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  1. Refund and move on ! not worth the hassle imho.
  2. Business Slow?

    A Little story about a ‘bulb’ ….. About 18 Years ago a lady pulls up Saturday afternoon with a Polo someone told her a bulb was out at the rear of the car. I checked, brake light bulb out replaced it for her” How much she says?” It’s fine it’s only a bulb, off she goes. Few months later I sell a Golf to a local couple, always ask “how do you know about me?” A Friend told us how helpful you were with a bulb when she was visiting us and we looked at your website! Bought another car off again couple of years later and were a good service customer. Her dad bought a car off me and again became a good service customer. Last year I bought a Porsche Boxster from a couple in Lincolnshire, always a bit suspicious from when it’s a long way away! We agreed a deal they brought the car over bought it and again “how did you hear of me as you’re miles away?” She’s the daughter to the gentleman and sister to the lady who bought the Golf’s, as she said “my late dad always spoke fondly of you and thought it was worth contacting you” You just never know…..
  3. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    Just got to keep changing to the market conditions and having stuff that the big supermarkets don't have to get the margins.
  4. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    Sorry just seen this DM if I can help with any info ! #BetterLateThanNever
  5. AutoTrader is over price

    +1 As I 've said for many years ! If it doesn't work - bin it ! its a 'choice'
  6. Bye bye autotrader

    Obviously the ‘call whisper’ is a major advantage as it tells us all instantly where the lead is from, I always ask too and it gets asked again on a feedback form that I give to all my customers. The magic bit that none of know is did the customer search Google then on to a classified platforms or a direct search on the platforms. Cost per sale from AT is getting a lot higher from many, many conversations I’m having with dealers, seems lots getting lot less leads/sales. Average per sale I’m begin told is between £150-£200 (some of the bigger players it may be lower) thanks @funnyfarm for numbers to share with us, that’s a massive chunk per unit and there has to be a way to bring that down. As @nick I had a sale a few weeks ago via FB Messenger but it was instigated by an advert on AT! Just shows how customers keep moving around, the reason was they were ‘checking ‘my social media profile’ and were happy that I as real !
  7. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    Video's ! You're right many simply don't read what the ad says, I try to highlight the main features / selling points on the video and that definately works for me as many have told me they heard me say " xxxxxx " on the video! Pictures help to 'grab the attention' but it's bits of all that hep and not one thing alone.
  8. 100% agree ! All about attitude, I had major issue with BT 'mis-selling' me the phone system for the workshop, the saga lasted 4 months with headache and eventually they cancelled the contract and back on the old system, As angry as I was and annoyed I stayed calm and professional but expressing my annoyance at the whole situation. Because of how I was, it got sorted and even got compensation which 'allegedly' don't offer!1st offer I rejected and ‘asked’ it to be reviewed and sure enough they came back! If I’d shouted from the start …. ! it would have gone horribly wrong! Great to meet you yesterday David ‘face to a voice’
  9. Diagnositic Equipment

    @Rory RSCmust remember to use correct ' Punctuation' !! !
  10. Diagnositic Equipment

    Mainly German stuff, but need it for all general stuff in the workshop, looks like everyone is talking me into Autel, which I'd never come across before this thread! [ shows how little I know about workshop equipment } Where's th ebest plave ro buy Autel equip [ Hate eBay :)] Thanks everyone, this is great information you've all given me. PS Looking for a Technician / MOT Tester for the workhop if anyone knows anyone good looking for a job in stoke on Trent, if any of you know anyone in this part of the world!
  11. Diagnositic Equipment

    We did have the Autoligic ( Old ) but last 12 months one of the lad's has his own Snap On which he's been using because he is more familar with it. Mainly German stuff, The two snap on one's I'm looking at are circa £7 & 9K but at circa £2k Autel that looks increadible value @Dave2302and a vote from @Tomtoo!
  12. Diagnositic Equipment

    They're loving the Snap On and that's what they are saying I should be going for , but it's all too easy for them to say 'that's the one' but they get blinkered and not fully aware of anything else which is on the market hence asking on here from those that have more knowledge of what is on offer, which may be better or less expensive or better value without getting ripped off.
  13. Diagnositic Equipment

    Thanks Dave, it's a mine field and personally as I don't use it the workshop guys use it I'm never sure what's out there or what's the best for the job! The Snap -On looks awesome and a great story behind it all but already finding out about the DD for 'software updates' etc !! I'll check out the link and the model you recommend. Appreciate your time and knowledge.
  14. Just looking at Snap On - Zeus Workstation - Any thoughts ? anything better or better value for money? Thanks