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  1. We all were the same i know i was was had a courtesy 106 at one of my first jobs we all thought we were rally drivers lol
  2. As above but Same as tradex anything.around 4 has always been transported to the various businesses I've been involved with over the years
  3. Your still not a car dealer it was owned by a building company end off i would say whats to stop you buying a car for say an employee and putting in your business name doesn't make you a car dealer so wouldn't think you have to be treated as one
  4. lol I've a nice mountain bike here if he wants it ill sell it cheap
  5. All auctions care for the seller and not us the purchaser the manager at a local auction told me that although we all know this is it doesn't full you with confidence when you have a genuine compliant about your Account guess he went to a different business school manners cost nothing in the business school of life
  6. I may be wrong and someone in the know can correct me and-also im unsure why they would write it off with the value but with the new category doesn't it just mean that cat s the damage is on a part which forms the car Structure and cat n doesn't like bolt on doors wings etc and not really value related
  7. Not really related I remember a dealer near here used to bring a lot of stuff in from Ireland new and unregistered and also some newish stuff with irish plates i thought about it at the time but never had the contacts or know how back then was probably around 15 years now
  8. They would probably class the quarter as a structural part .
  9. Surely if its clearly stated on the pdi and invoice and signed that it was cat s and had been inspected by the buyer and inspected by an independent then he has no grounds for a refund Beat me to it but agree if it is described on there he has no grounds knowing what he/she bought in the first place
  10. Casper


    Im unsure of the pricing some stuff looks reasonable and other stuff seems high when you compare to local dealers
  11. Technically yes but what you could do is add your parent to the business as a business partner even as a volunteer part time and cover both drivers that way therefore not really having a main driver might be a loophole