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  1. Hi all, i wanted to share this with you, it made me think.......I Bought a car of a local lady Dr last week, she said Tesla didn't want her car, no interest in the px, then she said. they wont now even consider a px.....we do, or are we all too customer focused, ie : they expect everything and take the piss. Then she said she couldn't have a test drive of the Tesla , she had to leave Dealer and book a test drive online, i laughed, she was serious, then she said the dealer allocated HER A TIME, not the other way round !!!! wow this is how to make money !!! Then she asked 5 questions about her new £38000 Tesla, the sales-advisor-tech boffin then said said....get this...GO ON THE FORUM, I DON'T ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS -WOW She also said the Dealer wanted £38000 upfront 9 days before seeing her new car, i said are you paying them, she said....YES- amazing how Tesla dictate their terms to the customer, this is the way forward...i love it !!!! She then complained nobody ever answers the phone or returns e mails.... WE ALL NEED TO ADOPT THE TESLA WAY- THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS KING ???
  2. Im interested in this car Car Gurus hot lead my arse !!! Autotrader now say a phone call is Lead...total muppets, some have number withheld !!!!
  3. Yes very true.... 70 % profit,,,,unbelievable
  4. NICE RESULTS ANNOUNCED TODAY, 70 % MARGIN, we work on industry average 1.2 %..... Makes my blood boil !
  5. Hi Southern Trader, id be interested to see what your results are...
  6. Hi all : We have had a poor month, so i decided to ring A TRADER, to see what they can do to help... Solution....spend more with Priority Listing , costing circa £600 a month extra, does this work ?> is it value ? or am i better Spending £300 a month an upgrading Car Gurus ? Or am i better just cancelling AT and saving myself 25000 grand a year, and using 50 % of that money on other platforms ?
  7. Hi, no we never knew the lady had a warranty repair.
  8. Hi I bought a citreon ds3 from you just over a month ago. 62 plate I have today collected the car from the garage who were completing repairs under warranty. They have informed me that there is excessive corrosion to the suspension, front break discs, and auxiliary drive belt. None of these things are covered on the warranty and according to the garage they should have been highlighted at the point of mot and either failed or at least listed as advisories. As I have only had the car a few weeks he said I should bring it back to the garage who mot'd it for the repairs to be made. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully this issue will be resolved asap. The lady has had the car 6 weeks, we put a new 12 months MOT ....low mileage, 36,000 Think she has been to Main Dealer and they have been looking for more work !
  9. Q- Surely you both went to arbitration ? 12 months independant MOT would have proved the vehicle was fit for purpose. What does a judge deem a dangerous fault ? say a drop link ? Its interpretation . Ill be interested to see the outcome / good luck.
  10. OMG / LOL does not look good then...
  11. Morning Dealers : Rep just been / £275 PLUS VAT PCM, upto 30 cars ? Whats the feedback on Motors guys pls ?? Thanks....ps, im with A Trader already.
  12. Hi ; This sounds like an interesting topic, but my guess is you need some Independent Legal Advice from Lawgistics-or a similar Motor Trade specialist. In my opinion, he has little chance of winning a case, Q - Did you write on the Order Form it was a CAT D car ?
  13. I used to use this platform, but like another user said, when A Trader bought it and doubled the monthly fee i came off immediately !!! Just had an invoice of £99 plus vat from Dealer auction, and ive decided not to renew that either, cars are NOT as described , and the prices are mental at times.
  14. Hi, we used to get lots of leads from Car Gurus, granted most where just saying im interested in this car, and upon a follow up e mail etc, nothing usually happens. Over the last few weeks we have had nothing , whereas before we could get 8-10 emails a week ? Is the upgraded package proving money well spent guy s ? Please advise ....
  15. The world is changing, Bank Transfer is simple, fraud free, and clears instantly, take a cash deposit initially,, we do circa £300, then the rest via Internet -Phone-Bank Transfer. MOST OF OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE A BANKING APP ON THEIR PHONE-SIMPLE. Or they can go into any Bank and transfer it securely , or B Society , or telephone Banking. CREDIT CARD = wide open to excessive charges, chargebacks, and the customer has greater legar leverage using a CREDIT CARD-BE WARNED !!!