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  1. Ok but you have still offered him some sort of offer, anyway good luck
  2. Something doesn't add up here as why on earth have you offered him £2000 less then he paid 2 years ago and 60k later. There must be some more details here that you haven't told us about or you are just very generous!
  3. We just took a toyota yaris verso in px and this is how you fix it tradex For god sakes it won't let me upload the image, but basically it's a metal hinge
  4. Hi guys anybody know a windscreen supplier-fitter in the yorkshire area? We have a guy but he can not get hold of the windscreen we require. Thanks
  5. Best to ring AutoTrader that's what they rip us off for. No point trying to get free advice here when you are paying for it
  6. Bca have said £205 driven up to us it's a 183miles which is reasonable. Waiting for movex to quote us. Shiply are being a bit aggressive so f@@k them
  7. Two knowledgeable dealers gone from this forum what a shame. Doggy dog world
  8. Hi all, anybody ever used shiply for transporting cars? Which is the best transport company need a car picking up from bca enfield and bringing to yorkshire. Thanks
  9. Just buy it and sell it that's what you do don't ya?
  10. Brilliant now I'm Anyway this matter got dealt with last week and our insurers have voided the claim and will not entertain it we had the customers phone number saved and 1 call to him and he was very helpful and still has the car no issues what so ever. He sent some pictures of the original autotrader advert which he had screenshotted and sent to his partner. They was still showing on his messenger he forwarded it on to us and we passed them on to our insurers and explaining they are 2 different cars and number plates must have been cloned, they agreed and have voided the claim. Thanks every one for the advice and another lesson learned from this forum. WE NOW KEEP ALL IMAGES OF CARS ON OUR PC FOR ANY FUTURE ISSUES
  11. The only way to find out is too just do it, this way you will understand what everybody on this forum are trying to explain to you. It might take a month or a couple of years for you to figure it out but to be honest been doing this job for over 10 years now and can honestly say you will learn something new all the time. You might think it's a bit harsh but to be fair the advice you have been given is the best free advice you will ever get. Let us know how you get on with your first sale