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  1. Great price bracket stock!!!

    No, I finally decided to cancel over Xmas. Nail in the coffin was a little iQ from Ron Brooks that had a clutch in pieces, they had the cheek to leave a 1 mile old VHC and service receipt stating “clutch slipping badly’! Obviously no mention on listing. Shame, as there were a couple local main stealers that were half decent but margins were reducing and most were just cast offs that there favourite traders didn’t want.
  2. What to do

    If they've already told you in writing that prior to taking it to the garegeit starts and runs, but bad rattle from chain, and that they've fucked the dipstick, I'd ask the owner to fix the dipstick, as it was clearly fine at point of purchase, so you can start the damn thing to find out what the actual problem is, for all you know there might be fuck all wrong with it, why wont the garage let you start it or take it away! then in a worst case scenario just bloody have the thing back, minus fair use, 3k miles, 50p a mile, £1500. so you'd be buying it back for £1900, sort new chain and guide, MOT & oil change (dipstick in sump!?)and still make money on it. thats just me, I can't be arsed with hassle any more so just want them out of my life as quickly as possible, but I'd definitely be getting the car back/want it diagnosed first.
  3. Auction states car is Cat S, HPI says clear

    Must be near-on impossible. I ask them to complete an invoice which states their px is free from being a write off. Similar invoice for any private cars we buy
  4. For those who dont touch german cars.......

    Quite pointless indeed, everything has a price, buy behind book and you can’t go wrong, you may even surprise yourself
  5. 2006 Audi Allroad 3.0 tdi

    I’ve got the same car coming in stock, should you ever want to swap him into another, sounds like it’s being sorted though Which is great, let us know if that fixes it
  6. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    Yep! I also hadthis one today. also had this one tonight... whilst he was viewing in the dark “hey bruv,look at thisit’s been in an accident bruv” Instantly got my back up. But the billy ended up buying. Couldn’t have been that bad’a accident then !
  7. Another fun valuation

    As Nick, monitor response but try at 2995 and move to 2495 as you go. be sure to list for free on carandclassic too
  8. Noobie

    Hi richard nice to meet you whats your current set up? Bit of pocket money? Full time? How many in stock? Where are you advertising? all the best
  9. Comparing two sites: Unit vs Roadside

    Go for the Unit. 15 min drive will be excellent versus 50. How soon can you start? we want the next installment ASAP.
  10. Slightly different colour wings

    +1 You will always have a keener eye that the standard punter, we had this recently, we had it in stock for months, and the paint job they did on the wings was starting to loose its 'shine', we took it back, and they machine polished it back to life, improved the wings enough to sell them.
  11. Taking over a small garage

    I think you need a day at BCA at the coal face with a few of us, pay us back in the caff
  12. Refunding customer

    Sounds logical. Cut down on your time spent being consumed with this idiot. how will his actions be looked upon in court? What’s reasonable? youve offered him a refund and he’s doing everything in his power to stop you doing exactly that!
  13. Taking over a small garage

    Lucas, is it in or near Shepperton? What makes you want to open a garage, do you have an interest in cars or is this purely to make money (something which you seem to do well without dabbling in a completely new sector)
  14. Project Mondeo :)

    same, makes a refreshing change to be rather cut throat with the billies, often paying cash at that price point too
  15. Taking over a small garage

    can you not benefit from business rates relief as you're a new and small business?