder of duplicate images with different names. I tried loading duplicate images and it isn't just you. I'm lying. My duplicate images have now gone live. Must be a fault your end.
  23. Audi A4 1.8t Tfsi Rattle

    Bin the piece of shit or cut the roof off it and use it as some sort of funky customer seating area. Sorry for the most useless reply ever but 'TFSI' sits right at the top of my do not buy list. Right at the very top!! I had 4 last year, 2 were sold as spares or repairs and 2 had new engines under good will at Audi and VW.
  24. Can anyone recommend a Mini breaker?

    Have you tried a MINI main dealer? I sometimes get wrapped up trying to find used parts, spend days looking for them only to find they're actually quite cheap new. Doesn't happen all the time but I've been pleasantly surprised a few times.