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  1. Auto Raperrrr

    It’s quite simple, if it doesn’t work for you leave, I’m pretty sure if I had a strong monopoly I’d squeeze my customers till they popped, if you disagree then you’re not a businessman
  2. smash her back doors in (whilst opening her bonnet)
  3. just had this on a 12 year old1 series from a free BMW check
  4. Selling through BCA PX Disposal

    you can't win. simple as that
  5. Selling through BCA PX Disposal

    ebay, gypsies, tramps and thieves
  6. NMR flag on HPI check

    is it on autotrader?
  7. March sales so far ?????

    aye just cant raffle it at the moment
  8. March sales so far ?????

    ouston has been taken over by the son in law, m and d were messed about about on another property so have come back, grange villa is unsellable as its in down town Somalia
  9. March sales so far ?????

    no they are back
  10. March sales so far ?????

    Freudian slip?
  11. March sales so far ?????

    Jordan When alaydeeisfelatinga lucky gent: just as he thunders past thevinegar strokesand he cums into her mouth, the puffing out of her cheeks at the point of no return is reminiscent of her playing the 'spunk trumpet'
  12. March sales so far ?????

    very poor and loads of messers/dreamers/spunktrumpets
  13. Selling through BCA PX Disposal

    you will get nothing for them
  14. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    is the fix free?
  15. Alloy wheel repair

    cheers all