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  1. Same , and I'm loath to give out my debit card details again in case AT start 'accidentally' taking £99 per month...
  2. +1 , New site is a dogs dinner too...
  3. Pretty impressed with that photoshop , what sort of cost is that if I may ask ?
  4. Honestly , at the moment price indicators and search information seem to have no correlation with what I'm actually selling
  5. Just left BCA Blackbushe , truly mad prices and yet everyone says it's dead , phone not ringing etc.. Baffling
  6. 'On-boarding' FFS....
  7. Also known as ' Bidet'
  8. +1 this is the office number 0113 2709488
  9. I'd wholeheartedly recommend A1 Approved , they'll tailor a product for you , take all the calls (and flack!) and supply all the booklets and as you'll be self funding you'll have a nice little pot build up .
  10. Vitaltax worked fine for me , free for first year then £1 per month . Plugs into excell then copy and paste the cells into HMRC site.
  11. Hi all , just completed first VAT return via the HMRC gateway , not sure who recommended 'vitaltax' on here a few weeks ago but works a treat .I just use Excell and this program sort of 'fits' inside your spreadsheet and then bridges to the new HMRC site . Free for the first year then £1 per month , pretty simple to set up