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  1. Business / Stocking Loans Question

    Thanks Nick, useful to know!
  2. Business / Stocking Loans Question

    What happens after 90 days Nick? Isthere a criteria that Close have before you would be considered for such a facility?
  3. FB Automotive

    I’ve just signed up, nothing to lose for 25 quid
  4. FaceBook/Instagram Boost Ads

    I believe in building a social media profile, and working on that on insta and FB. However have boosted a few cars and whilst it’s generated good amount of views, no leads.
  5. Re Priced UP

    this made me laugh. I might have to give it a try!
  6. Made my own web site today

    Not bad at all, and certainly plenty good enough for this stage of your business!
  7. FNG

    Spot on, has given me some inspiration!
  8. Lawgistics Warranty

    I’ve gone with Lawgistics administered warranties, only pay £15 per warranty registered and keep my own pot aside for any issues. You can choose how lawgistics administer your warranties; where customer can take the cars, how much approval level to give Lawgistics etc. To stay in control, I’ve opted to have Lawgistics contact me to approve any spend for now.
  9. BCA Outstanding Finance

    I picked up a really good mini privately, way less than I reckon I would have paid for it at auction. Trouble with private buying is the time it takes
  10. BCA Outstanding Finance

    Well it wasn’t quite that simple Nick, I soon found out the boot switch doesn’t work, the windscreen wipers don’t operate and someone’s nicked all the bulbs out of the interior lightssimple enough stuff to sort, but dodging rain showers onthe way home was interesting. Out of interest, do you prefer other auction houses such as Manheim?
  11. BCA Outstanding Finance

    Thanks chaps, very helpful, paid for the car and drove away
  12. Hi all, after a bit of advice please. Bought a Clio from BCA in Enfield today, before paying did a Motorcheck and the Vehiclecomes back as having outstanding finance. PhoneMotorcheck, who phones the finance company and the finance is still outstanding, the dealer selling the car has a stocking loan in place against the vehicle which isn’t cleared. Motorcheck advise not to pay for the car, I get why. BCA tell me finance will be cleared within 3 days, I can either pay now, or pay in 3 days. Is this normal, should I be concerned about paying now?
  13. Mileage descrepancies

    Motorcheck advertise that they quickly and easily correct genuine mileage discrepancies, anyone tried that?
  14. Business Recovery Cover

    My trade insurance is with Unicom, and they offer trade breakdown cover through ALP. It was £160 for the year, I’ve taken it out but not used it yet so couldn’t say how good it is.
  15. Fair one! Didn’t think such generic words would give a hit. Next time I will try harder