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  1. Dangerous Advise Note

    corsa c i had noisy timing chain advised, all mechanics and mot testers are just wannabee salesman and bitter
  2. Another oddball!

    very good pice sir!! mr andy you give me best price
  3. mot history online survey

    its never really bothered me, what i don't care for is when punters ask me why the car had an oil leak in 2012? most of them have no idea about advisories
  4. Another oddball!

    because you wouldn't reduce it
  5. Dangerous Advise Note

    how can it be an advisory if dangerous???
  6. Online auction buying

    Get them to walk around it
  7. Trade sales on the Bay

    Waste of time, usually foreign winning bidders who either don’t show or expect more money off
  8. Passat cc 2.0 diesel 170bhp dpf

    put a load of fuel and drove it down the motorway like a Ferrari at an asian wedding and it seems to have crapped itself, hopefully sorted but watch this space
  9. Passat cc 2.0 diesel 170bhp dpf

    the cabin is always full of evil smells but thats more to do with Manheim beans
  10. Passat cc 2.0 diesel 170bhp dpf

    The belt was done at 50k so a long time ago, hopefully will get resolved tomorrow so I’ll post my findings Thing is these cars with dpf’s stay on the pitch and hardly move Or are started up and moved short distances
  11. Passat cc 2.0 diesel 170bhp dpf

    it got 107k on any idea why the light hasnt popped on?
  12. Afternoon chaps, the car has started idling poorly and has now become a poor starter, we have had it on the computer and the live data issaying dpf 99% full but there are no engine lights on, the dpf light is visible at start up so it hasn’t been blanked off, I’ve had it down the motorway, 80mph in 4th gear for 10 miles each way and no difference, I’ve had a few issues with this unit but it’s not practical to run them every few days to keep the dpf happy I have a diesel expert coming out tomorrow but I’d be interested in people’s opinions thanks andy. Sorry it’s the 140bhp cr engine
  13. Merc Autobox, heeeeeeelp

    It’s chucked back in Auction
  14. s60 XEnon lights

    is it LB? they posted one and its arrived damaged
  15. s60 XEnon lights

    I have a quick query if anyone could help, im after a LHS xenon headlight (complete) and finding it impossible to source, apparently the part is shared with the v70, the part number is 30678935, I'd be over the moon with any pointers, I have tried ebay and the usual breakers thanks Andy