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  1. Good news for people like us as it should scare people off private sales and push them towards reputable car dealers.
  2. Partly my fault also however for not proof reading the documents they sent through. I have sent an email of complaint though.
  3. Perfect thank you very much that’s beer tokens owed!
  4. Correct! Does it allow you to hpi it?
  5. Autotrader is bring this car up as a golf R32 when it’s a 1 series so it’s not allowing me to do a hpi, any chance someone could check it for me if they have a different system? Kv11gzw thanks in advance
  6. Our broker has made a mistake an had us down as a sole trader even though we have been a Ltd company for years so we had to start again on zero bonus this year and I think we are circa 6k Thats for our 2 units, yard, 2 transporters, two staff for work use, myself and my partner for work and sdp and my brother for work and sdp. Hoping it goes down a bit next year!
  8. What type of Bmw is it you have?
  9. To do the job properly to fit the occupancy sensor it is seat out, cloth or leather off it and replace Matt, proper pita job, done it once don’t fancy doing it again, much easier to get a plug in emulator from eBay which just plugs in under the seat
  10. There is a for sale section is there not? Just buy a shite spec one thought and put all the stuff in. weve done decent with a few s3/rs3 ‘s that we’ve broken for spares before, just bought a poverty spec car and made cracking replicas.
  11. A seat Matt emulator off eBay is what you need more than likely!
  12. With the gearbox mounts it’s hard to check them visually but there buttons to buy I think about £40, so probably worth changing it as precaution if it feels like. Mount, are the rest of the engine mounts oil filled? I know they are on my c class so if they are fucked you should be able to see visual leaks from them? Why have your garage diagnoses a chain? What have they found to indicate that? Is there a camshaft/crankshaft correlation fault stored? Have they stripped the engine to allow visual inspection of the chain? Or have they checked the parameters on diagnostic of camshaft position?
  13. I was going to say cunt but grass would do
  14. I would give them to the end of the week to sort it or I’d tell them you want to return the car.