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  1. That's very frustrating Peter. Can you furnish us with a bit more information, as you haven't really told us much? When you say on the streets do you mean a public highway, or is it private land?
  2. This gets asked a lot Jay which is probably why you've had little response, the answer is it's different for everyone. I use Autotrader, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. You can't beat Autotrader (unfortunately) but they are very expensive, Ebay is around £220 a month so I only have to sell a few cars a year to make it pay which it does as I regularly sell cars on there. Then Facebook is £25 a month, which is neither here nor there and I have sold a full fat car on there so it's more than paid for itself. Facebook is still in early days but it does seem to get a good response for cheap part ex's. You just have to try them yourself and see which works for you.
  3. I had one of those once, I kept trying to explain that we could rent it a 2 bed flat for it to live in for what she was paying for livery.
  4. Hi 15, I believe that whoever has entered that car in to the auction has committed an offence by offering for sale a clocked car, without carrying out their due diligence and checking that the mileage is correct. As you did . The problem you have now is if you stick it back in the block you'll have to declare it and blow your bollocks off, if you don't declare it you'll be committing an offence. I would get something in writing regarding the mileage from the VW dealer and take it to the auction, remember your argument is with the vendor and not the auction house. Ask them to pass on your information and see if they will change their mind and refund you. If they still won't play ball then Trading Standards are extremely helpful, I had a similar situation with a clocked car and the auction/vendor wouldn't play ball. Two days after my call to TS, I was given a full refund from the main agent including my auction costs. Trading Standards are there to help us too.
  5. I agree with the plenty of lighting, I replaced all my HID lights with LED's over two years ago which cut my electricity bill by two thirds. The money I saved in the first year alone paid for the lights and the fitting. I would also recommend having an internal siren and strobe light fitted, burglars don't like light or noise and the alarm in my small office is deafening so they won't be hanging around for long.
  6. The same to you Casper and everyone else.
  7. You haven't employed my old valeter have you, twat was always leaving windows wide open on cars! I'd come in after a night of rain to find fish swimming around in the door pockets.
  8. A girl at AT pretty much said that to me that they were doing it to keep up with their competitors, I did point out that they keep telling us they are number one so why are you copying the more inferior sites. I also mentioned that these other sites charge a lot less than they do and are they going to be reducing their prices as well to keep up with the competition, I think the irony was lost on her. Luckily I'm a buyer of low mileage so the majority of my cars are well below average mileage, but they seem to have their own system for judging average mileage as I have a 2014 Panda with 34k on the clock which I think is pretty reasonable but AT say it's 5,000 miles above average!! I agree with your last statement too, which is why I reduced my Autotrader bill and will just swap my cars around. The number of sales from AT haven't increased to correspond with their price increases over the last couple of years, but I'm getting more from Ebay now and Facebook is starting to increase.
  9. As others have said welcome to our world, we all feel your pain here brother.
  10. You shouldn't charge for mileage, only usage i.e the amount of days he's had the car.
  11. You're spot on. They have also generally paid off their mortgages too so have lot's of lovely equity in their houses, and plenty of disposable income. The only real outgoings they have is having lunch at garden centers or National Trust properties, and buying Werthers Originals.
  12. I think the damage to the sill is what the customer is complaining about now, but when asked what the original damage was the OP replied "It looked like light damage, only a ding on the passenger quarter to categorise it as a cat S". As with a lot of these posts Arfur I think we only have a fraction of the story, in the OP he mentions the customer wants to reject because of a dent in the sill but later on he mentions that the car crabs so the customer must also have mentioned this at some point. So there is probably a lot more to this story that we don't yet know. We don't know what was said in the inspection report or what kind of inspection it was, but what would a main dealer say? I'm not sure they would comment much further than saying the car has sustained accident damage and been repaired which the customer already knew, anything more than that could land them in a legal quagmire. The inspection might not have been much more than a mechanical inspection, which wouldn't have shown much up if anything on a 2,000 mile car.
  13. I'm still trying to get my head around them writing off a £55k car for having a ding on the passenger quarter, and then also classing it as a category S meaning structural damage. Maybe his definition of a ding is different to mine?
  14. He's a spring chicken I've done deals for people in their 80's, my eldest finance customer is 86! Finance companies are not allowed to discriminate against people because of their age these days, so as long as they fit the other criteria they should be accepted.