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  1. a little help please

    thanks for the serious reply people. i have seen cars the same year with triple the mileage selling for over £1500. was on auto trader tbh
  2. a little help please

    ok sorry is was early my bad i believe it is a 07 focus LRis the start of the plate "I'm curious how selling your Mum's car has landed you on a car traders forum?" because i needed some advice and though id ask in here. if thats not ok just say and i will go somewhere else to ask "Perhaps his mother has been passed around the trade like a rag doll" brave words from behind your KB
  3. a little help please

    hi im just asking for some advice as my mum has asked me to sell her car for her she is getting on a bit its L reg focus with 58 k miles the question is it a some slight damage to the left wing. apart for that the body is in pretty good shape my question is would it be worth getting the damage fixed before selling or would the price of the repair be the same as the bit extra i could sell for ? thanks in advance for any reply ( can not get photos from phone ATM ) fenster