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  1. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Just a thought nothing else.... Looks as though my perspective ought to change
  2. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Certainly not buying and selling cars. But I could imagine whatyou are trying to say......buy a clean car sell for more margin??? and don'ttake a mick with old cars...
  3. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Thank you for the good advice, but I'dtruly admit that I a newbie to car trading and am certainly ready to take anydig. But I am certainly not a newbie when it come tocars as I work for an automotive OEM in R&D who build super and luxury cars. The problem is that I don't work for after sales to know about the happenings on the outside world especially the dealers who would normally come to us for technical support if they can't fix any diagnostics issues. As weall know everybody needs a change that's why I am here with the will to learn about the industry. So I don't minddiggers.....
  4. Hi, I am planning to trade Mini cooper S's,my budget would bearound 1000£ -3000£, I really need some advice on faults to lookfor,any particularmodel yearsto avoid, where to buy decent stocksand, finally the margins?? Is it worth buying stock from online sites such aseBay, Auto trader private sellers??? Again any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Workshop symbol on dash BMW 320D

    Thanks guys for the tips, though the real culprit was ''brake padsensor'', thecar on ramp symbol has now disappeared
  6. Workshop symbol on dash BMW 320D

    OKthen battery needs replacing. Will check the battery voltage. Thank you
  7. Hi, What does workshop/ car over ramp symbol on dashmeans in Bmw 320D 2011 model. Is this a remainder for service or service overdue??? Thanks,
  8. Strange BMW fault

    Got you, Sorry I misunderstood thepost.
  9. I am under the impression with limited company, the dividends/profit you makecould bereinvested?Can’t you? Thanks for the advicethough.
  10. Strange BMW fault

    Hi, Ifit isNOx then it is emission related, so the EMS would put on DTC code at everydrive cycle regardless of how many times you clear the fault code. Power trainrelated fault codes are expressed in P code format (Enginerelated).Faultsassociated with the ABSare expressed in C code (chassis related) I.e P0xxx for EMS and C0xxx for chassis The issue you are facing,couldbe downto low voltage (faulty wiring),damaged NOx sensor, or dirty sensor pickup. Please remember: If you see a MIL (Malfunction indicator Lamp) that stays lit up permanently ondash then itsobvious the fault isemission related. In most of the cases, it’s a simple fix sincemost of the people doesn’t understand the rationale aboutfault codes then eventually end up swapping parts when they don’t need to.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion, I’llcertainly have a look. Cheers
  12. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I findthis to be a great place for me to start with, and I am really looking forward to gettingsome really good advice and tips from you guys on how I could start as a part time car trader and then go on to do it on full time basis. Should I be buying cars from the auction houses ( though not straightway, butafter visiting few times and get to understand what's going on in there), orbuy cars from private sellersetc. whatelse are the requirements, apart from the below??? - Motor trade insurance - Privatelicense plate - permission from the council if starting from my drive away - BCA,Mannheim trade card Lastly"I am anAutomobile engineer, who knows about cars,I am alsoproficient in car tuning, remapping, Diagnostics. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.