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  1. Hope everyone is well! We are a body repair garage. We buy damaged, repair and sell. Will be listing some vehicles on here for you guys to take advantage of the prices and any vehicles that aren’t clearing on our side that maybe someone else can sell better. Right, we’ve got a 2009 59 Toyota Yaris, has been with us since Feb/March 2019 its a 1.0 TR, 3 Doors. Red. £30 road tax. Mileage is just 81,700. MOT till 09/08/2019. Has service history. 2 keys. It’s a cat S vehicle. Currently reduced to £1795. What would you guys be willing to pay? Will try and upload pic soon as my device seems to be having problems uploading.
  2. Depends really on the car your selling and at what price. Do some comparison, check how your car compares to similar models listed on the Autotrader. Personally we’ve not been using it as much recently. As we sell category cars only we’ve not felt like we’ve had much result unless we list the cars very cheap.
  3. Hello all! Hope everyone is well! Thought we would introduce ourselves before posting on here. We are a bodywork garage based in Birmingham, we buy cars via salvage, repair and then sell! We’ve recently started working on just our own cars as we’ve experienced a lot of headache and no appreciation when doing jobs for customer cars. Starting has been tough as a lot of people aren’t too keen or comfortable buying category cars and we still need to try and find what model cars to specialise in and that’ll sell easily even as categorised cars. Excited about joining! This place looks like it’s full of a wealth of knowledge and lots of individual personal experiences!