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  1. Picked up a cls 320 on 2007 and it needs a front bumper and p/s/f light Seen a few cls' breaking on eBay... Rang them all.... And they have all sold the front ends...Bumpers bonnets lights etc... Think the shape of the car causes people to misjudge the length Anyone know anywhere i can specifically try for a merc? Cars not pulling properly too mechanic thinks due to the damage am inlet pipe is squashed so there isnt full boost...but bodywork needs doing first Not had a good week this week !
  2. Forum problems!

    Whatsapp group.... Too many pings in a day though lol
  3. Forum problems!

    I thought it was for 2 days?
  4. 2010 Corsa engine gone

    No 1.0l bog standard for an old lady that wanted one. Never bought any before. Thanks for the responses folk. I will see what I can do today since I had much needed sleep....at least the battery is fully charged...
  5. 2010 Corsa engine gone

    Evening all, picked up a "lovely" 2010 Corsa 1.0l for a new driver punter. Anyways on the way back after 8 or 10 miles it smoked and cut out with loss of power. Now it wont start. Been told the engine has packed up. It only had 49k on the clock. Picked it up cheap - Bristol street section for just under £1300. Bidded online and never had any issues before but guess theres a first time. Could anyone help with any contacts for a replacement engine? Seen some at £800 plus... But is that the going rate?
  6. Dodgy auction tactics

    It was about time someone reported them to the office of fair trading...they do have powers to conduct undercover investigations... And power to rifle through paper work...
  7. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    I retired after 30 years so had to do something to pass time. As i said without any health you're wealth is useless ie if you're a limping dog you cant go skiing or hiking...or long distance holidays
  8. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Ouch... That would be the fattest. Trump vs Schwarznegger Both similar height both similar weight and age Trump 109kg of pure lard Schawarznegger 109kg muscle Trump has a fatty fleshy chin Schwarznegger has the traps... Exactly. When i was in the plod people used to travel 2 to 3 hours a day to work and home. Over a typical 20 day working month that was 40 to 60 hours of travelling thats nearly 3 days... X 12 that's over a month spent in traffic... Had they lived closer it would have reduced which means more family or personal time. Plus they wore shoes for 15 hours a day and wondered why their feet were fucked.
  9. Who is doing well?

    No but this is actual people. I always check their profilesout before i reply just to see what they are like
  10. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    I do too but i dont lose it over little things. Short fuse = causing more stress to yourself and stress = higher heart rate = medical problems I wont let small things mess up my health. No health = no wealth(you can have all the £££ but without health its nothing) No wealth but health? Yeah why not!
  11. Who is doing well?

    "Is this available?" "Yes" Then they go silent. For the love of god why do they message?
  12. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    You can explain to them how an auction works and tell them yes it is. I have several times and their faces change: "Have you heard of Arnold Clark on thr radio when they go on about trading your car in?" "Oh yes yes" "Well when Mr Geek who has owned his Skoda Octavia for 10 years and serviced it at dealers each year and polished every Sunday, whilst his wife was at the church with the vicar, now decided he wants an upgrade he went into Arnold Clark and bought a new one and traded this one in. Arnold Clark only sell newer vehicles and therefore auction the older stuff off. As you can see they only take in decent stock" "Hmm yeah it is a fine example, the best I have seen so far" Honesty sometimes does get you far. TG no offence but you seem to get upset very easily?
  13. Any BMW experts in here?

    Any brand new item can be defective. There is a very low chance but every item has possibility to be faulty. Whether 1 in 1000 or 1 in 10000 it does happen 1 in 10 if its from euros Was it even the correct one? Euros are known to send out wrong parts. "Oh there's 2 filters listed" why 2? If so you should know which one my car needs!! They do play parts darts
  14. The perfect ad

    Having issues with sales? Phone not ringing? Perhaps you might want to take a photo of the BCA sticker and copy and paste the report in to your ad! Can the below count the cash? https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/skoda-fabia-12-2012/1341735509?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=whatsapp
  15. Any BMW experts in here?

    This or maybe the mechanic left something lose or even left something in there - it can happen! (There was a case of a surgeon leaving some equipment inside of someone!)