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  1. Consumer Rights Act 2015

    just back from the sales today and we are all getting lubed up and shafted on this, its all one way
  2. Autotrader price increase

    it won't
  3. Autotrader price increase

    from what i can remember simon it was the spiritual home of the low baller, I may have to revisit it
  4. Autotrader price increase

    ebay and gumtree make autotrader punters look like royalty
  5. Discouraging Offers and Low Ballers

    whats the least you'll take? Me, 5 inches and hung up
  6. Bizarre comments by customers

    studenty types lower middle class, current fave was three yound lads on a golf gt i have, couldnt leave a dipper as he needed the money for the munchies, they were all stoned to bits
  7. Dealing correctly with issues

    and trading standards will always tell you its the luck of the magistrate on the day, bloody stinks
  8. no just another trade in I was tucked intoand I'm deciding what to do with it, Im sitting here in a valeters freezing my nuts off, oh for the day of Sunday boozing and the match
  9. Cheers It’s just im unable to find a flywheel other than for a diesel
  10. yes, it bites at the very bottom
  11. Evening all, I’ve sourced aclutch at avery reasonable price but when the box is taken out I may need to replace the flywheel it has a very low biting point but isn’t slipping, are these dual mass? I’m struggling to find any one selling them
  12. Discouraging Offers and Low Ballers

    its the new influx of eastern europeans that are very hard work
  13. Good Afternoon Chaps, Newbie Here

    are you sure you haven't passed the threshold?
  14. Discouraging Offers and Low Ballers

    do you put it in the advert?