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  1. private plate

    ADVICE PLEASE I bought a car on private plate and it is in trade now. how can i change to its original plate?
  2. Business Slow?

    i am staring to get panic ,what happens if it continue like this ..last month dint even sell to cover the over heads and this month start is same dead slow ...i cant imagine the future of our business .is this the indication of recession as back in 2007
  3. AA CARS

    Hi Has any one here tries AA Cars ?? how is the response on it ..feed up with AT now as the price go up and up even when we all are struggling with brit-exit bad time . so planning to reduce the stock on AT and use others on the side ..
  4. hi, i would like to give driveway insurance and Road side assistance for the cars i am selling is there any company does it...i know HPI WAS doing long time for free is that still there ??

    hi, I am getting feed up with Autotrader recent Performance and their price increase and planning to try the motors on side and reduce the package on auto trader is this any good ? i would like to have your advice on this before making this choice motors on £200 for 19 cars where AT £1600 for 12+2 bargain

    hi, Does it make difference in re-taking the photos of the car staying long time in stock