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  1. More advice please

    I think the car is wrong and undesirable however the advert quality is good I would make sure though when taking photos for example from nearside rear that the front wheels are pointing to the nearside as opposed to the offside, makes the image look better IMO
  2. Valeting

    We Jetwash all engine bays, wheel arches, door shuts and window seals, valet inside, shampoo where required, spare wheel well cleaned, outside defatted and hand polished though send them out to get machine polished if they are really bad.
  3. Admin fee's

    Apparently it’s not quite correct but I don’t force people to buy cars from me so it’s their choice to pay it or not.
  4. Admin fee's

    We charge an admin fee of £150 if the customer arranges there own finance, this covers the time spent required for new set ups when some companies want pictures of premises inside and out and proof of where the car came from etc etc, It’s designed to sway them more to use the finance we provide We also charge a £25 admin fee for any card payments (excluding deposits) this is to encourage customers to pay via bank transfer which means we get the money faster or good old fashioned kesh Not really had many people moan about it tbh.
  5. Write off for minor damage

    One of our stock cars a Vauxhall Vx220 was written off for very light panel damage, someone went into the side of it, and the insurance just paid us out as a Total loss as Vauxhall don’t make the clams for them anymore, in reality with a wee bit of fibreglass it will be an easy fix.
  6. Another Zafira Recall Wont risk buying one of these again for a couple of months till people forget about the stories
  7. AA CARS

    Ive been with them for a few years now, the response from their website is poor, maybe one a month or so, usually they are good customers aswell but some always want to get an aa inspection done, and has anyone ever actually sold a 10 year old car after an aa inspection? I like them for the AA Branding, as we are a small company it reassures customers so I think that makes it worth the money as it isn't that expensive.
  8. I always seem to struggle with newer vans, old sub 3k stuff I could sell all day long but got a lovely 64 plate transit with all the spec and no vat but not many enquiries on it yet.
  9. Price Guides

    The vw link gives cap figures just with a different layout.
  10. Price Guides

    I use the vw system and Autotrader for trade figures, the vw one is quite useful, I’ll attach a link below
  11. BCA bank hol opening times?

    Our BCA has a sale on Monday so I assume there normal times here
  12. New V5’s

    Came accross my first new one today! Will take a bit of getting used to! First impressions though I don’t like it prefer the originals! Anyone else had had them yet?
  13. Called Gumtree today as we are currently paying £312 inc vat per month for 20 cars, I know other members are paying less for combined gumtree and ebay however I was told this was to get ebay customers over to gumtree and was a promotion that wont last. What they can offer me is an extra £165 per month for both gumtree and ebay which would total £477.60 per month for upto 20 or a total of £561.60 for upto 30. So what I want to know is who uses ebay and would you say it is worth the extra £165 a month? thanks Mark
  14. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    Just curious of what everyone is paying? We are currently scumtree only for 20 cars per month at £300 odd but we are getting emails as we are closer to the 30 cars in stock. i remember recently hearing other people saying they were paying less for the combined eBay and gumtree so just curious to see where the benchmark is so I can push them a bit? thanks Mark
  15. Suzuki Jimny’s

    I didn’t realise the new shape ones suffered from rot same as the old ones! I currently have one up getting both rear sills welded! Schoolboy error for not checking!