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  1. My current one is £3000 odd into repairing a rear diff on an Insignia vxr , it’s been in thorney motorsport in England for well over a month now. First and last time I’ll touch one of them.
  2. You don’t need anything fancy, we use brisk and g101 from Autosmart, a litre or so of brisk to a full bucket of hot water, apply to seats with a sponge, a spray of g101 if really dirty, then use a scrubbing brush and scrub the seats and then wipe with a clean micro fibre which will lift the majority of the dirt then finally finish by going over with a wet vac.
  3. Are you based in Bradford/Birmingham out of sheer curiosity?
  4. Which one? I have many Audi cock ups Sadly my R8 does now function properly but now is getting traded due to the arrival of a daughter. Going back to a sensible 5 seater now
  5. Buying cars and selling them without checking them? Why not fit boilers without a gas safety qualification? MOT is a minimum standard which means the car met that standard on the time of test. The day after that the car can be illegal I think you need to go back to your drawing board and do more thorough research.
  6. That baffles me, at my workshop if we break something we foot the bill to fix it, if they broke the knock sensor it’s their fault not yours, I’d be finding a more reliable workshop if I were you.
  7. selling cars in my younger days was a good way to meet new potential females, I started off with Corsas and small hatches in my earlier twenties and it was a great resource, made sure my customer service was always on point I am now getting married to a girl whom I sold her first car to
  8. My first action is generally to ask for a photo of the present mileage then after I have that I would advise them that they shouldn’t be using a car with known faults and driving a car with known faults could incur further consequential damage to which he would be liable for. If he won’t accept a refund then I would send him a recorded letter recapping your conversations on how you have tried to resolve the matter and state that unfortunately you have now reached deadlock and if none of your solutions will appease him then to proceed with court proceedings and state you will no longer be corresponding with him and thus ignore everything after. welcome to the forum btw
  9. Hope you’ll be getting their diagnostic charge back! And surely your garage will be footing the bill as they broke it?
  10. AA is useless for sales, very rare to get a sale directly through their platforms that said I think the ability to be aa branded makes it worth it’s money, it installs confidence into the consumer and makes customers who see us on other platforms more likely to buy.
  11. But if the fault wasn’t there before the job and only appeared after they touched it surely it can’t be the ecu. As stated put a genuine sensor on it and get someone with a scope to check it if there’s further issues. Look for the simple answer to the problem not the difficult one. If you still think it’s the ecu I’ll buy the car if it’s going cheap
  12. It’s due to the awkward design of the starter, it’s very easy to burst the knock sensor when removing starter motor to remove gearbox, I have done it myself. I would bet a months wage it’s either a faulty £7 eBay knock sensor or they have broken a site at the sensor. It will definitely not be the ecu.
  13. Yes but then it still leaves me my other 2 to collect, one is from a private sale and one is from a Bmw main dealer so it would involve sending 2 people down anyway.
  14. Having a bit of a logistical nightmare with cars at the moment, usually I would just send a driver down on the train to collect cars but I currently have one near Luton to collect then one from BCA in Wolverhampton then one in Derby to collect so I’m going to have to go down myself in the truck but our big truck with sleeper cab is away for it’s MOT so I’ll need to grab a hotel near BCA as my plan would be to drive to Luton on Sunday load that car and then drive to near BCA and get a hotel but struggling to find accommodation with lorry parking nearby? only let you specify free car parking then on google earth most of the car parks look too tight, anyone got any places to try? Ill also be running empty from Glasgow to Luton if anyone needs anything collected and delivered on my way.
  15. Casper are you local to Glasgow? If so give me a pm