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  1. Digital VAT returns

    Was going to ask a similar question. my accountant was going to ask quickbooksto see if they have a solution for us motor traders using Margin scheme, his thought was a spreadsheet solution for me would be best, simplerthe better
  2. Vehicle rejection

    Ok so perfectly able to refuse customers demands. id point this out to them whilst offering goodwill refunds minus £X
  3. Vehicle rejection

    I thought any wear and tear item which a clutch is, is excluded from CRA?
  4. AT vehicle check Autotrader

    That’s brilliant Mark, I will await their call
  5. AT vehicle check Autotrader

    Can someone kindly let me know their account manager and package, price paid for eBay/Guntree, going to give them a go
  6. Rude email from BCA

    I wouldn't see this as 'absolutely disgraceful customer service', in-fact, they had initially tried to contact you on the phone to no avail, some people don't know how to write polite, coherent emails, as someone has alluded to, maybe they're working a Zero hours contract with little or no training. Good on them for trying to get in touch to ascertain when you're picking up!?
  7. AT vehicle check Autotrader

    Yep. That’s what I pay for when I pay my indemnity fee at auction. emailed account manager to remove
  8. Videos quality setting.

    Sorry NOA, I don’t know. I’ll have a look, May be able to edit on my profile preferences. ive got used to telling customers to check the cog for ultimate HD video.
  9. Anyone fancy an RS4 Convertable

    I’ve just financed a 1999Porsche for the second time through Close so you may be surprised
  10. Tools of the trade

    +1 for Milwaukee polisher. recommended by the paint man, lightweight (you’ll appreciate this once used a Chinese heavy one!)variable speed, long warranty, long cable and robust. Useful if you intend doing a fair bit of bidding and wanna keep it long term, was c£230 from memory but Ive had greatuse
  11. Autotrader Finance Add-on

    Exactly this. ok, thanks, if Istock more 8k+ cars I maygive it a go Not sure think AT free trial ended 12 -18 months ago. Yep, signed up, they agree to pay £150+ VAT commission regardless of payout amount but only ever done 1 deal!?
  12. Autotrader Finance Add-on

    Hey G. Maybe I've not explained very well, i'm talking about autoraper adverts, rather than website. Basically, if you don't pay extra for the finance advertising, your vehicle's won't appear in search when customers have filtered on monthly price (rather than outright cost of the car). I like your site, easy for MotoNovo and ClickDealer to integrate no doubt. Do either charge to integrate in? or is it seen as a mutual benefit? Cheers
  13. Autotrader Finance Add-on

    We received quite a few finance enquiries when autotrader included the finance calculator for free on our adverts when it was first introduced. When they started charging for it, we cancelled and were put onto their standard Zuto calculator. Does anyone pay for their own(rather than Zuto) finance calculator? If so, do you get a healthy number of leads through from it.
  14. Manheim vs. BCA

    Yeah Bca is easier to navigate but Manheim more thorough. Manheim really need to make it easier for online buying!
  15. No experience personally, do you have retail check to see how long these beasts have been sitting at dealers for? id think you’d be well placed to offer this sort of thing, an would expect someone to be willing to travel. Good luck, buy it right giving you the choice to trade out of it? Maybe place a speculative due in ad on cartotrade?