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  1. Days like this i just walk out and get in car and go home. Otherwise i get a headache from the auctioneer on full volume plus cold air and shivering legs
  2. Well said mate. The tv bailiff shows do show a lot of car dealers...and cars do get clamped or removed... You might end up losing a few more cars to get the £3k plus additional costs
  3. Picked up a 2009 80k corsa sold within a day 3 days later bidded online and bought a 2010 Corsa with 50k and it over heated and engine died on motorway on the way back from BCA Auctioned it off and took a loss of £500 Why do they still make cars with no temperature needles? If you know its over heating you can pull over
  4. Dont give us exact figures round it ie just shy of £3k Was it for the repairs or compensation for plaintiff not having access to the car and travel costs? And do they have to return the item?
  5. This is exactly why we prefer cash People think cash = dodgy business or money laundering or tax evasion 20 years ago only very few people had cards. Cheques were a long process and cash was acceptable But nowadays it's a crime to use cash? More crime that can be committed with electronic payment methods You could just walk around town with a sumup card reader connected to your phone and do £30 contactless payments by touching your reader to someones back pocket or handbag Someone can easily clone a card and walk into any of your premises insert it enter the pin and walk off... Not like you ask to see their card and run it under a bank's card checking machine...
  6. I received an invoice from Aston Barclay for a £3k motor Whilst I have signed up for an online account I have never logged in let alone have a membership card with them and let alone bidding for a motor! I get the weekly and daily emails. I sent them a message saying this and they accepted it. I was so waiting for them to come back and say you bidded in it! Online system can be abused by the auctioneer too ie dump a banger on someone else and insist they bidded on it!
  7. But accidents do happen. They happen in every other aspect of life and IT. Lets say you was away from your pc and the screen locked you press ctrl alt delete and log in and you're on the bid screen and mouse is on a green button and you click it. We cant live in perfect world and step ever so carefully Because its BCA. Accidents do happen Its ok.for auctioneers to bounce bids all day but one genuine mistake is discounted. There should be a cut off point ie like when op rang up immediately so this chucks your "car didnt turn out to be as expected" out of the window. Like i said it's pointless paying people to ring up and confirm bids then.... If they got people with free time doing this then if people back out or its accidental offer it to the under bidder.
  8. No... Ring up Newcastle theyre more friendly they will put you on a gold for 3 months trial...
  9. Yes they can re enter it... But if it makes less than what the hammer went for you.... Then you'll cough up difference... You got it for £7k Next weeks auction it goes £5700 then you're paying £1300 !
  10. The phone up to confirm is a load of rubbish. I asked them once "whhat if the bid was made accidentally or my account hacked what would you do?" They replied it would be down to you to prove you bidded accidentally or account got hacked. I have been saying this all along bca have too many petty processes ie phone to confirm - when all these employees who do this daily could be doing something else. They even phone to confirm purchases in the hall. What is the point of this when they then put it on you to prove you didn't bid?? Are we supposed to get Bill Gates to help out with some IT tracing? Let them suspend it and then re register at another branch. If you got someone else on your trade insurance then re register under their name. Not surprised at some of the replies here. Too many treat bca like god. If they didn't then bca would behave.
  11. Drug dealers... Scammers and con men They can afford to pay it. As long as they get a bit of paper saying where they bought a motor... Then sell it at a loss... And top it up with some drug money they not bothered mate. Cars are always the easy way to wash dirty money Then you got your dreamer dealers who dont check prices and bid because they think they can flog it for even more...
  12. No mate if you got personal cover That will cover you in any car. So you could be in your mates car or wifes etc AA and RAC are both rubbish because in the past we have waited for 4 hours sometimes because they use their own patrolmen. Go with green flag they use contractors who will be local to the area you broke down which means they will get to you quicker and less chance of them being stuck on another job. Tax the vehicle and give them the reference number if they ask. Green flag price works on the age of the car. The newer the car the cheaper it is. Only catch is car has to be less than 15 years old. You can even add a second person for free. With dumb motorways and no hard shoulder you want someone there ASAP or someone will rear end you... So you dont want to be waiting for 4 hours for the rac or AA We always got top service with green flag and there is no stupid price increase... With aa and rac they used to increase price when you didnt even call them out ! Green flag dont try stupid repairs like the AA or sell you batteries like the RAC 9/10 they just want to recover the car possibly because they get paid more Sorry for the rant but i hate RAC and AA SO MANY times we was stranded and waited 2 3 or 4 hours only for them to turn up and say "it's just a battery you want one for £90?" They cant refuse you. You're on benefits and pay monthly by direct debit... It got cancelled because of insufficient funds...but you taxed it today as pop lent you a tenner... You got a reference number saying its been taxed... They cant rely on a computer... A website...which takes time to updat Step up a gear and explain that to them. Typical companies who cry because companies like green flag bend over backwards to help you.
  13. When they say shit like this you know they're talking shit
  14. Old milfs, gilfs and grandads are loaded and will only buy cash. The spoilt brats of the above may be given a handout too Everyone else falls into "lend us a tenner" group