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  1. Should call them Land Rover 1000’s coz every problem usually ends up costing near enough a grand.
  2. I love Range rovers but I hate the reliability issues, in currently getting letters from a customers solicitors about a Range Rover he’s having problems with after 15k miles and 8 months down the line. Did he really think buying a 2010 Range Rover was going to mean happy ever after motoring?
  3. I would just dig my heels in and refuse especially if buyer has had an inspection done. I would chance my arm at getting a copy of the customers inspection report too.
  4. I’ll do it for 9k cash seeing it’s Christmas I’ll even wash it afterwards
  5. Aren’t the chains on them at the back of the engine? So it would be an engine and box out job probably plus the fact it’s an x1 it will have transfer boxes etc, I’d be guessing a minimum of ten hours labour at £45+vat an hour plus timing chain kit with sprockets, oil, coolant, gearbox oils and whatever else I can see it easily being £1500
  6. Reminds me of myself 11 years ago, put the hard work in and you’ll get there!
  7. I always go brand new from the main dealer for this type of stuff, not worth the grief otherwise.
  8. Divorce her there’s no need for negative thoughts like that!
  9. This is my point, it’s supply and demand, if there is not another one in Scotland or within a certain radius then my car is worth more but there computer algorithms don’t comprehend that and point the finger at us as being expensive but how can you be expensive when there are no comparable models to be compared with.
  10. And that amount seems like a lot to customers they think we make a fortune, but we probably have close to ten grand a month in overheads before we kick a ball so it doesn’t actually go as far as people think.
  11. It’s annoying, I just bought a mint grade 2 2009 59 white C220 diesel auto saloon, I paid £500 over cap for it so it’s costing me out the door £5079, Autotrader Tells me it’s only worth £5879 and the trade price is £3722, these figures couldn’t be any further out! At £6395 it will be the cheapest white c class in Scotland and I don’t think that’s me being greedy with my margin either.
  12. Just get a decent pioneer or so double din should do the trick.
  13. I collect them from the auction an they go straight to the workshop for MOT and inspection before going on sale, no point spending money on cosmetic prep if the cars a donkey like a cheap x5 I bought last week
  14. On the subject of Tesla did anyone else take advantage of their share price free falling? I’ve spent 5k last week which is all of my wedding savings on shares, hopefully they go back up soon or wife to be will be less than impressed
  15. Hi Sean, I know of you from Steven at East Kilbride used cars, also got one of your old stock in last week a nice mk6 golf gti
  16. Matt you seem like a prick, that said I’ll still offer you 5k for the m5? On a more serious note you should check the wheels before you bought the car, I assume the Chinese wheels are still round and function as a wheel therefore I fail to see your issues?
  17. I used to take them at anytime but now I don’t deal with the sales personally the other guys aren’t too fond of staying late unless there getting paid more for it.
  18. Maybe if I got a false passport they’d actually let me into America
  19. Run an earth to the loom a bit further up and see if that cures it.
  20. The last 2 years in a row I have been overstocked in October and have increased my package forgetting that once I do that I can’t put it back down again the following month or I loose the stock offer
  21. I’m £198 a month for upto 20 I think but we are currently sitting on 37 and they haven’t moaned or mentioned it at all