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  1. haha that's a kick in the teeth adding an owner too!
  2. What sites might that be ?
  3. I pay £35 for a full valet inc polish im located in Manchester. Mobile valeter
  4. I think that was me lol , I bought my mini for £7700 stands me at £8000 up for £9500 cheapest on
  5. Plus you could lie to them if you wanted to if it did sell with them. So I don't think it works tbh.
  6. Sign up have a go they seem to be decent tbh. as far as im aware there free
  7. who? Well I just left a sign up why not! free listings lol
  8. Your joking right... the description sounds amateurish and make you sound private, the wheels look like its been through the mud and back, tyre shines not expensive
  9. Theres two other dealers at 3990, with 22000 miles less than mine, I did have it up for 4250 had nothing on it had a few people ask now.
  10. Lol, I was warned when bidding online.... but it will go as I have a lot I can reduce it by. I think the lounges are the best sellers other than that aha...
  11. I love constructive criticism! So what would you say to make the exterior shots better? Also I don't generally stock fiats to be honest however it was cheap!
  12. I do get the odd one that sits for ages and you just want to sell it for nothing lol but that's everynow and again.
  13. It sort of works,,, a bit sluggish though
  14. So you hold stock for more than 2 weeks? ok even 3