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  1. Why don't you just save ya money and valet it yourself. I baught a decent hoover, decent carpet cleaner which gets the carpets and seats up nice Then just some decent dash cleaner which is really good Tesco's own best I've used yet after buying on eBay etc. And a clean on outside with some paper mats in. Takes me about a hour just over and they come out fantastic make sure they smell nice too Save ya money and get your hands dirty!
  2. I used to use AT but never heard a thing I signed up to carguru on the free listing to test it out and I've been getting alot of interest phone calls and sales
  3. We stay away from car auctions as my partner is a mechanic so he wants to check them as much as he can most private sellers try to hide issues or lie to get you down but we just try get them as low as possible.
  4. We are newly opened and deal with momentum warranty not had any come backs :touch wood: but they are really helpful
  5. Thought I'd give it a go see if anyone interested as someone could get more
  6. Anyone interested nice looking car I can email you pictures it's also got touch screen radio plus phone link will accept 790 for it mechanically sound been over it like fine tooth comb it's had recent service but not much service history sorry its in metallic blue with brand new black wheel trims it's fully air coned fully ready to go.
  7. Is auto trader good for selling
  8. Lol I not read it yet looks a lot to read to be honest but I'll give it a whirl soon
  9. Thank you for your advice will take all on board
  10. Why don't you do pre mot then when you have sold it you know it will pass so you can mot it and it will have 12 months
  11. OK that's good we do a full check on the vehicle before it's for sale thanks for your help my buisness partner is a mechanic just a bit on edge as we are expanding our vehicle repair to sales as we was unsure about the warranty side of things I'll keep looking in to it thank you
  12. Who do you suggest is a good warrenty provider
  13. I'm wanting to give 6 months using warrenty wise but you never know what's going to happen on older cars and If it's classed as wear and tear or not like clutchs if the clutch goes for instance is it wear and tear or would we need to fix it within the 6 months
  14. I have just started up and unclear about the warrenty side of things I work from home but classed as trader do you need to give 6 months now and what sort of things do you have to cover I'm going to use a warrenty cover if they don't cover it because of age and mileage do I have to legally