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  1. Used AutoAid for past 3 years. Called them out 4 times, no issues
  2. motonovo build their fees into the repayments, so your customer should check the total amount to repay as the motonovo figure is likely to already have the 340 built in
  3. I'm surprised Close won't help you with the application, we all start somewhere, 8 cars can quickly turn to 20 cars
  4. Hi Mark, I'm keen, I have 13-16 cars at any one time, 2k-24k, is it worth me approaching MotoNovo to fund, or shall I go direct to Alan/Codeweavers to sort? I'm on with Close as well. Cheers,
  5. I would guess Having every editable field filled out 100 images video min. Advert length
  6. This is a great detailed reply, however this is currently what I’m doing. i am aware that even if the voltage is good, the battery can be duff? Dropped a cell? Not sure. I’ll maintain what I’m/you’re doing then seek a more thorough tester as the chaps have suggested
  7. Bored of second guessing whether a battery is nakard or simply “needs a run” alongside the worry of the dreaded post purchase phone call 2-3 days after buyer saying “car won’t start needs a new battery”...can anyone recommend a decent battery tester, you know, one like kwikfit or a proper garage would have, snap-on? TIA
  8. I’m lost. Did you buy an old porsche at auction thinking it’ll need £0-200 prep and you’d clear 3k?
  9. Horses for courses personally I don’t see the point of running around like a blue arsed fly for naff all profit I don’t want the burden of staff so won’t hire to allow for a change towards high unit lower profit model and when Comebacks occur it makes it that one bit more annoying when you know there’s virtually nothing in the deal
  10. Thank you. Belt and braces with a written form is what I shall do
  11. Honesty is the best policy. Some honesty. then some CLEAR paperwork and a touch more honesty and as NOA says, you should be fine. or just make it a rare occurance and stick to 2k+ like also mentioned. and when you do sell one, offer a video like this
  12. Tell him you’ve seen it listed for less on Parker’s Guide. That will also help