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  1. You should have asked them to bring back a coffee if they didn't mind
  2. That is a brilliant idea selling cars as trade and using a invoice to state repairs bill is split 50/50 and max £1000 you wont get far providing service like that.. Just saying
  3. Your current longest car in stock....

    Hello lucas, where you been hiding? You sold any cars?
  4. Hi, from experience just get the car back pay customer his money and move on. Welcome to the motor trade
  5. February.......

    Surprisingly its been a good month so far usually quite for us feb and march but not complaining even prices at block is good strangely.
  6. Ford fiesta 2005 st

    Somebody i know who is a trader and sells stuff like this gave us £1400 and he retailed it at £2300 and sold it within 2 weeks but he did sort eml out, was just a lambda sensor apparently
  7. Recommendation

  8. You sold the car mid april for £900 when did he contact you regarding the fault?
  9. Can anyone recommend a Mini breaker?

    Main dealers will be best option wont be that much. Breakers will usually sell as part of the bumper and wont remove it if bumper is not broken.
  10. Unbelievable

    £349 cars not worth that much
  11. Received speeding ticket after sale

    If you ask me this is amateur not getting the address, you would be better off selling it from sainsbury car park next time
  12. Manheim vs. BCA

    Well you got your manheim card now and it does work on a yearly basis like bca so carry on buying from bca get your platinum and you are sorted
  13. Manheim vs. BCA

    Manheim closed our account as didn't purchase anything for a couple of years as fees were ridiculous and on top of that they add silver sure check to everything and that's an extra & £35. Bca are too expensive and was thinking of joining back with manheim but just haven't got around to do it. What card you on at bca to waver the £70 fee at manheim?
  14. Who got this wrong?

    You ever been to bca auctions idiots paying over retail price by time auctioneers have pushed the price upthey will probably get £10000 for it
  15. Who got this wrong?

    Autotrader not far off, i would see it at £6000 trade £7990 retail taking in needs a bit of work