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  1. Mileage descrepancies

    Motorcheck advertise that they quickly and easily correct genuine mileage discrepancies, anyone tried that?
  2. Business Recovery Cover

    My trade insurance is with Unicom, and they offer trade breakdown cover through ALP. It was £160 for the year, I’ve taken it out but not used it yet so couldn’t say how good it is.
  3. Fair one! Didn’t think such generic words would give a hit. Next time I will try harder
  4. Sorry for a stupid newbie question, but what is DA (dealer auction), what is this, where is it held? Not sounding that attractive from the above comments, but always good to know what’s what
  5. Trader Newbie

    Welcome Max, from one newbie to another. After much thought and reading (on this forum) re warranties, I’ve signed upto the Lawgistics administered warranties today, seems a good way forward for me. James
  6. Payment Methods

    I take it you have to apply that to every sale regardless of payment method to keep it all above board?
  7. Payment Methods

    Yes, when you think of it like that, it’s massive. 150 sales...I could only dream
  8. Payment Methods

    Thanks, I checked IZettle our, their % is a bit higher than Sumup. Sumup doesn’t look like you can take over the phone payments, not sure about IZettle. Im starting to think focusing on bank transfer is the way, but having something like a Sumup or IZettle in reserve might not hurt, especially as it’s only a one off 30 quid, unless you use it of course
  9. Payment Methods

    Generally 1.75-2%, although some can be 2.5%.
  10. Payment Methods

    Just looked into Sumup, £30 setup as you say, but 1.69%, which is actually fairly decent for these mobile based solutions. No contract, no other charges. For 30 quid, might be worth having one just in case. Although if you sell a 6k car on it, that’s £100, quite a lot of cash
  11. Payment Methods

    Thanks for the advice all. Sounds like I’llbe ok without one, I’ll give that a try to start with. The card machine company has actually offered an app, no machine, no contract, same charges (0.3% debit, 1% credit), there is a minimum £20 transaction fee/month. Might try that if I find I need something.
  12. Payment Methods

    No, doing it all above board and properly
  13. Payment Methods

    Hi All, Just wondering if I could get a bit of advice on payment methods. I’m just starting out and going to be trading approx 3 cars a month from home. On one hand, I’m reluctant to get a card machine because it’s another monthly subscription.On the other hand, I dont want to put customers off by not having one. Just wondering what you guys have done in the past or think? Cheers James
  14. How do you pass time on dead days?

    Love this, so true!
  15. Dodge Nitro anyone?

    Guy I know owned one, strange bloke he was