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  1. There’s this one if it’s of any help:
  2. Register it in your name and tax it then put existing plate on retention: HTH
  3. From their Terms of Sale : “buyitnowcarauction is a trading name of Fehr Brothers LTD” HTH
  4. My bad. Page 38 (9.24): When a consumer is pursuing a repair or replacement remedy to a breach of CRA, a dealer must “bear any necessary costs incurred” in carrying out the remedy. This would include the cost of returning the vehicle to the garage. Note that the provision excluding the cost of returning a car to the garage in the event of rejection (see paragraph 9.18 above) does NOT apply where a repair or replacement is being sought. Instead the remedy must be supplied “free of charge”. True, it’s not the law but it’s from a website backed by Trading Standards and the Government and is intended to provide guidance to businesses and individuals around (in this caes) the interpretation of the CRA 2015.
  5. On this page there is a draft consultation document “Car traders and consumer law” which covers the return of a rejected vehicle at page 36 (9.18). HTH
  6. HTH
  7. FYI - It’s actually it’s an old team photo from an online European car auction site called CarsOnTheWeb. If you compare the background with the background in this video (at 24 secs) you’ll see they’re the same. HTH And yes, I’ve got way too much time on my hands
  8. Although still only a draft (consultation) document, the latest comparative can be found here: HTH