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  1. Devonshire chaps...

    i would delete the F bomb, I've just received a warning from Becca Chaplin? Charlie's Wife
  2. Devonshire chaps...

    it probably will
  3. Devonshire chaps...

    im in Devon next week on my holidays, small World
  4. What would you do

    there are at least a dozen i would be sending to auction, lots of pics without being cleaned, lots of cars with stories and a few look very expensive, clear the crap and start again torn floor carpets in the pics, invest in some paper mats, this is all basic stuff
  5. Project Cars/Adding Value?

    you need drop box etc David. I usually have a couple of rough ones getting fixed
  6. Photos

    i disagree, you buy with your eyes
  7. BMW I Drive repair

    im waiting on the punter bringing it back
  8. BMW I Drive repair

    wooahhwind your neck in, has someone pissed on your chips? If I didn't thank anyone it will have been an oversight and not intentional I have done favours and helped a lot of people behind the scenes from this board, I'm sorry If I didn't feel the need to publicise this
  9. BMW I Drive repair

    i cant its me, it was working how much?
  10. BMW I Drive repair

    Guts who do you recommend to repair the IDRIVE on an E60 5 series, its stuck on the BMW logo, sometimes works sometimes doesn't cheers Andy
  11. BCA Enfield prices off the chart....

    yes my old mate Rory who ran the knackers off me on that BMW 330
  12. everything, all cars are shit
  13. Hubby wants it - Wifey doesn't want it....

    sell it to him
  14. Breaking News

    the last blinder they came out with was cars that are ready to retail fetch more at auction
  15. Devil's out to play

    yup straight as a nine bob note