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  1. Could you please list which platforms/websites the cars will appear on ?
  2. More advice please

    I would n't even consider reducing anything unless I have had it over 30 days, if your not careful and keep chopping the price to quickly you will just end up working for nothing all the time, someone will trip up for it.
  3. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    Spoke with ebay today to try and get a package on just ebay motors pro today but said i have to have gumtree as well will not split them been quoted £240 plus vat for 10+3 if i sign for 6 months and they would not budge any lower on the phone.
  4. Lawgistics Warranty

    Nothing worse then paying to put a warranty on a car and then having to pay again when they turn down the customers claim. 100 percent agree on the rtb
  5. Business Slow?

    I sub all my valeting out, on a set price the good and the bad at£45. And just keeping kicking it back if it’s not right
  6. Part-time Trader

    Register with Hmrc and and start doing self assessment if your going sole trader
  7. Part-time Trader

    I think you need at least a dozen cars as there is alway some that stick, you buy some and do alright out of some, make a little on sum, break even on some to get rid because you get fed up looking at them, and then there is always one that sticks and you can't shift it for love or money and then when you have just about gave up on it three customers come out the woodwork and all want to buy it on the same day. And then there always is the one that you pay all the money for it and more only to find its knackered but you have no choice but to put it right because if you don't you will never sell it otherwise and see your money again.
  8. Lawgistics Warranty

    Thanks everyone for the input, just that many moons ago i used a company that used to administer warranties for me and you just used to just keep paying in, into there account every time you processed a warranty, you could draw it down if you wanted which i did once a year, i never had a problem with them but it always concerned me that if they went bust it was properly the last i would see of my money and would properly be more comfortable now with it siting in one of my accounts.
  9. Lawgistics Warranty

    Do they hold the pot or do ?
  10. Just wondering if many of you are using their self administered warranties as i am think of starting to use their booklets and i am not sure if to go down the self administer route and let them take the calls or if i might as well take the calls myself as i would prefer everything to come back to me for any repairs being a trusting sole and all that. Unless there is an alternative out there that i can't find on the internet.
  11. 2011 Mercedes W212 E Class Bluetooth

    I had a 2010 e class that had command and did not find the menu very intuitive to connect my phone, gave up eventually
  12. Valeting

    Thanks for the input I think I will carry on leaving under the bonnet alone unless it's absolutely minging
  13. Mercedes clk200

  14. Valeting

    Just wanted to know what people do as far as Valeting is concerned, it is just that many moons ago when when I operated from a pitch every car got the full works, spare wheel out, back seats lifted cleaned under and engine steamed off the lot, but since I have worked from home I have not gone to the same degree getting engines steamed off etc, but maybe I should and just pay the extra and get them done. just woundering what every one does,also is it just me but do a lot of valetors start of dead keen but then start scrimping to the point I seam to have to fall out with them to get them to do a proper job.
  15. Write off for minor damage

    It's all the none recorded ones that are the real worry as there is quite a lot out there.