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  1. Just trying to imagine the poor receptionist trying to pacify the irate customer who has just read the advisory!!
  2. I remember there was one doing the rounds a while back, an advisory that the owner looked like Susan Boyle. Harsh.
  3. My answer to that is always, yes, when I have sold this one. Kills the conversation dead but either makes them buy it or forces them to "jog on".
  4. Ask them to send you some air by Parcelforce, then if it doesn't turn up, or goes to the wrong address, you can jip about that too!
  5. CRW

    Ebay Scam!

    These individuals are the lowest of the low. Just feel really sorry for the poor private punter who gets blinded by the whole situation and loses their shirt.
  6. I must be the only person who likes BMW timing chains. I don't retail BMW for this reason, but last year I took in a 2008 120d M Sport with a broken chain. Allowed £700 for it. Put it on ebay, bidding war erupted and it sold for over £2200. Sold as spares or repairs. Was a nice day that day!
  7. CRW

    I miss...

    Sounds pretty much like you are referring to a Citroen C5, with electrics not working and being a pedal only affair.
  8. Chances are customer wont ask and if the car is "in trade" you will be ok. Don't draw attention to the logbook issue, get a deal done and then approach the subject of taxing at the post office.
  9. In her eyes she just bought a 4 year old heated steering wheel with buttons on it with a Bluetooth system. Also got a car thrown in as a bonus.
  10. I toyed with an additive in the gearbox oil, but decided to cut my losses. I even got it on the Vagcom to see if we could raise the idle as at about 900 rpm it was silent. My mechanic couldn't find a way to do it, there may be for a Vagcom wizard however. I also considered a gearbox swap out of a 2016 car with the same code, but no guarantees that would have made any difference. Had I done that Id be another £500 down the road with it. Peter, what did you actually do with your one? Sell it or put it through the block? There seems a consensus that from 2016 onwards they seem to rattle less, or not at all. Maybe VAG have done something different. I wont be finding out.
  11. Im pretty sure the clutch replacement wont make any difference. Personally advertise as it, hope for someone to come along who has either had one before and is familiar with it, or is deaf. It will do your head in like it did mine, but once its gone you can move on. It wont fail because of it, your customer may freak a bit if they hear it, but you cant repair what isn't broken. I flipped the money over into a 66 plate Citroen C1 and to be fair, they don't give me much trouble (plus its still under warranty until October). All Ups, Citigo's and Mii's are now on my shit-list!
  12. Personally I would say not, but to be fair I cant hear yours to say for definite. If you really want to depress yourself, google vw up/ seat mii/ skoda citigo clutch rattle, its a well discussed topic (a bit like Autotrader on here). I put the clutch kit in because it was tight to engage first and reverse when cold, it did improve that but made no difference to the rattle. Its possible a bit of regular driving might make it less noticeable, if the gearbox oil gets a chance to work its way in. The cause is just the vibration from the 3 cylinders,cheaply made components, a lack of sound proofing and gearbox oil that is thin like water. I sat with mine for 3 months, not knowing what to do with it. It was mint other than the noise, a 75PS Sport and owed me over £4000, but got back £3750 this week. Down here they are retailing around £5000 and bit more. I did explain that those probably rattle as well, its a characteristic. Made the customer sign the a print of the advert I posted, included a copy of the technical service bulletin and explained it will rattle but actually, it wont break! Time will tell.
  13. Is it a rattle on idle? Does it go when the clutch is down or the idle revs are picked up? If so, its the "gear cluster rollover rattle" that they suffer with. I have just had the joy of that on a 2014 Seat Mii, one lady owner, 17k miles, FSH. Didn't hear it when I picked it up, seemed ok when I first got it back and after a day or so, it was rattling when cold. Its a horrible noise, caused by the combination of 3 cylinders and cheaply made gearboxes. However there is a tsb from VAG that says there is no remedy. I actually put a new clutch kit in and the noise was exactly the same. I have just sold it for less than cost, advertised as having a rattle when cold. Wont be buying anymore.
  14. CRW

    I miss...

    Rover 200's and 25's with blown head gaskets for £200, doing the head and retailing within a week for £1995. Ford Focus saloons, used to do really well with them. Going into the local newspaper office to place an ad. Going to the scrappy and walking out with about 20 unmarked Rover 200 wheel trims from the rear wheels, paying about a quid each for them and ebaying them for £10 plus P&P. Rummaging the waste metal bins to dig out Ford chrome capped alloy wheel nuts, polishing them up and selling as a set of 16 for £16, used to pay nothing for them. Definitely the tax disc rebate, that used to be great! Don't miss the "wet behind the ears" mistakes I used to make. Still make some though!
  15. No, haven't been honoured with that yet! Is that where I should aspire to be?