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  1. All done now FOC by the very helpful Fawcetts Volvo in Newbury ,thank christ !
  2. I came off of AT for a few months when I was between sites but was able to access the reviews to cut & paste onto my website as they are actually handled by a third party and are independent of the AT website as I remember . Your AT rep will be able to supply the link hopefully .
  3. I'm happy with Cardealer 5
  4. Anyone know where I can buy some Composite cardboard tubes from ?
  5. Many thanks , fingers crossed
  6. Hi Chaps , happy new year to all... off to a great start with a dicky EGR on a 65 plate Volvo D3 , been a Volvo lease car so full history but done 109k . Been advised by a Volvo specialist this is a common problem(and a knock on effect from a manifold recall)and can be repaired by Volvo including upgraded pipes and oil cooler but it takes a lot of rucking ! Any Volvo guys been through this or can advise how I might squeek this through ? Thanks in advance Dave
  7. Anglo9


    Recently applied for a new V5 in our name , arrived withn 10 days , no bother really
  8. Yep , all working properly again now . I know this for sure because now have ten or more emails every day from '' telling me I've been outbid on whatever . Glad the good old days are back , I hate change .
  9. Same , and I'm loath to give out my debit card details again in case AT start 'accidentally' taking £99 per month...
  10. +1 , New site is a dogs dinner too...
  11. Pretty impressed with that photoshop , what sort of cost is that if I may ask ?
  12. Honestly , at the moment price indicators and search information seem to have no correlation with what I'm actually selling