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  1. VW has been kind to me but 50/50 on Corsa's
  2. Fair enough, I will keep plugging as I hate to be defeated!
  3. Thanks. I guess you're referring to the user set demographic?
  4. Evening all I've been tarting up my Facebook page over the past few weeks and have boosted 9 adverts so far this week (£10-£30 spend each ad over 5 days, all cars at CAP retail maximum with finance examples). I've had a few piss weak leads asking if they can test drive etc but they've not gone anywhere. Just curious if anybody is having success taking this route? 15
  5. Has anybody noticed that the AT 'trade' values in the AT portal have crept closer towards CC recently, or am I dreaming it?
  6. Yep, it is nuts and I certainly won’t be doing it again, I’ll chalk this one up as a lesson.
  7. 15Cars


    Good points, Matt. Now I think about it, it make sense, I have sold a number of £4-7k stuff to people that have handed back their PCP motor and I’m often left a £200 deposit for week before they come back with the wedge.
  8. Thanks, Grant, after trawling around I've come to the same conclusion, so fingers crossed previous owner's postcode works otherwise I'm gonna take it back!
  9. 15Cars


    TBF, I said "up to 9 old year stuff" - most of the stuff I sell is 2 to 5 years old. But, I get what you're saying, I guess I'm just hopeful of some extra revenue
  10. Evening All I've just received my FCA permission through. I'm initially going on with Close Brothers - I haven't given much thought about sub-prime yet - is it even worth it? Your thoughts are most welcome. My stock is mainly VW, up to 9 years old, 1 or 2 owners, FSH, highly prepped and under 70k miles. I'm in a semi-rural fairly affluent location, nearest city is 25 miles away, my customers tend to be very similar; frugal, 35-60 years old, middle class and funds don't seem to be an issue but price, condition and the history of the car does. It's rare that I'm asked for finance as my punters don't appear to need it. Naturally I'm frothing at the mouth to start putting some finance deals through to progress into the higher commission zone so I'm wondering if you lot find a particular price point, brand or some other demographic that is likely to attract more sensible finance punters? I'm unlikely to change my current model drastically as it seems to be working but I'm curious none the less. Cheers 15
  11. October was blinding for me, November suicidal but so far December has been super busy with tons of enquiries, only 2 sales but 5(!) viewings lined up for tomorrow which is major for my stock level.
  12. Appreciate that David, thanks. I've done this about half a dozen times this year without a hitch, but I've always done it at my local PO. Poor practice I realise but assumed it'd be ok.
  13. Evening All Sold a car yesterday evening - it is nearly new and very low miles. I took it from a punter as a downgrade part exchange. The punter couldn't find the V5 so I HPI'd it and took it in. The car is A1, serviced, MOT'd, PDI'd, 12 months warranty etc. Punter insisted he needed it, so I let him get on his way with a V62 to tax and change keeper himself after he'd paid, signed PDI and invoice etc. The punter (nice chap) has just been into his PO and they're saying the system is declining the car and they are unable to tax and change keeper as they need previous owner's postcode. I've never been asked for this, I have the previous owner's postcode back at the office so will forward it tomorrow but I've never experienced this before - any thoughts please?
  14. Shockingly accurate. In my experience the ~ 3K VAG stuff in particular attracts the biggest PITA punters I’ve ever experienced; they’ve not got a pot to spit in, yet they’re expecting absolute perfection.
  15. 15Cars

    CG ads

    Quite possibly on the new systems, I wouldn't know, my Sky box is ancient and I only usually use it to watch the freeview crap