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  1. Is both an option option 1 +2 on a serious note hope you get it sorted
  2. Good idea Mark .seen a lot of replicas do well
  3. Well its only a phone call to ask
  4. You could ask the question we normally just fix wheel bearings though only thing we've used surecheck for was a gearbox and clutch that went driving out the auction they payed no bother
  5. Depends on which bearing and if its assured or not and what the condition report says
  6. Seems the way now a couple of auctions have started the same just one rostrum Yes your right they start you on a gold card now I've known it happen with a few on here and a few guys i know personally i do agree with you but just feel when some of the old managers retire and the new ones come along its worst remember the days they would help you out give you a breakfast as hospitality etc same with the auctioneers you don't see it so much Now as I said at times i feel we are only a bidding number but then as you all say we are
  7. I remember years ago or back in the day as you say a manager at one auction moving cars to another he phoned the dealer principle on his personal mobile and asked if he wanted them moved as he could get it arranged with an another manager he know the same guy did the same thing for us after a car had been through about 6 sales we gave a really low bid which wasn't accepted in the sale and it was taken out he came to us said would would stand on the offer as he's explained to the lease rep the reserve is way over its value . Its not the same now the bigger auction houses look after the seller i know its always been this way but some times feel they couldn't really give a hoot for the buyers loyal custom etc .. your only a bidding number to some of the staff And livingston when it was owned by Sma come to think of it from memory
  8. All auctions do it as you say david I've seen stuff go to 3 auctions and back to the original ones different auctions sites by the same company and also completely separate ones like is said mainheim to bca etc as David says the vendor moves it from auction to auction .
  9. Autotrader i would suggest others are out here but always did ok with autotrader local paper etc was a waste of time and money
  10. Ive used think and never had a problem also recommended to a few who were happy enough with them .
  11. Guy i know from the auctions only now deals in wav and says he's doing well he. Previously managed a car sales company and also owned his own at one point but has over the last few years went in that direction ..
  12. It always pay to shop around but cheapest isn't always best remember that many garages will offer good discount if you offer them plenty work also many do a cheap trade mot also sometimes if you speak to the garage owner with your price concerns they will work with you it happened to me with a parts suppliers who was supplying a local garage and myself it so happens the garage was doing the work for me and getting the parts cheaper than I could and I was buying more volume from the company I mentioned it to the manager of the parts supplier who said it couldn't be the case as I was on the highest discount possible but suddenly the same parts starts coming in much cheaper