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  1. All your incentives seem to be prostitute based at the moment. To begin with they were offered alive, now they are dead
  2. I’ve had a few, all been good apart from one which I bid online for. Had I of seen it in the flesh, I wouldn’t have bought it.
  3. didn’t think of that Done a lot of these RS200’s, I like them Ive just had some shit luck on a Fiesta, so perhaps things are back in balance now
  4. Bought a Clio RS at the weekend for a good price. Knocked 500 off on the phone, went to see it and one of the keyless door locks was not working and the indicator self cancel not working so chipped the guy another 250 thinking new stalk and door handle (can’t change the button only on the Clio’s). Anyway, spent an hour with it tonight and the door lock turned out to be a low battery in the key remote, result. Took the indicator stalk off, found a couple of tiny springs kicking about in the steering console, put the stalk back together and hey presto. Small beer really I know, but put a smile on my face this rainy evening, another couple hundred in the pocket
  5. My day job is head of engineering for a large transport provider. I trade part time, it’s what I want to do full time, but need to build it up first.
  6. Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, later went on to become Chartered. Education helps you through the door; hard work, common sense and not being a complete cunt seems to be more important thereafter
  7. Just used the eBay service, 99p and the code arrived in less than a minute, worked fine. Can’t go wrong!
  8. I like this idea Nick, might give this a try. Yeah, probably many do think this, which is why they don’t bother. However online reviews are important these days, so you have to play the game and ask. Maybe Nicks approach gives the incentive they need
  9. On handover day, I explain how valuable reviews are to me, how much I would appreciate a review if they wouldn’t mind, and that I will email them details on where to leave the review (which I do). They all say they will do without doubt, but yet hardly anyone ever does. Do you have a better formula, preferably one that doesn’t require gunpoint during the hand over
  10. Yep, only 525 above Cap clean Did you buy it JA Trader
  11. Judging by everything else going through this morning it will, tried a couple of bits I’m interested in but can’t get near the prices some people are able to pay at the moment.
  12. Could be this, has 10 stamps in the book so one would assume it’s been used somehow hadn’t thought of that, could be. It’s a grade 3, so prob a bit nice for an ex track car...cue the comments about BCA grading quality
  13. Thanks Mike, according to MotorCheck no plate changes either
  14. Thanks Casper, I hadn’t thought of ex police or private hire. It’s low mileage and fact it’s a Clip Sport 197 I think it probably not that. Maybe an innocent reason like you say.
  15. Looking at a car coming up at auction next week, 2007, 59k, and the only MOT history for it is from Jan 2019. MotorCheck all comes back clear, no mileage discrepancy, not an import. First owner owned from new until March 2019, current keeper from then and already getting rid of it. Seems odd, unless 1st keeper hard sorn it from 3yrs old until 2019. Any thoughts?