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  1. 2 from 10 this month, one to be collected next week so not doing too bad. Stocking up time
  2. believe it or not im 16 17 In a few months, I help my dad out with everything form sourcing, cleaning picturing etc
  3. Turns out Velin has been removed
  4. Put the trade insurance in your parents name?
  5. I hope your not relying on Facebook
  6. cheers cheers pal I didn't see your comments for some reason only seen djcs
  7. what sticker sorry mate
  8. Any websites that decode vins for audis to show all the spec it has? Thanks
  9. Seems to have been low fuel or the key fob was low either one its gone now!
  10. Think its low fuel now I have done some more research, under 50 miles range, thank god for that being collected Friday!
  11. BMW 428i Warning light. Any idea what this is ?
  12. That was all we used to do! Buy and sell to the trade. Have slowed down a little with that but do do the odd few still,