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  1. with this one being quite a distance could you possibly tell us roughly how much this has cost per mile, and was it for one car? cheers.
  2. think we were all a bit daft in our early employed years, i know i was, regards delivery i don't use it much but always found it was who rather than how it was delivered, not keen on drivers these days but in the last few years iv'e had a "yes iv'e got the correct ramps for that" man damage a lotus front bumper, and a twonk manage to ruin a merc by using an A-frame, with the increase in sourcing stock from a distance someone could get rich delivering cars if they had proper appraisal experience and got organised, out of interest whats everyone paying per mile ex vat?
  3. not sure, never had to refund, i prep cars to death op - any idea exactly how many miles he's done?
  4. usage , fair deduction depends on miles, less than 500 than likely not much, offer a refund minus £x, he's unlikely to accept, but a compromise then often happens where he does not purse his additional servicing costs.
  5. sold for 3400, but how much did you allow for it in the payment debt? best to refund, possibly minus some fare usage depending on mileage incurred, sleep is priceless.
  6. margins are quite big on the unusual or sporty stuff, ex japan stuff looks cheap on auction results, there isn't much competition on buying because the stuff is all RHD, no appetite for buyers in surrounding asia, i can't understand how it pays to import a prius though??
  7. "the more important points when valuing cars are - condition, originality, correct service history, and pedigree" - advise autotrader said to buyers absolutely nowhere ever.
  8. I wouldn't be too bothered, mangoletsi are the oldest (50 years) alfa dealer in the u.k, that should surely carry some weight regards an inspection, and he decided to proceed with purchase after the car was inspected, and it sounds like he got a very cheap car, £55k new? strange how it was written off at that age for a damaged quarter panel, are these aluminium/ honeycomb /bonded? maybe aluminium structure damage? or maybe it was nicked and payed out on, then found later with light damage? If it were me i would have another look at it, then if happy with what i see tell him to jog on.
  9. awc1000


    had a look and it has to be said the website looks good, stock profile is very good too, looking at the stock and photos its clear they have some experienced motor trade people on board, 1816 units on the site, 1598 of those are sub 40k miles and less than 5 years old, 1352 less than 3 years old, only 5 cars over 60k miles, that profile is very hard to achieve with 100 cars let alone 1800, has to be said that is impressive, presume they recruited some very experienced buyers? with that profile i cant see them not gaining traction, whether they make any money is another thing! would love to know what the margins are.
  10. no reply by the op? mileage? for those interested - n47 engine, was on u.k recall for chains due to possible worn plastic rollers causing stretched or rattly chains 2007-2009 1,3,5 series cars, however later extended from 2007-2011 to include x1 as a recall but only in other markets, however bmw uk are calling it a bulletin rather than a recall, which sounds like a swerve, i'm guessing they will look and possibly replace rollors and chains as a precaution, but unlikely to act on an engine failure? i had a couple of 1 series done on the first recall no quibble by bmw, but they were both sub 5 years and 60k miles at the time, i guess not to be expected on an 11 year old x1 with ? miles.. anyone on here had any joy with a recall on a higher mileage x1??
  11. karl singh verdi was the best one, verdi ferrari, worth a look on youtube, SOR merchant but did a lot of selling but not much returning!
  12. nick, i'm using chrome through a chromebook, all your adds have markers except focus and tt and a3, the merc E coupe coming in at high marker +£1139.
  13. sadly it is nick, anyone can join the open forum, and AT can easily see whats discussed here.