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  1. Check the voltage and live data from the sensors via diagnostic
  2. I’m with everyone else, we even sold a £1995 Corsa on finance the other day, we sell about 3/4 cheapies per month on the drip. Deffo worth doing
  3. In fairness in another ten years they’ll probably be the ones having the last laugh
  4. How much for an old zr?
  5. I get twitchy after 60 days, found this video though, wonder how long they’ve been sat!
  6. I started at 18 with a 2k overdraft from the bank, I’m now 28 with circa 35 cars in stock, age doesn’t matter, the usual auction guys used to judge me at first but they seem get used to you.
  7. Nope, anyone can use them.
  8. The guy is wanting to pay a holding deposit; does anyone have the bank details for a cash for kids charity or something like that?
  9. Why not just refund and save yourself the headache if it is faulty?
  10. I have a gentleman on eBay who has offered me a great deal, £1500 for my £4500 Porsche Cayenne, I told him We would be happy to accept that offer, I’ll wait till he turns up then tell him it just sold the minute before he arrived
  11. Such a stunning looking car!
  12. I grew up watching that film and I have always wanted an exact replica of that car though I know the dream is better than a reality as it will probably be pretty slow and horrible handling compared to what we’re used to these days.