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  1. Thank you a lot @tradex. Definitely, I will give them the 38th call today. I want to take credit for my memory however that is just a phone call log. I really hope I will get this resolved and garage also interested to resolve this, for the same reason I dint name from where I have bought a car and trying to resolve this nice as possible even thoughts month has passed and I'm frustrated at this point.
  2. Hi, Anyone can advise me on this? I bought a car in a month ago in a UK garage for export and as I know that seller needs to hand over V5 for export. However, that was Saturday and garage told me that their office is closed now and V5 will be sent out to me on Monday by registered letter. And now a month and 37 calls later I still walking around, sending from one person to other and I have no clue what is going on with V5. Called DVLA they told me that no changes on the vehicle were requested and I can't ask for V5 as I don't have UK address. Car can't be driven anymore as not registered and has no insurance. I have checked car no finance not stolen and the garage looks legit has hundreds of cars I have all invoices and also signed a paper that they did not provide V5 on handover of car.