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  1. How to get additional trade plates

    Looking to extend my empire in the near future so doing a bit of homework. If i want an extra set of trade plates do i have to pay an additional full fee and submit a second application or can get second set on the one application?
  2. Worst Test Drives

    Clearly they disconnected something. Love it when they rev a diesel....
  3. WBAC / TCBG / EVANS, Why dont they buy from trade?

    Of which joe public can buy from at bca... How far could you backdate?
  4. WBAC / TCBG / EVANS, Why dont they buy from trade?

    Yes but the likes of WBAC gets crap from the public that goes into UKCGR No reserve etc
  5. Recommendation

    I would tell the jobsworth to do one. And explain to him cash isnt crime. Some old people sttill prefer cash. I had a 45yr old geeky banker once the twerpy type who paid me in red notes. And he too said it that cash is seen as crime. He even said he had been to see a few cars and people wouldn't accept cash lol In the UK we seem to get paranoid and worry too much. No thanks to our media they breathe crap down our throats. Whether its healthy eating or brexist
  6. Recommendation

    MP Brentford Ltd Its not too far from Kingston. He's an old boy. Fairly large garage. Knows his stuff. To all those that say "cash in hand" is not good for your books. Well sorry to say but just 20 years ago cash was king. Cash was accepted everywhere. Credit cards weren't as much and lets not start about cheque books. Funny how overtime something can be criminal or money laundering. Yet most on here call themselves old boys...think you're just forgetting how important cash was. Current payment methods prove nothing. They only allow the state to monitor your activity and track your whereabouts via cctv. Perhaps a read of Orwells 1984 might help.... Oh modern payment methods are very exploitable by criminals too...and if you're a victim then the authorities will do very little to recall the transaction...
  7. Mondeo noise

  8. ignored members

    They must be mentally retarded to put you on ignore Mike Brewer. Watching one of your videos makes my day. Well problem is people dont have humour and if you dont have humour then they will put you on ignore. It's also common for people not to havs common sense these days as well. Always found your posts amusing. Straight, simple and to the point with a pinch of humour Hmm emojis seem to be working with the relevant emoji code
  9. Just received this text...

    Yes you are right. Besides places like facebook also have pre written messages which the lazy generation have to click for it to send for example "Good afternoon is this still available?" "Will you consider p/x?" Such messages are pre written on sale pages Besides texts are written evidence.
  10. Just received this text...

    Hang it up and look at it. Once when i was working at a council i went to the building control team and gave a telephone number to the team's admin. Admin said "do I have to ring them?" I replied "what the F are you supposed to do with a telephone number? Hang it up and look at it?"
  11. Emoticons

    I get no menu now when i click on emoji tab
  12. What would you do?

    Wrx? Or standard petrol/ diesel?
  13. What would you do?

    The website only lists cars that were at a salvage auction. You have 2 issues 1) Manheim isn't salvage auction 2) The vehicle was entered on the database after auction. But 1 supercedes the lot as the website clearly says "vehicles that have been at a salvage auction" Checked some of my own ones and the one that had been to salvage auction comes up and ones that didnt dont come up.
  14. Dealer working from home vs Neighbour (problem)

    Yep lol
  15. Dealer working from home vs Neighbour (problem)

    I call them dilfs...