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  1. June Trading Activity

    That is certainly a good turn of stock
  2. Auto trader leads

    I agree it can be a bit frustrating but work on the assumption it only takes miniutes to reply and just assume most of them come to nothing. i do tend to find autotrader seems to generate more actual calls.
  3. To start out as a doorstep trader ?

    I worked in main dealer land for approx 15 years before working for myself which has been nearly another 15 years and the only thing I found is that they are 2 different worlds but I will say working at a reasonable sized garage will get you usedto dealing with Joe public but the similarity for me ended there, there is a lot to working for yourself that is only learnt when your doing it.
  4. Where about in Notts is it and what size is it mat c, I am in a unit at the moment but it's just to small.
  5. I think if you are selling broke part exchanges which I do and describe them as such I work on the premises that most people are ok but if push comes to shove and it goes south I just have it back and move on and sell it again and don't sweat it. I often wounderif trading standards get a bee in their bonnet about paperwork because it leads to a easy conviction for them. i understand while some people only sell stuff under manufactors warranty.
  6. Buyers beware.....

    i think we should have a hall of shame in the private area and just keeping adding the bad vendors likewise one for the good vendors?
  7. Dodgy auction tactics

    Do you recon the vendors have a rep on the rostrum with the auctioneer to keep them on there toes.
  8. Electric Cars

    The way I look at it its just a car with a different engine, the market will decide the values, someone will work out a cheaper way to fix the batteries etc. we will just have to roll with it. I am more concerned about this month never mind next year or the one after that.
  9. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    I just tell them that a generally buy main dealer part exchanges or from these we buy any car type people or the occasional private. That kind of ends the conversation and we move on, never had anyone then ask did it come via auction. made me laugh the other day, guy comes to see a cheap part exchange up for £800 and then asks me how much did i give for it, looked him staright in the eye and said £100 and then procedded to laugh. He did n't find it funny but i did.
  10. If i was a london dealer taking them in part exchange you could probably nick them, everything is advertised nationally and just offer a fixed priced delievery at say £100 or fee delivery, take them out the market that don't want them then sell them where they do. (us tight sods up north)
  11. More advice please

    I would n't even consider reducing anything unless I have had it over 30 days, if your not careful and keep chopping the price to quickly you will just end up working for nothing all the time, someone will trip up for it.
  12. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    Spoke with ebay today to try and get a package on just ebay motors pro today but said i have to have gumtree as well will not split them been quoted £240 plus vat for 10+3 if i sign for 6 months and they would not budge any lower on the phone.
  13. Lawgistics Warranty

    Nothing worse then paying to put a warranty on a car and then having to pay again when they turn down the customers claim. 100 percent agree on the rtb
  14. Business Slow?

    I sub all my valeting out, on a set price the good and the bad at£45. And just keeping kicking it back if it’s not right
  15. Part-time Trader

    Register with Hmrc and and start doing self assessment if your going sole trader