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  1. Go for it if your young and fancy free. Some of my best days were the early days when I had my finger on the pulse of what people wanted and wasn't afraid to take a risk. Now I find I over analyse the pitfuls and potential for huge repair costs / problems which out weigh the potential profits and have therefore become wary of the " interesting cars" I built my business on the interesting stuff at the time Nissan 200sx / Imprezas etc. Have you looked into the JDM import market, it still intrigues me but I've never had the bottle and or sources to buy remotely from Japan! I have now gone much more mainstream which is boring, ropey profits but also big bills looming down the line on newer cars. Not a single call last week aside from the one about the golf I sold the week before which now needs a new dual mass clutch, bang goes the profit from that one. Long story short I dream of a 9 - 5 with a steady pay cheque and minimal stress, which has certainly been a big part of being self employed for me for the past 7 years (at least) of the 14 i've been going for. The problem with the trade is you can get stuck in a rut where you occasionally "have it off" which keeps you hanging in there for longer than is good for you!
  2. Nacman it was the claims line which is based in Manchester ( may have changed as haven't used them for almost a year now)
  3. I've had some very nasty grade 3 cars delivered by BCA in the past. Once they have been delivered you have to speak to Manchester Head office (if you use there own transport) rather than the actual auction. In my case I got a very patronising woman who clearly knew nothing about cars! She kept saying we refer to the "beauty pictures" when talking about the very inaccurate online photo's! I've back 2 in the past which turned out to have been taxis and got some small amounts of comp on others but not before jumping through alot of hoops and constantly doing all the chasing. It is a worry the muppets they pay to do these inaccurate reports! I hope it works out for you NacMan
  4. Michelin Pilot Sport 4s. I don't have any spinning up problems with these away from a standing start etc. Great tyres for the car - imagine they will transform your cars characteristics in the wet .
  5. So what's the key to a dry sideways pull out with no TC.. without stacking it! Plant throttle to get it unstuck whilst turning.. then what? You can get an X pipe on these for sound and keep stock rear pipes,probably cheaper option. Having said that if the neighbours are hearing you start it up, then it sounds like it's already been tweaked?!.. as these are pretty conservative exhaust noise wise from the factory, especially at start up / idle. Great vid and some nice open roads in your neck of the woods Mark. Where was camera fitted? Rear window? Captured exhaust note well. Which camera is this as its good quality footage.
  6. Haha Rory yes this is the concern! I tried one back in the day in a 200sx and ended up facing the way i'd came! I suspect I have a heavy right foot, a lack of finesses and not enough talent to turn off the traction .
  7. .. Surely you could outrun a Punto with a light throttle until you got off the mark?! Are they "manageably driftable" for the inexperienced with the traction off or are they a real handful and tend to keep the TC on?
  8. Welcome NH motors - your post made me laugh. Ref the slightly off topic XFR chat - are you guys brave enough to turn off the traction control ? I fancy having a go but am fearful of ending up facing the wrong way. Do these cars "bite!"
  9. Mazda6 2.2 diesel - had 2 over the years both had major issues / big bills. Honda Accord 2.2 cdti- very expensive DPF problems Alot of stuff from the brands that "used to be reliable" scares me now due to the tech and potential for huge repair bills.
  10. Roughly how much is 5L of Brisk from the Autosmart rep please?
  11. I find the whole review thing very hit and miss. Most people swear blind they will leave a review and then don't. I did wonder whether AT were blocking them some how as I do spot adverts rather than the full dealer pack.
  12. Thanks for the all the replies - I think I was getting myself more and more confused looking at it with a tired brain! And i've been paying VAT on purchase to sales price - excl .recon ... unfortunately!
  13. Excuse the stupid question - I've got a serious case of brain fade! Correct way to account for a backwards deal? my car SIV at 5k including my reconditioning costs etc for retail at 6k customers car worth 7k so did the deal and 1k to the customer. Paid VAT last quarter on the profit from the deal on "my car " i.e 1k Do I stand the unsold backwards stock car at 5k + 1k or 6k+ 1k? Thanks for any help
  14. Hi - just watching the tumble weed blow past the office door and stumbled across this forum! Has made some good reading for me and reassuring (if not a tad worryingly) that I'm not the only one struggling to buy with the seemingly stupid prices , despite the market being flat as a turd!