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  1. Wouldn't surprise me at all had a mini with a oil light not illuminating took the clocks apart and the bulb was smashed all for a £20 oil pressure switch . Cant source the replacement clocks now
  2. Funny isnt it these corporate ideas of incentives. I do like a good "well i need to put fuel in it to get back" Fuel goes in all cars to make them work ................
  3. I cant say i blame customers to be honest what would you prefer £5 shortbread or £50 off. My incentive will always be £95 or £45 off which is closest to the next even £100. Customers will soon forget gimmicky shortbread and probably never use the free service or mot but they will remember that few quid back
  4. Cant beat a good profit over adding miles to a car. General maintenance is just good measure however i do beat you on the replacement. Won a one owner 320d for £300 great for moving shit around and running erands and returns 60mpg on a run.
  5. Minis we always do well on them. I also made £100 on a 330d .......... After i had put 20k on it of driving round for just over 12 months
  6. I agree completely. The quality of leads is very poor but they do work occasionally do work and decent sales come of it.
  7. Actually I take back everything I said sold all 3 this weekend.
  8. Just sold one of mine 50k 2009 down to two now.
  9. I've got 3 of them all less than 50k and not had a nibble on any apart from the first phone call this morning. Good to see the clutch is cheap and easy to fix if needed
  10. Peugeot 107. I have three of them and there all shite. On a serious note Petrol Insignia 1.8 . Spent about £500 chasing an engine management light only for the customer to text me saying it had come back on again (Garage still haven't heard from her to book it in). Still made money on the car but only as it was a PX i paid peanuts for.
  11. I sold a 182 cup to a pair of t**ts the other month was a gorgeous car but had seen the track hard at somepoint otherwise i would of kept it.
  12. And Birmingham with the new ZONE they are implementing.
  13. Great Track cars the 182 weigh nothing very good power delivery we ran one on semi slicks and budget suspension for a while great fun and not much in the same price range would keep up
  14. Same question. Same user name and not 24 hours from the last time it was asked ..................