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  1. Yes you can make a business out of this. The company I used to work for would sometimes have 60 plus bookings a week. In the past I've worked all over Europe and the UK. VIP type Events are a big thing in the dealerships especially around the time of new reg releases.
  2. I only made the site a week or so ago, if there's any suggestions on what I should add / change please feel free to comment.
  3. Just looking for a bit of advice really. For the past few years I've provided showroom dressing for companies providing sales events to showrooms, sure everyone knows the VIP style events. I'm trying to take things to the next level and hopefully pick up the odd bit of direct work with dealerships rather than always going through a third party. Without the contacts though this seems near impossible! I've been round dealerships handing out leaflets but getting hold of the sales manager or appropriate person can be almost impossible. Social media for B2B in this respect just doesn't seem to work so after a suggestion from a member of another forum I'm on here seeking advice. I'm no sales person, I'd much rather be out there doing the work but unfortunately its all part of being self employed. Its frustrating because what I supply is on par with the most well known company in this field and I'm one of only 2 companies in the UK offering certain items on my set ups so I know if I could get a foot in the door there would be a good chance of bookings. Any advice anyone could give me would be appreciated. Cheers guys