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  1. CRW

    Fiat Panda

    Used to sell loads of the older ones, but suddenly became hard work. They used to be a cheap car to buy new and therefore cheap at 3/4 years old, not so much the case anymore. Seem very colour sensitive, white ones stick like you know what.
  2. Its something Ive often thought about when collecting cars myself. In the vast majority of cases, I pay when I collect. However, I've always dreaded some 8 hour one way train journey to be told, "sorry, that car was collected this morning?" Nothing to stop somebody not bidding on a DA or FA car, watching it finish, then going to collect themselves, impersonating the bidder or just winging it. Yes, they might have to pay for it, but they haven't pushed the price up unnecessarily!
  3. Only at gunpoint when they tried to move on to my old mans farm!
  4. They wish! More likely their staff have all mutinied from all the grief we have given them. Always go by "newly listed" and have been looking at the same red Fiesta all day....
  5. Anyone else finding DA seems to have frozen? Nothing seems to have been listed since this morning. Unless i'm doing something wrong!
  6. That's where I am, around 15-20 units, but in the £4k to £10k bracket, anything heavier is buy to order. Run it by myself, working 7 days a week, by which I mean tied to the site unless i'm away collecting. Always aspired to go bigger, but these days can see the benefit of holding steady. Have never advertised with AT or had any contractual form of advertising (Gumtree, Ebay etc). Perhaps I have missed out on something, who knows.
  7. I think the term "bonus" might be taking it a bit far! What price sector of the market are you in? On those figures, I would have thought its costing you the profit on the first 7 deals each month, just to cover the AT bill? If it works for you, well done, but I don't envy you.
  8. I agree, would like to see Full Auction get back up and running. One thing that seems a little strange with FA, is the amount of staff they seem to have, according to their Christmas cards anyway. Considering they have had hardly any cars for sale over the last 3 years, I cant work out what's been paying the wages!
  9. Just a suspicion, but I fear he may be regretting his opening post now!
  10. Rough estimate for Holdcroft would be more like 150-200 units per month, perhaps more. Maybe AT wont miss them, but it has a domino effect.
  11. That will be a kick in the teeth to Dealer Auction if Holdcroft go on their own. Was half expecting it anyway. Steve's alright, always been good as gold to me.
  12. A couple of years back we had 12 windscreens put through and a couple of front ends battered, in a 45 sec blitz across the forecourt. Rushed into work at midnight and sat here until early hours waiting for the police to turn up. Still waiting.
  13. Think you want Tinder mate.
  14. True, I wouldn't swap. Although in the rain with no customers in sight...………...