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  1. You offer an essay writing service without the ability to string a sentence together?
  2. its also appeared at Manheim, stuff that would make a fortune so obviously goosed
  3. The last one I had was showing no codes but was “grabbing” when you came to a halt, tried the service and reset with no joy
  4. Then the recalibration then the fact it’s the same, it would be so much more easier if you knew how much it would be to fix
  5. I thought with a lot less miles it would be ok Audi A5 S tronic, the dog shit box
  6. And I’ve another! Jerky when pulling away, 13 plate with 70k on, what a crap product
  7. So build the ad manually gets around the markers?
  8. IIRC they were stopping people advertising who used admin fees, the price on the advert is the price you'll pay or so they claimed
  9. The RAT we have could alert them to this thread ....