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  1. Trade insurance renewal

    Thanks David and Rory , Aston Lark have saved so many dealers so much and better cover it's amazing, the package they put together for The IMDA members is just amazing. Great guys to work with.
  2. Deposits refundable or not?

    Interesting although not worried about section 75, when I'm talking to them on the phone and discussing deposits I say debit card deposit and full payment by bank transfer / finance etc and it's amazing majority pay by debit card, just the odd one who pays the deposit by credit card.
  3. Deposits refundable or not?

    £250 over the phone or in person is what all my signs say, but in the showroom many times people have actually paid more. !
  4. Deposits refundable or not?

    Agree and do exactly like Rory and have done for years, I also make it very clear when they are in the showroom that the deposit is non refundable as they have seen the car. Had the odd one or two change their mind and in their words ' i understand i won't get my deposit back' And never felt guilty if tehy've driven miles and missed it, it's what we do we sell cars to the 1st person prepared to say 'YES' !
  5. Rogue owner repairs

    You can just image the garage woulf have quoted a few hundred to fit new pipe's , customer declines and then goes around shouting I got done it for a tenner and the garage wanted to charge me hundreds - they're all rip off merchants ...... you can hear the conversation in the pubs - can't you !! #shocking #deathtrap
  6. Google Business Review

    It's done using Gard-X Spin app, and for the interior 360 you need a special fish eye camera Theta S, If you're interested more, than happy to get my Gard-X Contact to contact you? drop me a call or email if I can help.
  7. Google Business Review

    Had similar last year with couple of 'unknown' reviews! I simply replied something like ... I didn't know why they lefta negative review as I don't know them and have never done any business etc etc ' Think if others look they can at least see yuo have responded and will also see thay are not genuine! Absolute pain when idiots do this sort of this ! Had it with FB couple of years ago similar found out one was a valeter for another used car dealer locally - when I challenged him with similar to above he replied it was an 'error' and quickly changed it !!
  8. High oil usage - Audi 1.8 tfsi petrol

    Common fault ! Talk to Audi to see if this one qualifies for the cars that were subject to repair , Audi paid for some yo have new engines but if it’s not full Audi history that may be their way of refusal.
  9. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    that is just so funny !! !
  10. Autotrademail

    the whole area has changed, every single dealer I know says the same with the trade platforms , if selling not getting good prices or other dealers bidding silly to try and pinch stock, trying to source cars off the platforms no one ever calls/emails with anything .. I think it's just sign of the times and the difference in dealers on these platforms ! ( I was one of the 1st on ATM ..But sadly had to throw the towel in after AT took them over as I feel they destroyed THE BEST Trading platform)
  11. Service Dept Profit - Help

    As Justin A3 Says
  12. Autotrader

    Agree 'click and buy' is happening and we all have to be ready , as I've said for many years video's sell cars and people are buying unseen and having cars delivered.
  13. Autotrader

    Think in reality we all build our businesses in different ways, from the start I've concentrated more on buildingmy brand /name more locally than nationally, so I’ve spent more on local marketing inc local press that I still use 21+ years on. AT gives me national and local exposure ( as much as I spend locally some customers half a mile up the road have never heard of me ) as they haven’t been in the market for a car. I have another friend who’s got a village location, been in business approx. 30 years had a few ads on AT and not sold much and really can’t understand why other dealers pay a fortune to advertise on there, but that’s just his take and his business model. Opposite spectrum dealers who totally rely on AT and believe without AT they will have no business, as I’ve said, each to their own but everyone needs to closely monitor where the leads/sales come from. And you also have to work out if you’re spending £4/5k per month, how many cars do you actually sell to pay that? If you’re only selling 6/7 cars for example you’re working for the platforms, if you sell 15/20 cars then it’s working for you. ROI BTW - Nik - Love the Valeter Comparison
  14. Autotrader

    Nik, Jim Reid left AT about 4/5 years ago and look at his business, never looked back. This debate will go on for ever! what works for one doesn't work for another dealer, it's all about ROI and if it's not working bin it and move it regardless if it'sAT, Motors, Cargurus , local press.... the market place is changing so much and so are the buyers.
  15. Faster Payment Recalled

    1st for me! if money is in your account surely that is not correct??? Was told if its faster payment it cannot be recalled back - keep us posted as I'm sure everyone on here needs to fully understand how this can happen, if thats the case none of us are safe.