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  1. If I think about it, I have a similar setup. I’ve never really perceived the advantages though, more thought of it as: I don’t seem as professional trading from my home, buyers would rather see a nice commercial premises. I should take a more balanced view!
  2. Do you mean from a customers perspective, and if so, how do you present the benefits of buying from a home trader?
  3. This, and it’s only 3 cars in 3 months to keep it
  4. I would say: 1. I haven’t checked your numbers, but from what you’ve said you’ve paid too much for it. CAP is a guide, but market prices need to be checked too 2. It’s not a good car to sell from home, people spending this sort of money take comfort from a proper premises and full dealer services. If you don’t offer finance, that’s probably a drawback on a car of this value. 3. 3 weeks is nothing, I’ve got one on 4 months with no interest!
  5. At the time when I bought mine, CD5 were the cheapest purpose built trade site I found. You can of course get cheaper with generic website creators, but then you don’t get the same functionality
  6. I’m glad I sought the advice of you guys before getting dragged down this sourcing road. As I said, I made them the £500/1 month offer, and he said sounds good, I’ll let you know, before promptly disappearing of the face of the earth. Could have been a big waste of time, and money!
  7. Thanks all. I went along those lines, and he disappeared, so clearly not so serious after all
  8. I’ve just sold my MX5 this week and now it’s gone the enquiries are coming in faster than ever and I wish I had a couple more! One chap has asked me to source one for him, which in theory I’m happy to do, but not without some commitment on his part as I don’t want to waste time and money. Just wondering how you guys approach this to ensure the customer has some skin in the game?
  9. Thanks guys, I think the message is loud and clear...don’t bother
  10. Sorry for the confusion, just Motors
  11. For those of you using Motors, what do you think of it? Had a meeting with their rep today, it sounds good for the money, but of course it’s only good value if it sells cars. I’d be interested to hear your experiences please
  12. It was all we had the job only came about because we had deliberately rolled his car onto its side (by hand) and we accidentally broke the windscreen. Ahh, good times, never get the chance to be so stupid these days
  13. Back when I was 18 me and some mates installed a windscreen with No Nails, was a quality job