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  1. More Mini window Advice

    Did you test the alternator before changing battery? Could be weak...
  2. Just starting out

    Find yourself a good Bodywork guy and a good mechanic. One of the most important parts of this business, you’ll spend more with them than anyone else Trade plates if your only having three to start might just be better taxing them - payingmonthly to start
  3. What to do

    I think the best way forward and to put this does the dipstick go through the guidesmatter to bedwould be for you guys to satisfy your curiosity and go dome and independent inspection of the car - two birds one stone Another thing though finally got in touch with the garage today, refused to answer directly if the dipstick is broken or just can’t be reinserted and if after this issue they started the engine to move the car....refused to answer the bloody question I writing. We all know what that means eh
  4. What to do

    This is it, he doesn’t want to take us to court, he’s not doing that first off apparently -threatening a social media campaign against the company and its directors.
  5. What to do

    In writing oil was checked weekly after pos. 26 weeks passed. In writing thatcustomer took for diagnostic not repair (independent inspection as is their right under CRA) atthird party garage and thatcar was drivenin. In writing from customer that garage broke the dipstick, verbally from garage that they broke it, in writing from garage that when removed it could not be replaced. In writing from garage that it is a nonrunner. In writing from customer that it is perfectly drivable as he drove it in. Never mentioned any rattle. Someone who checks the oil once a week I would argue they wouldnotice a rattle. Rattle refered to on estimate from garage after this with the dipstick and it now being a nonrunner.
  6. What to do

    Garage would not let us look, wouldn’t even allow us to open the bonnet. Garage says removed and cant be replaced. Customer says broken.
  7. What to do

    Thanks for the clarification. This is my whole issue though, customer drove the car to this mechanic for diagnostic on low power. Diagnostic done, dipstick snapped in process ,now timing issue and noise that wasn’t there before and it’s a nonrunner.Customer states he has checkedthe oilweekly so has removed the dipstick 26 times since the pos. No chain noise just lack of power in lower gears before it went into the garage,it was driving thoughand now it’s not. Do you know what damage it would do if it got caught?
  8. Last price, last price Maybe overhaul how your do your accounting throughout the year, for next time. They should move, the weekend is coming but hopefully tax will be down with all the stock
  9. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    People who purchase a USEDcar normally around the £1000 mark,and then three days before warranty is up take it to a main dealer or Halfords for an inspection and tell you it needs rebuilding
  10. What to do

    Not sure, definitely not even starting. Told us it couldn’t even be jumpstarted as we assumed battery had run flat.The dipstick is in the engine, that was all that was said.Wouldn’t elaborate further as we are not their customer. Exact words Didn’t put on their estimate that they broke it, customer informed us of that. Estimate says ‘when dipstick removed it could not be replaced. The dipstick goes through the timing chain guides so most likely the plastic guide has broken up internally’
  11. Deposits refundable or not?

    That’s true, distance sales. Same if someone pays without seeing it, can deliver it. They so no, entitled to full refund. Depends on the situation, mostly non refundable but occasionally if it’s a good reason as to why oragreed in advance that will refund then we will. Not the norm though, if we stop advertising we could have missed a sale, it’s only fair.
  12. Just wait it out, we occasionally get periods like this. It all comes back around, before you know it back at auction paying over the odds as everyone is in the same boat. But if you need to shiftsome quickly is it worth trying a new advertising package somewhere? Trial no sign up...Who doyou advertise with currently?
  13. What to do

    That’s my opinion. He should be holding the garage responsible, but I’m not all that sure what damage the dipstick being in the engine could do.... Anyone familiar? Odviously the timing chain guides are next to it and it wasn’t noisy before. Say they pulled with force and engine running either during or after?
  14. What to do

    Ok from the start. Sold car 20/04/18. 54429, for £3450. Regasedthe air con and new windscreen as part of that. MOT done 19/04. No advisories. Customer comes back 15/10/18 with estimate for some repairs that need doing. It was loosing power in lower gears. Bought daughter another car so no longer needs it, wants it fixing to sell or some money back for repairs. We agreed amount, went to collect the car from the garage it’s at.Boys show up and garage informs us it’s a non-runner. Dipstick has snapped in engine. Go back to the guy and obviously we are perplexed as to why it’s a nonrunner. It was only a loss of power and struggling to pull away at junctions. His wife informs us in writing that the garage while carrying out diagnostics snapped the dipstick, it was unavoidable and not their fault. Confirmed with the man that the oil was checked weekly, 26 times during the timethey had the car. So obviously dipstick was fine up until it went into the garage. Garage reported timing chain noise and due to rocking has snapped the dipstick. No reports of noise from the engine at all. Timing chains when going make a real racket as we all know. Customernever formally rejected the car, misled us in negotiations in a buy back that it was running and now wants to blame us for not collect and breaking agreement as garage told him we were briefed to find any reason not too. They took a garage to a garage for diagnostics, drove it in and now it’s a nonerunner and somehow we are responsible for that. He won’t have it that the garage was negligent or responsible in anyway. My point is how can we inspect the car now to diagnose the fault they had? The dipstick was snapped by another garage and now it’s not running. We don’t know what else they could have potentially done or what damage the dipstick snapping has caused. I hope thats enough. If not, I’ll add :-)
  15. What to do

    Oh no, not yet.I could just go home and get this kinda shit. Don’t fancy it on here, thank you :-)