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  1. I would suggest a Canon EOS800D, its a good camera with a decent pixel count and also has the flip out rear screen that i find very useful for shooting images at either low levels or elevated shots to capture the best angles for each vehicle.If you want to buy something second hand then perhaps a Canon EOS70D would work well.I use this model and mine gets a regular battering from being carted around construction sites etc . Use the camera in full auto setting until you get used to it,then try using the different settings such as aperture priority to get those shots that you want. Editing is so easy and takes seconds to get the image to your liking.Always take loads of pics and just delete the one s that you dont like.Watch out for background distractions.I actually prefer using a telephoto lens at they have a narrower depth of field that kind of automatically concentrates the focus on the subject (the car) and blur out the rest of the frame.
  2. Firstly can i say.'Fair play ' for asking for your adverts to be critiqued. My thoughts for what they are worth are as follows. Pictures are very generic and lack impact.I first viewed your list of cars and instantly saw that all cars had been photographed from the same front angle for your main advert pic.I'd rotate the pics for each car to show its best angle.Not sure if you use a smart phone but for me a digital camera is great and i find is very easy to make sensible tweeks to the pics.More time taken on focus would be invaluable.If you're going to take pics of things like gearknobs etc,then knowing how to use depth of field settings makes a huge difference. Youtube has some tutorials that ive used and found very useful,same goes for the photography section on Pistonheads. The wording of your adverts perhaps need a bit of personalisation they are perhaps a bit 'robotic' at the moment.The prices all look right so it could just be the January blues. Best of luck
  3. Peter,go round and nut the cunt.Let us know how you get on.
  4. Am just in process of applying for my plates. OK,so this might be a piss brained idea but can you not just unscrew the existing reg plates and display those in the car window and simply attach your trade plates in the now vacant aperture?
  5. I would like to wish all forum members a prosperous New year.I have found this site an invaluable resource and will continue to learn from you guys and maybe contribute a little as well.
  6. Just to add to this thread as to how i got on....................ended up visiting the local detailing store.Got a product from Chemical guys called foaming citrus.I wasn't expecting much as the car in question had been to a valeters but this stuff is amazing.It shifted some heavy duty staining from fabric seats with little effort.Diluted it down as per instructions,blotted off any excess damp with a microfibre cloth and let car run with heater on.Really impressed !!
  7. December total is 1...........proper chufffed , wasn't expecting a deal this close to New year.Guy travelled 5 hours for a C class Merc that had become somewhat of an ornament.
  8. All the best for the festive period.. Just got my renewal through for my trade insurance. £2200 for the year. Its my 1st year renewal ,I'm currently with Unicom they were quite easy to deal with for my initial start up.I upgraded p[art way through the year to cover me for cars up to £30K.I'm trading from home with full private car NCB and 1 years trade NCB.Im 55.I was wondering if forum members thought it was a sensible price?
  9. autosmart brisk and a new henry it is then. cheers
  10. Some good advice ,thank you. Having a look on the Karcher website at wet/dry vacs,do they perform better than a Henry?
  11. I'm looking at doing my own valets/detailing.local valet guys dont seem to be able to give consistent results,so i'll do them myself.Any recommendations on a decent interior steam cleaner would be greatly appreciated
  12. Great work ronney,so am i right in assuming that you've created an internet based scaffolding/access equipment website? If so could you get a price for some new scaffy boards please?
  13. when the car buyers expert friend says "there's nowt i dont know about cars" is when you just know that in reality he's actually just bought a snap on beanie hat off ebay dipped it in some engine oil and watched a few you tube vids.....i think i might buy a dog and train it to bite people with snap on merch.