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  1. How much is trade discount? Do they take long to approve a trade application?
  2. BCA cap is all made up by themselves. Independent auction houses always value a car at a lower cap range. Few years ago i tried putting the same car i purchase via bca back in bca and they valued it at a lower cap range because they said something along the lines of you being private entry and not a hot ticket big vendor... Some of the cars that are sold privately sell at much less than cap average. BCA know there's too many new dummies at auction that rely on their catalogue and they are fobbing these guys off and creaming in good returns. Why buy from bca at cap average when you can go and haggle a private seller Mike Brewer style? WBAC always offer significantly less than a private sale. Most punters that use WBAC either cant be arsed with selling it themselves or their car is shagged or they genuinely think they are getting a valauble service from them at a good price.
  3. And even private vehicles... Yes the charge is supposedly to discourage people... Fact is in this country these charges are extortion money or protection money - you pay and you're protected. You dont you get bummed with a fine...
  4. You beat me to it. Labour has ruined every city it has touched. My children in Nottingham are suffering from constant council tax rises of 5% annuAlly. The labour council say its due to Tory Austerity. BUT they purchased an energy company in 2015 and it's making a loss and so far have pumped £40m in to it - hold on i thought you lot said you had no money hence the reduction of services.
  5. Always do that. It closes the window for endless games and red writing letters. More happy to sit on a vehicle for months and wait for the right buyer than play tit for tat or parts darts or buyers remorse. They are the new family bored (board) games now apparently If we suspect a buyer is going to be a tosspot we make up an excuse and dont sell them the car. We apologise profoundly.
  6. There's an old topic on here about battery chargers with some very good recommendations
  7. Haha About £350ish labour tops And all the parts you lot quoted at 60% gsf discount So about £500 all in?
  8. Had a argument once because the car was a grade 5 and they listed it as a 3 and the appraiser was adament it was a 3 even though it had faded paint over 3 or 4 panels with bits that are tatty. He was then saying grading doesnt matter as car is over 10yrs old. I told him why do the cars over 10yrs have grade numbers next to them then. He was moody but changed it to a 4 and i got a refund. It was definitely a 5.
  9. Hmmm prices prices ! £25 mot? Do they fail on everything? Seen one garage in Glasgow other week doing mot for £19.95 the heck is he making? Anyways MOT i get for £40 Same as Mark for labour but at £40ish Dont even ask about bodywork - going rate is £100 a panel but they are slow or shit at it and moan like hell! Valet is £10 to £25 - "brother brother" just does the lot for a small price "for you"
  10. Bollington are hard work though when you take up a policy. They will scrutinise every little bit but are very good for the price. In fact other companies gave me an increase because of a non fault accident last year. Bollington scrutinised me so much and eventually were baffled why did my previous broker want more money on a non fault accident. They spoke directly to that broker and came back to me and said they were baffled and as the non fault accident wasnt my fault. As a result I got £800 less from the renewal quote and it was £150ish cheaper than the year before (prior to the accident)
  11. You guys do make me laugh Some come here for knowledge I come here for the banter
  12. Threaten them you will go to the press on the shambolic techniques they use to con people The fat managers brain will kick in
  13. Who is this rat? Why am i always the last one to find out