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  1. Cherished Registration

    Thanks for the replies i thought that would be the case although i was hoping not as the plate goes with the car very well.
  2. Cherished Registration

    Buying a car from a gentleman local to me who has owned it since brand new in 1997. When the car was purchased the cherished registration was put on straight away so it was never given an age related plate. Can the seller still remove this plate or is it know tied to this car. If it is removed will it be given an age related registration.
  3. Transit Sport opinions?

    I quite like the idea of recaros in a van those st seats are very comfy. It looks to be the right time of year for selling one but its still a 8k van that's on 134k. I think im with you trade girl unless its a decent bit of money on top id say no
  4. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Right okay i wasn't aware you can do coding so that changes everything. I think the snap on has fell through as not heard from him all weekend no surprise. Ill look into Autel then and go from there.
  5. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

    We do everything mechanical in house ourselves. Only a part time trader so sometimes its easier logistically to do it ourselves due to timing with full time work and not being able to get to garages when open. We have a good relationship with our paint chap normally rotate a car every Saturday morning leave it with him for a week to make right. However i don't do f***ing electrics. Had a mini convertible in with an intermittent roof drove it to mot and pack parked up on driver then wouldn't start ended up being some control module under the seat had corroded but we use a local chap for that very reliable and very cheap.
  6. Code Reader Snap on ???

    It would appear my newest is now a 14 plate and it has an EML lights on . I think im gonna go with the solus for the money and might try something else in the future always sell solus and break even.
  7. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Our newest in stock is a 60 plate and that is about as new as we have ever had. I dont mind spending a bit more money to future proof our investment as we move to newer cars. Thanks for the input. I have looked into Autel but i think it lacks the programming facility for us no way of coding injectors or batterys. Im sure the solus isnt dodgy or at least i think chap is shutting his garage down and we have had a few tools of him and such. Do you need to be connected to wifi for this to work or is all good once programmed onto the computer.
  8. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Im pretty happy with that for the price i think. Our newest car is a 60 plate so still 4 years clear. Ill get in touch with the chap and get it brought i think
  9. Code Reader Snap on ???

    What would the latest update be 16.2 rings a bell for this one
  10. Code Reader Snap on ???

    I have the opportunity to buy a snap on Solus for around £500 local to me think this might be the way to go if it can do everything all in one.
  11. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Looking at investing a bit of money into a code reader. We do most repairs ourselves so something that would be very useful as a diagnostic tool. We currently have a little hand held one but i am looking at something a bit more advanced. Been considering the snap on solus what does everyone recommend.
  12. July, how’s it going

    Two viewings tomorrow one is a pretty much done deal and one just called to book. Hopefully get two more up for sale over the weekend and have two on the way.
  13. July, how’s it going

    I know the pressure of trying to get the convertibles sorted asap we brought a few convertibles with some issues about a month ago mainly minis and we have been busting our ass ever since trying to get them all ready for the end of this month ideally. Two left now one with an EML and one with an engine change needed .......
  14. July, how’s it going

    Sold one car so far this month but had a brilliant night last night and managed to fix 3 cars that will be up for sale at the weekend. Sometime its the small victories, now someone buy the damn things before summer is over. (Two of them are convertibles)
  15. Cars That Stick.

    My day has gone tits up. Another no show text them to find out they have bought something else. Not an issue but would of been nice to be told, could of been in the pub earlier. Tomorrow morning Job fresh clean new photos and new listing.