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  1. That's a really good idea! We took it out of a coupe amg line premium plus and put better condition ones in. I realized after theres a buy and sell Cheers for the advice
  2. Mercedes benz C class coupe w205 full leather interior, door cards, burmester sound etc. Any info feel free to ask...
  3. Got a Mercedes Benz C class coupe W205 full interior trim, door cars, seats etc, burmester sound . Thanks
  4. I use the normal free one and get a sale everynow and again but mostly is it still available.
  5. Have done there reviewing the claim...
  6. Try to get every penny out of them thats what they do to you!
  7. It was assured and its a wheel bearing thats noisy
  8. Try go6 media there much cheaper than csr desler 5 one upfront payment and then a little a year.
  9. Just a quick one. Do BCA cover bearing noises? Thanks
  10. Try go6 much cheaper than car dealer 5 Go6 media to be precise
  11. Ive been creating fuss everyday since the 6th lol, im happy to keep the car, the issue is im out of pocket as no one is calling about a car that's outstanding.
  12. Nobody likes a grass mate Honestly mate if hes effecting your line of work, record when hes blocking your unit and report it, make sure you record it a few times for multiple chances.