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  1. Warranty for home trader

    I'd wholeheartedly recommend A1 Approved , they'll tailor a product for you , take all the calls (and flack!) and supply all the booklets and as you'll be self funding you'll have a nice little pot build up .
  2. Vitaltax worked fine for me , free for first year then £1 per month . Plugs into excell then copy and paste the cells into HMRC site.
  3. Making Tax digital

    Hi all , just completed first VAT return via the HMRC gateway , not sure who recommended 'vitaltax' on here a few weeks ago but works a treat .I just use Excell and this program sort of 'fits' inside your spreadsheet and then bridges to the new HMRC site . Free for the first year then £1 per month , pretty simple to set up
  4. Lawgistics Warranty

  5. Just noticed this sale at Blackbushe , any idea where these cars arefrom guys ? Sounds like a marketing term for 'Shagged Px'
  6. Just noticed this sale at Blackbushe , any idea where these cars arefrom guys ? Sounds like a marketing term for 'Shagged Px'
  7. Car Gurus

    Interesting thread , I'm on free package too LOTS of leads that I reply to with our number and rarely get a reply. Was talking to them today think a 6month deal around £200 for 12 cars is possible ...going to have a look at my AT costs as the half price deal ending soon.
  8. Payment Methods

    I'm in between yards at the moment and cancelled thecard machine when we left the last premises . Trading from home until we can get sorted but we are insisting on Bank transfer or cash if customer insists and surprisingly haven't lost a sale because of that. Most of my stock is c£6-£10k , but we will retail cheapie P/X's too .
  9. Vw golf adaptive cruise control

    Yes , unfortunately , it prob needs recalibrating .Pricey at a main agent but it does need proper Vagcom to set up so if you've got a good independent local that's your best bet . Safe to say I'll not be buying another one soon !
  10. New driver insurance

    Just about to check out insurance for my 17yr old daughter also so any tips greatly appreciated . Given that my wife wrote of a CRV earlier this year (bless) I doubt my trade insurance would entertain another family member !
  11. MOT before or after sale ?

    Yep always before , and it's not just that customers are impatient...I dont need to see 'em twice either .
  12. Dog hair

    +1 on the rubber brush , then just dye/aerosol the carpet over the top
  13. I can assure you that you can backdate further than the 'in trade' date , it's only a minimum wage bod at Swansea doing 'data entry' when they receive the V5 after all . Unless anything has changed recently . The Focus that came out of BCA/UK select was purchased Aug , backdated to Jan in my name and sold to Evans in Sep , for money back (Knackered injectors , smoke from cold) . I guess that was my one opportunity gone !
  14. Back dating is do-able , I've got rid twice to WBACand once to Evans (who were spot on by the way ) , squeeky bum time while you're sat in the office and they scrutinize everything! The one to Evans was a UK select funnily enough !
  15. Trade plate receipt

    Same here , sent chq 31st Dec , got a letter today saying Plates revoked . Rang DVLA who said send us another chq in the post (recorded this time) but you can't use your plates for about four weeks. Cheeky B3stards....