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  1. So no credit card? What if they get put off? they recon they have It safer via debit
  2. Ive tried that lost two sales this week due to them not being able to leave a deposit on the spot! they went and found a different vehicle closer.
  3. Just got one with worldpay They didn't ask any questions just looked at my turnover I was thinking about izettle for deposits too however imagine they want to buy the car in full lol 1.75% out of my margin
  4. Whos best to get a card machine with? What do your providers charge? Thanks
  5. Lmao 5 miles I could walk that :’) I sold I car to some guy in Cyprus today so hey you got a point,
  6. The more you pay the higher up?!
  7. Ah they usually are priced quite high compared to others then don't you think?
  8. Thanks. Silly me deleted it by accident on my files! Took me 20 mins made
  9. How do you price your vehicles then?
  10. Done one now mate thanks. I lost my old template only took me 20 mins lol.
  11. Would anybody be kinds enough to send me an invoice template for a deposit. Thanks
  12. Do you think the punters change relevance to price low to high? or do they just leave it at relevance? I know id change to price low to high but you don't know some people these days
  13. Thinking about scrapping AutoTrader, How much are ebay motors and gumtree along side car gurus? Do they turn over well or is it not worth it? Around 10 car package Thanks
  14. And you Casper Indeed! Pain in the ass.