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  1. Not bad for your 2nd post!!! How about I send you 1,600,000,000.00 Ugandan Dollars. You send me a new truck with 300,000.00 USD in the back? I want the truck and USD before I send you anything.
  2. Thanks Casper. Contracts was one of the first people I went to. I should've said- No good offering me finance contributions. Do I sound like less of a scum bag now? I don't have Facebook, Nick.
  3. I'm after a new facelift Ranger Wildtrack 2.0d auto. Cash purchase. Any deals out there?
  4. @Lucas Is this a relation of yours? If your claim of 'they go up in value' is correct. You should be laughing!!! It'll be worth loads more when you get it back after the judge orders you to refund the woman! Hopefully by enough to cover the legal costs you'll have to pay!!
  5. Up to 24 months after depending on the outcome.
  6. Yes, you can plead poverty and they'll allow you to pay circa £150pm *****BUT***** I Believe unless you pay within 30 days you will have a CCJ registered against you. I know what I'd rather do.
  7. I had a jag once that did this. It was years and years ago so can’t remember exactly what it was. I think the little electric valve that that lets hot coolant into the heater box. Or the signal to it. The car had 2, one for driver, one for passenger.
  8. I did say to ring them after? I don’t think that’ll be an issue in this case do you?
  9. Do the deal with Peter Orr. deliver the car personally, could be the same guy. Kick the fuck out of him and call the police.
  10. Isn’t there a different thread for ‘buyers remorse’ where we all cunt the buyers off? I don’t buy the story and even if I did I’d be sticking with the ‘It’s your car’ comments. Thank god you don’t work for the government in nuclear missile launch control room
  11. The loss is the SIV of the car. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. I don't need to read it again. The 1st sale has had no comeback. He's calculating his loss with £7,750.00 car that has gone and the £7,750.00 payment which is being clawed back.
  13. Not wanting to rub salt into the wound but £7,750.00 over the phone????? Only take over the phone what you can afford to lose. And you haven't lost £15,500.00!! In total you've lost £7,750.00. Still not great but not as bad as you're telling yourself. You could even argue that your actual loss is the SIV of the sold car, £6k maybe? Chin up, move forward and in a few years time it'l be just a story to tell.
  14. I can’t see the amount of claims being an issue. My dad and I were both on the policy and it covered ‘us’ rather than cars. Taking into account 6 call outs in 4 years by 2 people? It’s not that many. Ill make an anonymous call to the AA tomorrow and ask them outright.
  15. Thanks, Nick. Direct debit tax maybe the way around. The refusals were before they’d even sent anyone, Mark. They told me over the phone they weren’t taxed and said they couldn’t help. This was only twice out of maybe 6 times but as it was the last 2 breakdowns I assumed something had changed and didn’t renew. The recent Hilux and s max issues made me rethink things given it cost me just shy of £200 to get the Hilux home and although free, it was a right fuck about getting the s max back.
  16. People, I need some decent breakdown cover but one suitable for the trade. I used to have AA for 4 years, fantastic service but what lead me to cancel was the last 2 breakdowns they wouldn't attend because the cars weren't taxed and they weren't interested in the fact they had trade plates. This was never an issue prior to those 2. I have no issue re joining or trying the RAC etc but I need reassurances that the no tax/trade plates won't be an issue. Any ideas?
  17. I’m married and have 2 kids with a woman I sold a car too!! We can’t be the only ones
  18. Wow!!! Crazy money!! Quit smoking and you have a free house!! They were sub £10 a pack when I quit but only just. Some petrol stations were £10. Mark, did you find that it wasn't just the price of the cigs? I went to the shop every day for cigs and at the same time would buy a drink and a pack of chewing gum. Assuming the drink was £1.20 and the chewing gum 60p, thats £55 on 'extras' a month. I never smoked in the house but always would in the car. `i can't stand the thought of doing it now though. My old man still smokes and the smell is a reminder for me to never do it again. Now...... how to ditch the vape stick????
  19. This is exactly me!! Gone from doing £450 a month on the old Marlboro Lights to vaping. I am also aware I look like a complete twat but as Mark says, I'm a lot better of financially and health wise. Oh, and i don't smell like an ashtray 24/7. Worst thing is, I didn't quit for the health side of things, I quit because the mortgage on the house I was buying was only £150 more than my cigarette expenditure, therefore in my eyes, quit smoking and find £150 a month and I've got a lovely house sat in 2 acres of land!!