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  1. A bit unusual as the mot instantly goes on the data base as what I found
  2. You was better off with 5 smaller cars with bigger margins then £700. Best of luck
  3. Same here, don't thing this new AutoTrader search is going to help but fingers crossed
  4. Always been an asda man myself and can say the bags for life never rust
  5. Hi all anybody tried finding their adverts on AutoTrader with the new relevance search added today? It's a right mess
  6. Agreed, don't really like the idea as It makes me think we will be attracting the most annoying customers in every way possible and not the real genuine buyers but we will wait and see
  7. Oh yes I see what you mean just got a bit confused when you said you don't buy cars without a v5, BUT aren't you actually buying the px cars? Just a bit confused
  8. You sure it's not the private reg that was categorised? Had this in the past