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  1. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    That’s the big issue sellers
  2. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    the fuckers at Manheim do
  3. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    as do i
  4. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    the Darwinism Society, for any scam to work there needs to be an element of greed

    It all boils down to how much you buy and are they prepared to lose your business, the whole thing is a farce
  6. after a while you get to know who you can trust (no fucker)
  7. i just start them up and take it away, it's an auction
  8. I was wondering that? I never get or expect test drives, what would you do if you crashed it on the pitch
  9. Bye bye autotrader

    its not a robbery its a choice
  10. Manheim surecheck help please

    cap was 3900
  11. I would start at 14995
  12. Manheim surecheck help please

    and I bought it, 2007 Golf GTI with 78k on, £1700 plus the bit, seems ok, needs a lot of paint but drives well enough
  13. Manheim surecheck help please

    this check is probably the worst yet
  14. Farcical Court Case!

    settled out of court