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  1. His wifes focus was needing tyres then. I guess
  2. Or that your on a round the world cruise . And by the way your neighbours at the two sides are with you leaving the houses empty for the local burglars lol ..
  3. Yeah I know funny isn't it but there nothing worst than buying one with fuel light on either I remember buying two cars from a main dealers years back first one came on fumes and I asked him about the second time and he gave me a full tank
  4. I agree and since going at it alone would rather give the £50 off sometimes I'll even give them £20 back for fuel the shortbread thing was in a previous job where I just did my buying thing and let the big boss man deal with incentives ..
  5. Haha I'll rephrase that I'll give anything a go within reason . But on a serious note you do find customers want money off rather than free Mots servicing etc we even tried free shortbread once lol
  6. Heard a few people do it offering free TVs etc a local dealer did a buy one car get one free once back in the 90s thing is you could have bought the two of them for the price of one have tried the free servicing mot things etc in different jobs over the years as you said. People tend want money off more although I'm always open to suggestions .. and will give anything ago
  7. You might have cleaned them for him first lol
  8. Agree 100 percent . The people voted .. and now the politicians are trying to hold it up or stop it altogether
  9. Of course they do Im sure every one get help from there parents at some point I did in the earlier years I meant later in life in this area I've seen loads of people go to uni graduate etc only to work in the office of daddy's company one has tried a few business but all roads lead back to daddy's business