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  1. are you saying you have all your stock away within 3 weeks on average? most dealers work on 60 days before worrying then 90 days before re - evaluate / disposal, basically expect 3 months in stock. regards your fiat 500, i found the ad, being constructive don't take offence - it's not the best colour, your exterior pics could be improved, like the interior shots however there appears to be stains on the front drivers seat, the black wheel trims look awful, just saying.
  2. having a quality car iv'e read the link, they quote " important too still price too market giving quicker sales which means more profit" this is utter bollocks, i don't want autotrader office children telling me how to undersell a car because it's been compared with rubbish by an algorithm, i'd rather they educate the public why my rare low mileage perfect car is worth a premium, (example). i'm not bothered if it takes me a month to sell a quality unit at a premium because that is what really earns me more profit, not underselling it quick at a low price, they must think we are all stupid. despite all the constant change i still think you can be immune to it by only selling lower mileage stock, i do believe better customers main search criteria is mileage based then price, there's never much to chose from once you alter the mileage search box. AT,, they'l always be just a host to me, never a partner.
  3. as above, the mechanic is likely lying because - lookers are not in the business of insuring other traders /staff cars or letting their staff do other jobs on site, if anything his boss at lookers was likely mislead into believing the mechanic owned the car hence possibly allowed to work on it on site, they certainly won't have an appetite for insuring staff cars and certainly not yours. so best if you go in hard, make a police statement asap that car was used without consent, state car was left on site for work - whether permission for this was granted is not your problem. regards a claim you are likely to be liable or at least pursued as you simply own the car, regards the issue of putting a car on m.i.d database- if you know the car is elsewhere then yes always cover your back. finally, find a proper mechanic with his own premises.
  4. Lol, remember that being a good extra, got me thinking back to an incident at my vauxhall days again, mid 90's, mk1 corsas were great sellers new, the merit came with nothing and a rear wiper was a good up sell for us, we had an auto electrician who fitted them no problem, one day he fitted one to the wrong new car, no problem yeh just fit another to the right car...not us, wiper was removed and put on the right car, the hole left on the other new car was filled with a rubber grommet and simply handed over, but in those days you could get away with murder in this job.
  5. rattle chains tensioners, common on the face lift car with the hams hall engine, this was a recall in the u.s.a, but typically here bmw said no recall.
  6. good car in it's day, remember doing the showroom launch in i think about 94-95? when i worked at vauxhall, we had a 2.0gls in satin red met on wheel trims lol, pdi'd as a demo then two weeks later it's life was over ending up in a ditch by our director who was a piss head.
  7. Having a foreign holiday just off cashing tax disc's. Telling autotrader what to do, getting a free ad if they f**ked up the typo in that weeks mag. prestige green cars being good news - white cars kiss off death. smoking something different daily - rarely buying fuel. fearing monthly book drops. having a choice of local painters! two toning lower half of cars. p38 - large tin please. pinstripe everything. dreading an mot - rust. being able to make good profit at auction - weekly. being able to buy good cars cheap at auction - weekly. don't miss - sales managers also having foreign holidays off my brown envelopes, autotrader children telling me how to suck eggs, finding a decent painter, rust, traders bouncing cheques!
  8. good point, by fixing it you are open to future abuse, basically you are offering the worlds best warranty. best to refund, exercise your right to pay within 14? days, decline any claimed ownership costs from her by offsetting "free use of car over said period"
  9. possibly, but regardless of if you are or not once she has incurred a bill she will likely chase you for the amount through a court,and judges generally hate the motor trade. also research the garage and ask to see the quote, it's amazing how many change attitude and opinion once the trade calls asking about specifics. if it did go legal, having offered a courtesy car or collect / refund will be in your favour if she has refused the offer of help. if it were me i would collect the car and fix it or simply refund and collect.
  10. try getting her back by offering a courtesy car, if she refuses then fetch the car, either way get the car out of that bandit garage asap, as soon as she tells them to start working on it you lose control and become snookered.
  11. good idea tradex, but that would give the dealers who only sell pedigree cars with that criteria an advantage and we cant have that can we. being cynical (well it is AT!) i would guess it's going to be more beneficial to those who pay for all the add on's bigger package's etc, and i doubt it will have anything to do with AT telling buyers that pedigree cars are worth a premium, whatever it is i'm sure the army of AT children will educate us soon. as mentioned they should stick to being a host and not a claimed partner.
  12. Anyone seen or felt /touched these? and if so what's the quality like? the price is coming in at more than OM price's for quality mats, guessing they are sent direct from asia ?with the good old delivery time quote of 21 days lol, wish i could sell everything before i paid for it
  13. iv'e never had a problem obtaining a duplicate history books from franchises, most traders in this industry will or should have a good enough relationship with the franchise to make it easy enough to obtain,though these days duplicate service invoices are a problem due to data protection /customers address on etc. the bmw parts lads as mentioned can make things awkward for good reason - if they issued these items without any questions or cheaply the result is the dodgy side of this trade would just take the piss / advantage and get creative, there will come a time when its all database only like the mot test, once its all online this will rid the trade of more scumbags like the mot online data check did regarding bent mots, and that is a good thing for the rest of us. the ebayer's who make a living selling service books don't have many morals, there will be no doubt an element of purchasers who get creative with their purchase, the ebay sellers know this, sadly the people doing this practise are wise enough to work out when a franchise closed or was sold etc giving them a good idea how to create a false history. i have even had in the past a muppet turn up some years ago with a bmw with a book from another car, they hadn't changed it just presumed a different book was ok
  14. I would rather just tell a buyer that the history is confirmed by bmw, i wouldn't want to explain why i was holding a diy service history book in my hand - not to be confused with a duplicate history book supplied and stamped by the franchise is it.... home made service books (even like for like) are one of the reasons this trade gets a shit reputation, the reality is customers are aware these days that confirmation is easily available and in the future will be only available online like the latest mercedes etc (no service book on these now is standard unless requested). in my eyes - tradegirl by confirming on the phone with bmw you have already done enough on this particular car, cant see having a book in your hand with just 2 stamps being a deal breaker.
  15. As a good tech friend of mine once said - the FSI badge stands for f***ing silly idea