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  1. Try this.
  2. You'd probably be just a well off buying a replacement unit on ebay; around £100-150.
  3. That's exactly what I said to my customer yesterday. I got 42mpg out of it, mainly motorway, but depends how you drive and you could see less than 20 if you liked petrol stations.
  4. Having said all that, we've just sold a different Citroen, a C4 and taken a newer Panda 1.1 with half the mileage in px.
  5. I had no idea! Been wandering where it was. Thanks.
  6. I've had two sales in April from this method. It seems like a good additional portal.
  7. Thank you very much for all of the constructive comments, it's much appreciated. I suppose the CAPS thing was from a lot of other dealers that I'd seen on AT doing, but my preference would possibly be bullet points. I have a full time job on top of this, so funding isn't the issue, it's just that I eventually want to get to the point where I can not have to have a full time job to support this. I use a DSLR, a Canon 1D Mk3 and some nice L series lenses if anyone knows what they are and the vignettes are done in Lightroom. I used to be a professional photographer years and years ago and then used to provide an image editing service for other pro photographers out there. I suppose that the panic has set in because the cars we've all sold before have all gone within a few days to a week, nothing over that. I know, I know, that's naive! It's obviously a minefield knowing what to buy. Traders on here have been against German, German diesel etc, but the Passat 2.0 Tdi estate and Polo we had went within a couple of days. We had lots of calls for both. The '58 308 1.6 we had was the first worry, but even that got a call on the 7th day and sold within half an hour to that buyer. One call and a sale, which is all it takes. I'll take some of the waffle out and lose the CAPS! I'm a little limited with formatting on the PAYG AT ads though I believe. Thank you all!
  8. I thought it better not to hijack tradegirl's post with this, but would welcome anything constructive with the style of my current ads. The first few cars I've had have sold very quickly, but this and another Citroen have had zero interest in the 9 days they've been live. I caved early with this one and dropped the price £300 to what it is now, (it was still Great Price at £3495) but still nothing. It isn't ideal in that I can only stock 2-3 cars at a time, and so there isn't the volume of having 15-20 cars to pull people in that way to keep things ticking over, but obviously minimal overheads. Have I said too much, so that they're lost in the waffle, or is this level of detail ok? I've seen some ads with barely a single sentence! Anyway, be gentle...
  9. Reading this has made me feel slightly better. Everything I've had so far, which isn't a great number, has sold either immediately or within a few days. I currently have two Citroens which have been online for 8 and 7 days respectively and I'd started to worry, lowering prices etc. I guess it's pretty normal for that amount of time and perhaps a fair bit longer.
  10. I tried A1 on Mark101's recommendation, but wasn't called back after two people took messages for my area manager to contact me, and was concerned that the freefone number on their own website wasn't working as of about 3 weeks ago. Ended up going with Lawgistics self-administered as everything seems fairly self explanatory. I'm putting between 150 and 200 aside for each warranty and am leaving it in a separate business account for one year on a rolling basis.
  11. I'm so reluctant to buy online. I was interested in a grade 3 Yaris a few weeks ago at Paddock Wood and in the flesh, it was like they'd placed a walrus on top of it, wrapped it in sandpaper and stuck a firework up its backside, it was so badly scratched up. Every panel...
  12. This is really useful. I've also added in £150-200 for self-administered warranty costs.
  13. Axiom


    Definitely agree. We spend a good morning on each car and machine polish each. Steam cleaned seats and new mats if necessary.
  14. Glad I've just seen this. I have cover with my bank account and just checked the Terms and they specifically exclude any vehicle bearing trade plates... Auto Aid seem very reasonable.