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  1. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    For the sake of £250 You're wasting too much time and breath. Jeez. After all the time you put into this you will earn £1 an hour if you're lucky. Or you could save all that time and spend it on other vehicles and business tasks Its common for people not to have common sense....
  2. Auction fees

    Exactly my point. 95% of customers aren't joe public. And whether you're a trader or joe public you're still a customer.. And should be able to see fees. Yet when you ask the clerks they say it's management orders to not display but you can ask us what the fees are and we can tell you...
  3. Auction fees

    Do they?? I didnt notice that Am i the only one thinking BCA might be breaking some little law somewhere when they increase fees and dont tell anyone? Dont you have to notify customers when you increase Charges ie broadband packages etc Yes its not an on going payment but only when you buy but they dont display fees publicly so fools like me can keep an eye on them...
  4. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    Killing yourself there bud... I wish i could do gas work. I so want to but the whole stupid log book thing is impossible to do as no one wants to take you on as it slows you down Just do servicing and landlord certs £50 each, and basic cooker installations - rake in £300+ day for some bog standard work. Not many good diagnostic guys about as everyone is keen on replacing boilers. If you could do repairs you'd be very busy through word of mouth alone!
  5. Paddock Wood

    i beleieve they do have to legally cater or provide facilities for their customers. Otherwise if customers parked elsewhere eg outside other businesses or residential areas they would cause hostility towards BCA. They cannot force people to buy online particularly as there is a charge than an incentive. If you bought 10 cars Thats £500
  6. Paddock Wood

    If everyone stuck together and raised this then they wouldnt do it. But they know dealers always hate each other and cannot work together
  7. dvla duplicate mot certificates

    Am i the only one that is happy with an online printout...? Since it's the same as the original mot cert is on basic standard paper
  8. Not to blame insurance claim

    Your lifeline is your police case / report file. It's not the same case as he was travelling in another car and there's liability to sort out etc etc
  9. Paddock Wood

    I dont understand the purpose of the new halls. Why have they retained the old ones? I thought they would have 4 halls in total as they are quite a distance from the other 2. Never been to the new halls when they got 2 simultaneous auctions on at the same time - how would you know which auctioneer is talking? There is nothing dividing the noise...and a little shitty sandwhich bar thing in the middle. Oh when i get some grumpy arse telling me "ner ner management said you cant do this or that" i tell them to go back to their management and tell them punters arent here for a merry go round and that this management excuse is not going to work. Some might say am being rude but when you're spending thousands on a car which you cant even drive you should get the opportunity to test it properly... And when they get arsey you have to tell them... Recently one of our lads jumped in a car to test clutch and a grumpy shift runner said "OUT" And i told him the above... Anyways he goes well there was an accident once at a BCA site were a member of the public engaged the clutch and hit someone... And I said hold on sunshine... The same happened at paddock wood with one of the bca staff driving the car! And oh if they are overspilling into car parks you do know sooner or later they might reduce the loyalty collection and payment times e.g. gold 3 days to pay and then 3 days to collect Just man up lads.... If you dont sooner or later they will squeeze more out of you.
  10. Motorhub finally nailed

    Why would they be easy pickers? They are a national company and should have better quality control than a one man band or small company. You should read the article... They failed to do checks and works listed they have carried out.
  11. Bank transfer problem

    Typical a daft dopey mare on the other end of the phone...who cant even put in 0 to 9 digits correctly... Sometimes i wonder how these people landed the job in the first place. She's gone home and Couldn't give a monkey's
  12. Motorhub finally nailed

    From reading the article i noticed at the bottom that the Pro's Halfords got a £40k fine in April too... http://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/halfords-autocentre-ordered-pay-nearly-40000-poor-car-service/168378
  13. A few questions from a Newbie

    He does have a point. A lot of newbie threads do get that treatment and he did say he has read a lot on the forum... Also your old profile pic was better. Newbie - few rules: Dont expect the margins to be the same week in week out. Some weeks they will be a lot higher other weeks they will be lower. Be prepared to take a risk. Do your own homework dont plagiarise
  14. Traders insurance

    1) tell him how can you go into her from the damage caused ie a dent in door... 2) tell him you'll get nicked for threatening behavior and public order 3) she should have got done from dd if over limit 4) my insurers have always asked for proof of trading at start of policy. They shouldn't ask you again unless it's a twatty company like bollingtons who are robotic
  15. BCA essential checks £7.50

    But did anyone get any bargains though? Guessing online hunters bidded from their beds