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  1. This is why I like this forum....taking thepiss,apologies Dave if was rude and was not clear enough. Each car company have their own diagnostics strategy in recent years,somewill put warning light just as a heads up to the driver (say engine oil max temp threshold is set to 120deg, due to cooling system issue thetemp is about to reach max threshold and is now @115deg, a warning light will be put on to make the driver aware, and to discouragehim from driving further, once the temp goes back to normaloron the next ignition cycle that warning code will disappear, this is called RNF ( Return to normal function)). I obviously don’t work for vauxhall,sodon’t know much about it and it was my matescar (2008), not sure though ten years back all OEM’s hadsame strategy, that’s why I wanted find out in this forum. Thank you for the responses.
  2. Good to hear from you!!
  3. Dave2302 - Well I had to admit after all I work for an automotive OEM and I know much better thanyou do as I create all thosediagnostics codes,some of those codes are invisible on dealer tools, though different manufacturers use different strategies.I didn’t use cheap 5pish obd reader it was snap on versus edge worth £4000yet there was no code, thecarwas still driveable,clearly this wasRNF/CBD. Guess what RNF/CBD is?I bet you won’t have no clue what that is? Apologies,thisisn’t a disrespect to other people in this forum.
  4. So yourpoint is thatwhenever EML light comes on,itdoesn’t necessarily mean you would get an error code? If that’s the case I strongly disagree with you and most probably you know nothingabout onboard diagnostics. Its a OBD legal requirement that car also generated error codes when check engine light illuminates. Probably last boy was right I may be using basic OBD reader.
  5. Eventually thelight haddisappeared after turningignition off and on again
  6. Vauxhall insignia 2009 saloon stuck in limp mode, engine management light on but no fault code??? After an ignition cycle (turn ignition off and turn it back on)everything seems to havereturned to normal........ Possible DPF soot accumulation?Has anyone experienced similar issuebefore?
  7. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Just a thought nothing else.... Looks as though my perspective ought to change
  8. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Certainly not buying and selling cars. But I could imagine whatyou are trying to say......buy a clean car sell for more margin??? and don'ttake a mick with old cars...
  9. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Thank you for the good advice, but I'dtruly admit that I a newbie to car trading and am certainly ready to take anydig. But I am certainly not a newbie when it come tocars as I work for an automotive OEM in R&D who build super and luxury cars. The problem is that I don't work for after sales to know about the happenings on the outside world especially the dealers who would normally come to us for technical support if they can't fix any diagnostics issues. As weall know everybody needs a change that's why I am here with the will to learn about the industry. So I don't minddiggers.....
  10. Hi, I am planning to trade Mini cooper S's,my budget would bearound 1000£ -3000£, I really need some advice on faults to lookfor,any particularmodel yearsto avoid, where to buy decent stocksand, finally the margins?? Is it worth buying stock from online sites such aseBay, Auto trader private sellers??? Again any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  11. Workshop symbol on dash BMW 320D

    Thanks guys for the tips, though the real culprit was ''brake padsensor'', thecar on ramp symbol has now disappeared
  12. Workshop symbol on dash BMW 320D

    OKthen battery needs replacing. Will check the battery voltage. Thank you
  13. Hi, What does workshop/ car over ramp symbol on dashmeans in Bmw 320D 2011 model. Is this a remainder for service or service overdue??? Thanks,
  14. Strange BMW fault

    Got you, Sorry I misunderstood thepost.