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  1. reverse is fine, its just lurching when coming to a stop, no one can commit to a price, i will block it, was cheap enough in the first place, such a shame as a really nice car
  2. Hi mark we’ve tried that, I’m just wondering if it’s worth the grief, if someone could say for x amount of pounds I could fix it I’d crack on
  3. Guys I’ve bought one if there and the box is dragging when coming up to a junction, it’s sometimes lurching when I pull away as well, there’s no fault codes so I’ve had the box serviced, really dirty oil and probably never changed, anyway it’s made no difference, has anyone ever had a specialist fix these? I’m deciding whether to just put it back cheers Andy
  4. Cheers I’ll try that before going down the expert route
  5. Words of wisdom Can anyone recommend a garage in the north east who knows their way around these?
  6. Roof drains have been checked, it’s when he’s driving, strange little cars, very popular but quirky
  7. I’ve a customer with one of these and he’s reported it’s leaking through the passenger footwell when he’s driving, he’s cleaned the usual drain holes and the car wears a car cover when it’s left, I’m based in the north east, could anyone recommend a specialist to me please? Thank you
  8. I suspect the settings haven’t been changed in a while and it’s upset something
  9. Hi guys, are there any no no's when driving in the different settings? Is comfort ok at any speeds? I had the fault light flash up at 60mph, it went off after switching the car on and off, what i did notice was all the settings weren't available till it had reset itself cheers