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  1. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    I am not overly familiar with da, it’s not a platform I have used. Is it just a case of registering or is there a subscription fee etc?
  2. Code Reader Snap on ???

    No need for WiFi, it’s all good when plugged in. What cars can the Autel not program? We have used it to program batteries etc before I’m sure aswell as injectors unless I’m mistaken.
  3. Alloy wheel repair

    As above, I personally use a blow torch though, 98% of the time it works, I did crack a Range Rover wheel once though but other than that usuall successful.
  4. Printed invoice pads?

    Is everyone still using handwritten invoices? My printed pads have ran out and the company that supplied them no longer exist. Is it time to move to computer generated ones or is everyone still doing it the old fashioned way?
  5. Code Reader Snap on ???

    We have many different diagnostic systems there isn’t one that does everything brilliantly. My advice would be to buy a cheap toughbook laptop and get the copy Delphi Software off eBay for £50. Its almost as good as our £1300 maxidas system for a fraction of the cost!
  6. July, how’s it going

    We have picked up, Done 3 today and 1 yesterday so hopefully it stays like this as the last couple of Months have been poor.
  7. How far do your customers travel?

    Majority for us are within 90 minutes but I have just sold a car on Friday that’s getting exported to Spain

    I would say not all Scottish people are tight but well we are

    But anyway to the original poster I very much doubt it would be a direct fit you should have some mechanical knowledge and I’m sure you could sleeve it without too much difficulty. I assume a petrol st will have a large centre bore than a diesel.

    Your slightly mistaken, diesels are quieter than petrol hence why people never notice their cars exhaust blowing when it’s diesel
  11. 3 Car Transporter

    2004 54 Iveco Eurocargo will be going up for sale shortly as I’ve upgraded to a 6 car truck. It takes 2 on the lower bed and one on the upper deck. Cab and bodywork are clean and tidy. Just had a tears test put on it, 350k km on clock roughly. Looking for about 5 grand Pics on request
  12. Should be no problem with getting the v5 however it will show on hpi as import and I don’t think you can loose the ni number unless you put a private plate in it. I have sold a few and never had any hassle.
  13. CAP Valuations We use the vw one
  14. Motor trade insurance

    It is a very grey area, I’ve had a trade policy since I was 18, in my early days it was just so I could insure my Subaru’s etc. However many a time was stopped late at night with pals in the car etc and I just said I was road testing the vehicle long term for faults. Never had any hassle apart from last year bear in mind I’m ten years older now, I got pulled out of my C63 for no insurance, they argued because it was a Friday evening in casual clothes I wasn’t working (I was actually on the way to collect a bill payment from a customer). Anyway to do without the grief I am now insured for sdp aswell. I didn’t bother with this early on as my company would insure me for sdp however they would only cover me for upto a 1.8 N/A cars so not really any point.