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  1. BMW radio code

    Well, when you look at it like that, yes, I suppose I have.
  2. BMW radio code

    Afternoon all. Can anyone help with a BMW Z3 radio code please?
  3. BMW radio code

    They did but only because I used to work there.
  4. BMW radio code

    Shortest thread ever. Quick call to BMW and we're all up and running. Tunes blaring!!
  5. RAC Dealers

    They've come back to me and declined the claim. Surprise surprise- not. Only the second claim ever (from my knowledge) and their excuses are pathetic. The Dekra inspection was laughable and biased including the inspector noting that this is a common issue with diesels, it may well be sir but this is a petrol???? Anyway, moving forward all my RAC materials and advertising are going in the bin. They won't get another penny out of me, to the extreme that all my customers currently on 12, 24 and 36 month RAC policies will be getting told about this. I will encourage them to cancel their products, receive a refund for the remaining months and I'll then look to get them on an alternative product. I'm all for what's fair is fair but they'vetookthe absolute piss with this one!! It's a genuine piston failure with no contributing factors. The policy booklet claims.... pistons and piston rings are covered. The excuses...... Customer rang them advising their was an oil leak. The very poor english speaking customer with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever was experience oil usage not a leak. All he could see is that the car was using oil. This was because part of the piston had fallen off. That the customer no longer owns the car. I've had to buy the fucker back because of how long it's all taken. If this was an in and out job he would've kept it. The policy is still paid for and still live on that vehicle. Think that was about it. The sales rep/'account manager' is not uncontactable and being very obstructive. They do say that true colours always show during the bad times. He couldn't do enough when we were increasing the policies and parameters etc. Anyway, in short, don't go near RAC warranties. They're a bunch of c*nts.
  6. Phil Seaham Auto Services

    I am unable to identify an actual problem in your post?
  7. The roof was closed, read his initial thread. Why would he need to take it straight out? He believes the windows were left down, read initial thread.
  8. He bought it knowing the roof didn't work, @Arfur Dealy It's the additional electrical problems/water ingress he didn't know about. Anyway @XFS, as you well know, if you swim in shark infested waters you risk being bit, maybe even eaten alive. You swam with the sharks, got attacked by one and still walked away (you bid online, ended up with a lemon and will still make a half decentprofit), I think you should consider yourself lucky-ish considering how bad it could've been. If you want to feel better about the whole thing, find my thread in the private sectionregarding the Porsche Boxster I bought. I swam with the sharks and was lucky to survive.
  9. No more BMWs

    Is it not worth taking a deep breath, un twisting your knickers and putting a rocker cover gasket on it? Cheap part, very easy to fit.
  10. Auto Trader suspension

    Think it’s more to do with saving the £’s
  11. Auto Trader suspension

    EVERYTHING with AT is 30 days notice UNLESS it’s to give them money or increase your spend in which case it’s 1 day MAXIMUM
  12. Seal the roof shut and sell it as a Cayman
  13. Last week I won a silver S Max on DA. Sent my driver on a 2.5hr journey to collect it yesterday and the panroof blind is absolutely fucked. They've re listed it without images or mention of said fucked blind. Just a quick heads up so no one wastes time and money like I did. RegKT10 XSU
  14. Buyers beware.....

    Not quite. The time scale between my email and him calling was actually very very short. The sellers response was that they'd look into it and come back to him with any issues. The car is still live, no faults mentioned so I can only assume all is ok with it Oh well, I guess I can always bid on it again, make sure I win it and, call them to confirm they've fixed the oil leak and if they haven't then I'll not be collecting it
  15. RAC Dealers

    Fuck me!! I give them loads of business and not had a fucking Mars bar let alone be showered inelectronic gifts!!! Hang fire with your decision. I'm just in the middle of a rather big warranty claim with them and they're playing hard ball so I'll let you know the outcome. The only claim I've ever had with them prior to this was a £80.00 suspension air bag which was done without issue. This current claim will hit the £2k claim limit. If it doesn't get approved I'll be off somewhere else.
  16. Buyers beware.....

    I think you're right. I had a MB SL off them towards the end of last year. Absolutely not something that would've been chopped in at a MG/Hyundai dealer. Any ideas who's stock it is?
  17. Buyers beware.....

    Quick update. The GM at DA rang me this morning following my email which contained images of the oil leak and a copy the service report that was with the car warning about the oil leaks and snapped/missing gearbox bolts etc etc He had a word with the dealer who denied that there were any faults. Apparently he's asked them to take a look and come back to him. He's actually a really nice bloke but that doesn't deter from the fact I think this R8will stay advertised without the faults listed. He must have his work cut out and youdon't expect him to be on top of every cunty dealer but this is a pretty obvious case with supporting evidence. It'll be disappointing if it goes through as it is as someone will end up with the lemon of all lemons. Just to clarify which car it is...... SW09UAA Listed by..... Bushey Heath Garage Ltd8 High StreetColney HeathSt. AlbansAL4 0NU I bet they don't
  18. Buyers beware.....

    FYI...... This has been relistedwith no mention of the above faults. I've just emailed DA general manager including images of the paperwork and underneath the car. Be interesting to see what happens.
  19. This but I'd take it out and make sure it's not been tampered with. I once saw a 3 Series where someone had wired the the eml light to the battery light to make it all look normal on start up. Whiclt it's out, check the connections and definitely the earths.

    Thanks, Row. You good luck wishes worked well! A hefty discount(£600.00) and collecting tomorrow. Before everyone has a hernia about the discount, the car has only been here a week and is in need of around £500-600 of prep. Customer chose to take tomorrow without the prep work rather than wait a week or 2 and have it split mint. He's happier with a cheap car and I'm happy with the lack of fuck around with it and I'm probably a fiver better off taking margin VAT into account. Win, win.
  21. A new product from Europe

    Is this the same product?

    My wishes for a customer free weekend have been dashed. A bloke that just wouldn't take no for an answer. He's apparently armed with a deposit and has an eta of 14:00. We'll see

    WILL THE HOT WEATHER PUT PUNTERS OFF BUYING Hopefully!! Weekend off in the sun would be nice!!!
  24. Buyers beware.....

    New one from yesterday. Audi R8. Bid and won reserve met. There was a mileage discrepancy on HPI so I asked them to send me images of all the paperwork prior to me arranging collection. All was ok mileage wise and the paperwork was very extensive and looked fantastic. My driver gets there yesterday. I ask him to send me pictures of everything again as there was 1 service record missing from what they sent to what was in the DA listing. Theservice invoice record they didn't send melisted...... Gearbox previously removed with several gearbox bolts snapped and/or missing. Fitted new bolts where possible. Oil leak from gearbox Oil leak from engine And a load of other electrical faults. My driver looked under the car to see oil literally dripping from underneath. Yesterday cost me in the region of £300.00 in wages, taxis and train tickets. CUNTS