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  1. Its been a few days since i have done it and it seems to of settled down to a normal smell now. I currently have it running on a fiesta so will see how that one works
  2. Reporting back on this. Managed to sell the Audi but since brought Bob Marley's mini and it stunk. O zone machine set for 2 hours left overnight and smells clinically clean
  3. I think that helps. From what i see here this was a director of a company selling a car in a company name privately . Customer came back with some issues so you made a fair offer as you wasn't aware of any faults at the point of sale. Now its time to tell him to swan off.
  4. Cant see any white Audi on your page. Only an A3 and the TT
  5. High price for me £1236 over priced
  6. If im not being silly and looking at the right dealer the markers are there for everything but the focus cheapy and the TT. Can you check on and android or microsoft based system instead ?
  7. From what i can see all but 3 of nicks cars have a price marker on them ??
  8. Out of interest for both of you what platforms are you using ?
  9. Whats going on round here why has the spam started responding i dont like it anymore.
  10. Why delete your original comment ?
  11. Did you not see what happened to Veilen.
  12. I actually think there is some science to it. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/apr/12/worlds-first-electrified-road-for-charging-vehicles-opens-in-sweden Looks like there is already something similar in sweden.