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  1. He's a spring chicken I've done deals for people in their 80's, my eldest finance customer is 86! Finance companies are not allowed to discriminate against people because of their age these days, so as long as they fit the other criteria they should be accepted.
  2. I think Dealer Portal has had a few issues today with the price markers, I put up a Fabia Auto today which it told me to buy yesterday for £2700 with their valuation and today when I put the price in at £3999 it said the retail value was £2500 and my car was £1500 overpriced!! Then it changed it's mind again and valued it correctly at £4600, and priced it as low which is where it should be. Do these price markers actually make any difference though, I have a few cars priced as low but the phone isn't falling off the wall? I was speaking to the proprietor of the Mitsubishi dealership that I mentioned earlier whose the majority of their cars are priced High/Fair and he wasn't too happy about it, one thing he did say worried me a little though. He mentioned reducing his prices across all of his stock to get rid of some of the markers, yet if all the main dealers start doing this then surely the average price will drop and the cars we have advertised with Good markers then become fair to high?
  3. This could actually be a blessing in disguise, not that I've suddenly started liking Autotrader the avaricious pricks. I've just been looking at our local main dealers secondhand stock on Autotrader and of course as I suspected the majority of their cars are priced high or fair, my local Mitsubishi dealer has a Shogun that's priced high and Autotrader are telling the customer it's £3,507 over priced!!! Good luck with that one.
  4. I can't even type I'm laughing so much.
  5. I had the rep ring me today trying to get me to sign up with Gumtree as I'm already with Ebay, he probably wishes that he hadn't now. I let him get a few lines in then I asked him why would I want to advertise with their 3 different sites Ebay/Gumtree/Motors, his response was that people tend to look on 3 different sites when buying a car and if they see my cars on all 3 sites then that will assure the customer that I'm a bone fide motor dealer. I mentioned my concerns about paying the same company three times for doing the same thing and that I thought they had a conflict of interests, and that I tried Gumtree and Motors before and they were rubbish so why would I want to advertise with them now. I also said that I thought that Ebay had gone off the boil and this seemed to happen when they took on Gumtree, which is a shame as I thought they were making real headway against Autotrader. He couldn't really answer my points, and I mentioned I'd be rethinking Ebay when it comes around for renewal in May. So it would be interesting to see how you get on.
  6. I wouldn't be without my Bluetooth jump leads these days, ever so useful.
  7. I think you have a case here Matt910, I'm no mechanic but even I can see the wheels aren't round. There is much more tyre at the top of the wheel compared to the bottom, if you keep rolling it forwards until the thinner bit is at the top I'll show you what I mean. That's it keep going it's not at the top yet, keep going, keep going, still not there yet, keep going, bye bye Matt.
  8. He'll only get it wrong the once, I bet his insurance wouldn't cover him for working on them if he hasn't had the correct training. I could be wrong about the carbon fibre part, it did just look like a broom handle painted black to me lol. The first Auris hybrid that I sold had 3-4 inches of water in the spare wheel well from the usual leaking in from around the rear lights problem, I was trying to imagine what would have happened under heavy braking to all that water sloshing around right next to the battery pack under the back seat! I think they might have been able to claim under the consumer rights act if I fried them with 20,000 volts of electricity.
  9. Even that's old technology, I remember in the 80's my mates dad used to run the TV and lights in his front room from the lamppost at the back of his flat.
  10. I'm surprised that Mitsubishi and other manufacturers have been allowed to get away with their claims, I'm just looking at an Outlander 2.4 4x4 PHEV on Autotrader and they are claiming it does 139 mpg (combined) and that the emissions are 40g/kg with an electric range of 34 miles. If you do your 34 miles on electric then how the hell do you get another 105 miles out of a gallon of petrol, in a 2.4 litre 4x4 automatic? I also don't believe for one second that the emissions are that low either running on the petrol engine. Did they go to the Diane Abbott school of economics?
  11. I'm a bit confused by the Ebay business model at the moment, they rang me too saying they had bought Gumtree and would I like to advertise there as well. If you think about it you're just paying the same company twice for the same thing and that doesn't wash with me, for example if they started a new site called EbayMotors 2 and rang you and asked if you'd like to advertise on there you would probably ask the same question. Surely they must have a conflict of interests as they now own multiple sites doing the same thing, when they could have invested the money ($81.6 million) in to making Ebay Motors a better platform?
  12. I've always wondered that too, just put an electric motor in the normal cars and they'd sell a lot more.
  13. I'm in advance, probably for the reasons others have stated here. Sometimes people just want to take the car there and then which when the mot's been done it makes it much easier. My MOT station do any re-mot's at half price if I get any stuck up my backside and end up redoing. Customers being able to check the mot history is becoming a bit of a nightmare though, the amount of time recently I get people saying "On the mot history from 5 years ago it had an advisory for such and such"
  14. I think they got it wrong with plug in hybrids personally so I tend to avoid them, why would you want to plug in a hybrid it makes no sense. I did see a Mitsubishi plug in hybrid in the block the other day that was 4 years old and had done 197,000 miles! I can't imagine that many of those miles were done on electric as they have a limited range.
  15. From what I understand they are around £800 - £1000 to have one installed, one of my workshops has just installed them though I've never seen anyone using them. They have done the training and bought the special insulated tools that are required for working on electrics and hybrids, they also have a special carbon fibre pole for flicking off the mechanic when he gets electrocuted!! I think they get a couple of quid when someone charges their car, but as that is few and far between I don't think they'll be getting their money back anytime soon. Your location has to be right to make money from it. The Co-op next door has a charging point so if I ever need it I'll just run an extension lead across the car park when they're not looking.