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  1. Hi All Can anyone advise me on upgrading my Audi A3 headlight bulbs to LED, which bulbs are a good upgrade, and what retaining clips I need. Head light type is reflector. Paul.
  2. Cleared down codes yesterday, now got clean slate, will plug in tomorrow and see what comes up, you could be right, but didn't know there was a moduel behind glove box??
  3. Hi All I have a 2009 Audi A3 refusing to start at times, when this happens there are no ignition lights what so ever, all other lights such as heater lumination, side, headlights etc working, the engine will turn and fire briefly then cut out. If I disconnect the battery for a while then reconnect it will start and everything working fine. Can anyone help?? Paul.
  4. Many thanks for all your comments, very helpful. Justina, can you recommend any head units??
  5. Hi Everyone Can anybody advise me, I want to upgrade my Audi A3 Head Unit to include DAB,CD, Android, Bluetooth, the current system is Bose symphony with sub. I want good quality unit along with sound.
  6. Many thanks for all your comments with the acception of dislikeVAG Will keep you posted.
  7. Hi All I have a customers vehicle 2009 Seat Alhambra 2.0tdi Brake pad low warning coming on when you first start the vehicle, new brake pads around, bridged each corner cable but light still coming on, anyone had this fault??
  8. Hi All Just a update on the Engine management light, after changing cam, crank, temp sensors and still having the same problem, I have now disconnected the ECU connectors, cleaned, sprayed, I have now covered 150 miles + without a fault, fingers crossed its sorted. Thanks for all the help.
  9. I think I'll try temp sensor first, less expensive first, will keep posted. Thanks.
  10. Nothing about DPF on diag, only fault it came up with is Camshaft sensor which I have replaced, including Crank sensor. If I clear faults, drive for about 5 miles light and engine cooling fan comes on again.
  11. Really appreciate the help, you could be right, I will try that tomorrow and let you know. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks for your reply, the timing chain and settings have been checked and all good, when we bought the vehicle we drove it back some 300 + miles without a fault, sold the car and within a couple of day of the customer having the car the light came on.