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  1. Car is registered to me as consumer, however I am a trader albeit new, yes v5c yellow slip was sent off but had no conformation from DVLA. Will be chasing them in the morning
  2. Done this, but have had a conversation with the police force in which they told me as I am still the registered keeper I am responsible for naming the driver
  3. Hi All Need a bit of advice regarding a notice of intended prosecution. I received this on 24/11 regarding a speeding camera fine on 28/10, however this vehicle was sold into trade on 23/9. I have explained the issue to the police force in question and I have been asked to produce a letter from DVLA stating I am no longer the registered keeper of the vehicle from 23/9, however I do not have this just the receipt from the trader in question. I am aware that the vehicle has been sold on but the V% has not been updated and it is still in my name. A quick check on the vehicle also shows there is no tax and has not been since I sold the vehicle. Anyone provide advice as I could do without getting 6 points and £1000 fine when I currently have a clean licence. Thanks
  4. Tried that but they only have 2 spaces left. You must have used them all
  5. This might help, its from an alfa forum I am a member of
  6. Hi All Bit of a weird post but I have need for secure storage of 30 cars, which are being shipped to me early.. Long story but am currently in the process of moving units and the new stock is coming out to me in the next 2 weeks, problem is the new unit is not going to be ready for another 6 weeks at the earliest. Does anyone know of any good car storage places within Oxfordshire, Bucks or Hampshire? Any leads would be welcome as I am going to need to source something ASAP
  7. I Have used these guys in the past and always had great service They also ship anywhere in the UK
  8. Thanks Casper, I did see the post but now cant find it - joys of doing too much in too little time
  9. Hi Guys Thanks for letting me join, Fairly new to this game although I have had several years experience. When I say new I mean new to owning and operating my own business and not just selling etc Have a fairly simple question as have tried several demos but found each to have its own problems - Which management system for stock do you use and is it compatoble with Xero accounting software? Hope you can help Thanks