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  1. Diagnositic Equipment

    We did have the Autoligic ( Old ) but last 12 months one of the lad's has his own Snap On which he's been using because he is more familar with it. Mainly German stuff, The two snap on one's I'm looking at are circa £7 & 9K but at circa £2k Autel that looks increadible value @Dave2302and a vote from @Tomtoo!
  2. Diagnositic Equipment

    They're loving the Snap On and that's what they are saying I should be going for , but it's all too easy for them to say 'that's the one' but they get blinkered and not fully aware of anything else which is on the market hence asking on here from those that have more knowledge of what is on offer, which may be better or less expensive or better value without getting ripped off.
  3. Diagnositic Equipment

    Thanks Dave, it's a mine field and personally as I don't use it the workshop guys use it I'm never sure what's out there or what's the best for the job! The Snap -On looks awesome and a great story behind it all but already finding out about the DD for 'software updates' etc !! I'll check out the link and the model you recommend. Appreciate your time and knowledge.
  4. Just looking at Snap On - Zeus Workstation - Any thoughts ? anything better or better value for money? Thanks
  5. Two years part time in my opinion is a long time, you have to try it 'part time' to find out if its for you or not, or learning, absolutely agree with you! but you have to decide if you want to make a business full time or carry on dabling 'part time- full time' if you get my meaning.!
  6. Maybe the main issue is 'part time' if you're committed to it full time then you'll be focused on 'making profit' and running a business and not playing!
  7. Car gurus

    is that simply leads or actual leads that lead to sales? ( Personally not on there but interested to see)
  8. Does anyone use ClickDealer?

    Depends on what you wany as already mentioned lots of options, I use the back end of click for stock feeds and use the Click Engage on my websiite. Great company to work with in my personal experience.Have a conversation with them all and make a decision on what suits you best.
  9. Was thinking exactly the same over the weekend. delivered a car to an elderly couple who sent full money two days before after reserving on line on click engage.!! Sadly many will get taken in but this couple did to my driver, it was the reviews and video that gave him full confidence, sadly both can be fabricated on line these days!
  10. A bit of feedback on my own ads please

    @Nick M.K.Music & silent movies are a NO - NO ! as far as I'm concerned. Need to voice them over, It really is easy, none of like our voices played back but just remember when customers call you or speak to you face to face thats what they hear, so a voice over will make a connection and they recognise your voice on the video, builds trust. I'm a tickler for 'exact mileage' its one of my 'OCD' No car , or very rarely is it 30,000 exact ( had the odd one or two on exact, think it looks better with actual' and a photo of the mileage/ speedo. ! otherwise all good sir!
  11. MOT before or after sale ?

    Every car ready to go serviced / MOT if required... Most of them not worried if it's got 9/10 months MOT on collection. Think I had one last year who wanted 12 months it had 9 but willing to pay £50 for peace of mind.. cup of coffee, car in the work shop 40 mins later we're both happy ! Personally don't understand some who put cars up for sale then put it through the worjshop after selling it. None of know of hidden costs so surely better to get itprepped , yo uknow the costs and the car is ready to go. Customers love the fact its one journey local or national most want to drive it away same day, instant - money in the bank, stops them shopping elsewhere , cash flow ++++ Not rocket science IMO!
  12. Yes new and used and have sold without customers visiting me.
  13. Customer valuation Experts

    @David HorganMr H. you just like upsetting 'buyers' ! Can't understand you,customer does all his home work writes it all down and you slap him in the face! ! As you say they simply do not understand ANY part of how it all works!