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  1. Should have listened to my own advice about sticking to what i know. BMW collected yesterday: Drivers door dosent lock. Seat belt dosent recognize its plugged in Airbag light comes on. and the car is all over the place under full throttle. Other than that its a nice car and a lot of fun to drive.
  2. Im sure my loss will come ...... Im just not looking forward to it being relatively new compared to some people i have done less cars i also try to stay away from the BMWs other than minis and anything complicated 4x4 wise.
  3. Im currently about £3500 into fixing a £3000 mini. Timing chain, Clutch, Rear Quarter respray. Will push my luck and advertise for £3595 see if i can break even. Lost £100 on an IX20 but that's about as bad as i have had so far.
  4. I have had the exact opposite signed up in October and had cracking first 2 months and no a dicky bird since.
  5. No complaints used it on two cars. Leaves a small amount of chemically clean smell but a traditional air freshener round the mirror and it has been great since. One car went this weekend no complaints from the customer.
  6. I brought so many cars in late august for peanuts cant get anything at the moment
  7. Agreed 6 months ago it was much cheaper not sure what has happened.
  8. Its been a few days since i have done it and it seems to of settled down to a normal smell now. I currently have it running on a fiesta so will see how that one works
  9. Reporting back on this. Managed to sell the Audi but since brought Bob Marley's mini and it stunk. O zone machine set for 2 hours left overnight and smells clinically clean
  10. I think that helps. From what i see here this was a director of a company selling a car in a company name privately . Customer came back with some issues so you made a fair offer as you wasn't aware of any faults at the point of sale. Now its time to tell him to swan off.
  11. Cant see any white Audi on your page. Only an A3 and the TT
  12. High price for me £1236 over priced