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  1. Part-time Trader

    ok jaime fair enough, if you already have the ability to find decent stock off facebook etc good for you, although i cant see how you can prep it, warrant it, be legit, pay dues etc and still be in profit, its easy to become a busy fool in this job, if you do settle into this job in time you will have the same opinion on the cheap stuffas the rest of us - its simply in the majority of cases junk, can you give examples of the price of cars you arebuying? being positive here are the reality's of starting out legit whilst still employed elsewhereand a few answers to your questions - insurance - for you likely 3000-4000 a year as a new starter, you willneed demo cover etc, your already using your tax allowance in your job so factor in 28% of all profit for tax/n.i, vat will soon follow at 1/6th of your margin - don't confuse this with profit margin, refunds on cars are now law and common so whatever you sell a car for you will need to keep that full amount in reserve to refund if needed, in short you need to be wellfunded even too start in this job, your employer will also take a dim view of your activity when they find out which they will at some point, its probably best if you have a hard think of whats involved and do the full costings first, i'm guessing you have a family and working in franchising you will already not have much free time? you need to also consider this, no amount of money will compensate problems at home through lack of family time, been there done that... regards real earnings mentioned by tradex i think hes pointing to this which is reality - you currently earn probably 12k basic and a further 6-10k commission, you will be seeing a lot of this as you have a tax allowance of 12k plus you have no overheads at your current job, if you want to take home 2k in this job then you best get used to the fact that you need 3500-4k profit to do so, as mentioned you will need more than one car in/ out to achieve this, plus it sounds like you are not funded either, sorry if it all sounds negative but you dont seem to be taking on board any advice. in summary - you need to do a total costings, and you absolutely need some funding, good luck.
  2. Part-time Trader

    regards being salty and toxic, well its no wonder really is it because - you work for skoda which is one of the best franchise's to work for - good growth and decent wages, yet you slate your employer and begrudge them profit even after they have invested in you and employed you for four years , you also state you source stock from facebook and the like, in other words you are selling junk on the side, that's fine but yet you also claim you want to give great customer service but you are asking about warranty issues after you have started selling so i'm guessing you currently offer zero cover, you have even asked about trade insurance so i'm guessing you have none even though you mention you have / are already selling cars so you are in reality already taking the p*ss. so when one of your customers you claim you are going to look after rings you with a problem during the day - do you answer the phone at work and take the p*ss out of your employer or ignore the call and take the p*ss out of the customer? nobody begrudges someone trying to improve themselves or their lifestyle, find the right ethics and you will get all the help you need on this forum from a bunch of nice folk who are happy to help and know what they are talking about, you will probably have gathered by now the trade hate nothing morethan people not paying their dues or not doing the job right hence the broad spectrum of comments you are / will be getting. note - above comments are just an opinion - but based on what you have told us.
  3. Part-time Trader

    with respect fella we do get a bit moody on here when people ask questions like "what do i need" and "what does self warrant mean" , especially after someone has mentioned they have four years experience in a franchise, can you enlighten us on which franchise you work for and why your not happy there? on a serious note most of the answers you are looking for for can be found on gov,co,uk regarding setting up a business and your liabilitys, just factorin vat as used cars come under used goodsmargin rules, but i'm guessing but you already know that bit byworking in franchising.
  4. Part-time Trader

    I would advise you too stay put at your franchise or find a job at a better one, if you are serious about starting out whilst keeping your current job then you already don't have time for this job, regarding staying legal - your already using your tax allowance in your job so any profit on the side youwill be paying tax on plus vat eventually plus your overheads - bank on retaining 60% of the profit if lucky, don't sound so appealing now does it..... the franchise you work at who you say you are fed up with only earning a percentage of every deal will be posting annual profit results of around 2-3% of turnover just like the majority do, i'm guessing your on circa 10% a deal commission plus a basic sallary plus a company car so heho your not doing too bad ... with respect - if your asking the questions you have asked and quoted what you think is a margin then this job probably isn't for you....yet, what you should be doing is working out how to buy the franchise's p/ex cars that you work at, many ways of doing this you just havnt worked it out yet.
  5. AutoTrader is over price

    advanced comedy level- gold sir
  6. what was the response when you told them that? the reality is its an auction and you pay yermoneyand take yer chance - that's how it's always been, granted if bca are offering a grade system then it should mean something - but we all know its a farce and holds no real value, anyone in this job who thinks they are going to start telling them otherwise is with respect inexperienced or naive, as iv'e said before the auction game is all about returning x for the vendor and disposing of ALL of the entry's by the vendor, its not and has never been about selling 80% for good money and telling the vendor the rest are fooked and we cant sell them, if the day ever comesthat an auction has to stand on the goods they sell thenjoe public will start to buy everything anyway and the trade will be fooked even more, you cant have it both ways or all good, it has to be said the vast amount of horror story's on here regarding bca have been cars bought online unseen, a harsh lesson and as said you should be able to trust the grading system - but you shouldn't be falling for thisfiasco more than once. regards DA yes its a minefield but again too many folks bid without taking due diligence, even a quick call to the vendorssales manager will always give you a clue of theirreal morals, regardless of the car. so whats the answer/ solution and what will change? - in short nothing, too many players and too manystocking plans and auction credit has ensured it will continue as is, well healed experienced buyers are no longer needed, only a handfulof group buyers now have any clout regarding rejecting cars easily, its never been easier for auctionsto shift all the stock at all the money without making so little effort. I wouldn't want to be starting out in this job now, or be a newbie to this trade, if you are - good luck you might need it.
  7. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    that 1.6tdi drive train is on the VAG emissions recall, you might be lucky if it hasn't yet had its recall / update.
  8. Importing Cars to the UK

    not just or really LHD, and i think skylines are available stateside already? there is stuff here that wasn't available in the states for various reasons emmissions / crash safety etc, a lot of these will start to leave the u.k under the 25 yearexemption rule, a certain brands better models are now starting to qualify for the 25 year rule and coupled to the dollar buying a lot of sterling i'll not be surprised to see and exodus here. not the later euro spec cars yet, these are not eligiblestateside until being 25 years old, currently that means 1994 and backwards, the later euro hotter spec cars 95-98 will be on the export radarsoon, if you have one hang onto it for now!
  9. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    still quite a lot of customers unable to view an AT add in full format on certain mobile phones, most of them unaware there is a view in full web format option.
  10. Importing Cars to the UK

    not much call for it now for a few reasons, classics have slowed here, exchange rate poor, the few main sellers now available here in right hand drive - mustang, corvette cadilac sr. etc?there is a bit of life in british classics in lhd if they are cheap basket cases. being u.s.a based you should use it too your advantage and try it in reverse- exchange rate is good for you, and you should be looking closer at your u.s.a 25 year rule if you know what i mean, just don't tell everyone
  11. BCA essential checks £7.50

    I think regardless of the cost its an insult to a pro dealers intelligence, much rather they do something more constructive like for £75 they could give a car a cold start check and a proper test drive engine/box by a proper mechanic rather than a crap stationary report by a car parking chap, that would be worth £75 and the uptake worth employing someone to do the job. but in reality they don't want to upset the vendors by telling them their entryis fooked, both parties already know anyway!.... easier to fook usover, even easier now with the bun fight for stock since theauction credit launch. and if anyone wants to uptake the bca light checkfor £7.50 - i can send my lad round to yours who will do it for a fiver a car as long as you have 25+ units...
  12. More trade in vehicles for Indies?

    Its just opinionated speil from some bod from a finance house hoping to gainmore business, and it doesn't even make sense, whatever the franchises do in the near future regarding new or late used its unlikely to involve around this particular finance house too much.
  13. Royal Mail vans service history

    how old is the van and at what price is it advertised?
  14. Branching out into other areas of business

    regards the franchise's audi etc the idea was to allow the customer to stay on site whilst having their car serviced under the latest servicing schemes, which can be as little as 1-2 hours, guess it all helps keep their customer on board thebrand.
  15. Unit Size

    I think the plan is for justnew build? heard the device will dual with the proposed motorway pay per use, which no doubt is a coming, sad times ahead.