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  1. Hello

  2. Anyone interested in buying a CLK?

    Strong money but it is grade 3 not bad for year
  3. Dodgy auction tactics

    Had this b4 and you did right, next time that auctioneer will know not to mess you around
  4. Dodgy auction tactics

    Oh how I miss sma Leeds now it's bca don't bother going as it's just a race for the auctioneers to see who can finish fist and not how many cars are sold
  5. Electric Cars

    Guessing by 2050 the cost of electric cars will have come down in value and by then we will all be travelling by flying cars or something similarif any of us are still around to see it of course
  6. Electric Cars

    Still plenty of time to keep making monies then
  7. Who is doing well?

    Same here
  8. Sale or return fee

    If you know this person as a friend best advice would be stay clear and tell them to sell it privately. If it's a customer buy the car at trade price and flog it
  9. Electric Cars

    Agree. Times are changing not just the motor trade people are now using recycled materials to build houses as it's eco friendly. Time will tell and 1 way or another we will just have to adapt like it or not. Personally glad somebody has started a discussion about this and not just another newbie talking nonsense. Kbw great post and welcome
  10. Warranty Newbie

    Arfur dealy will be the best person for this
  11. Sold my last diesel Reading this put me off from buying diesel. Where there's a blame there'sa claim society is enough
  12. Sold my last diesel

    Euro 6 dieselsare 65 plate and above
  13. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Oh yes this 1 and do you know why the last customer sold it or traded it in
  14. The perfect ad

    The clutch is sippin