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  1. Sorry if this has been covered before I only recall seeing a hoover thread any thoughts on valeting machines /upholstery cleaners Ive used a Karcher one before which was fine but was borrowing it from a friend and its probably time he gets it back and I buy my own I'm thinking probably a karcher or sealey but always like to ask everyones thoughts and suggestions first .
  2. Yeah i know plus a customer could see it on more than one platform so you can never be sure it did sell through them
  3. Will have a look cheers I think there will be some sort of charge if you read there small print says we only make money when you do so there probs looking for some sort of fee or percentage once the car sells but don't know how this would work cause obv cars are advertised on other platforms etc ..
  4. And most of all change that blue number plate screw lol what about offering a tweed jacket as an incentive
  5. Id. Never heard of them till you mentioned it
  6. It does actually look a nice car it will sell .would actually be a good car for dogs I used to have 2 borders collies till they passed away had an old 406 well newish 406 estate for them at the time was ideal.
  7. Im sure they will . If not get the marigolds and pansies in lol
  8. It always happens just as your about to turn it into a plant pot some ones buys it
  9. Strange thing is someone will be them when you least expect it
  10. Theres a bum for every seat
  11. Out of interest who supplies your number plate covers they look well done
  12. Yeah i don't mind it like I said sometimes id put something like here we have an a carefully selected example of a mini in stunning electric blue etc etc makes the ads a bit more personal just a suggestion ....
  13. I wouldn't say there terrible bud . But just when you asked I thought i would mention there a little blurry ...
  14. The digital cameras are good mate .. how so you find the Huaewi lot of guys here swear by them I'm looking at upgrading some contracts