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  1. Sorry if already been posted, what months do you find that you make the most or least sales ?
  2. Ye I work 7 days as is . I would be salesman and valeting. Its more trying to shift cars, the only 1s I currently can get for good money are cat d’s and I’ve found them hard to get rid off . Would you find the cars with high mileage but clear history go quicker?
  3. Thanks for the advice guys , gonna start with my own car and 1 more next to the wash for sale they’re both cat d though. Will see how it goes unless anyone has any new ideas of what to do with a old car sales pitch .
  4. Ye I actually have spoken to a local trader who is desperate to get on the pitch, to which was willing to go halfs on all the profits. The pitch could probably hold 50 to 70 cars . But I don’t know if it’d make enough for 2 people. Im sure people on here would know better than me . Plus if I say yes I’m stuck with him and could get trouble down the line .
  5. To be honest the main reason I’m thinking of stopping the wash is because of dealing with staff , most, if not all other washes in my area are not English and I’m pretty sure they don’t get payed decent money if any . I don’t have the connections to hire those type of staff and don’t think I’d feel comfortable Exploiting people like that . You try getting the local teens to put a shift in, turn up on time etc . The pitch is in a great location just looking for the best use of it without spending a fortune. Was considering doing painting dents myself in the back and selling cars from the front .
  6. Ye good idea Casper , as it seems a lot of the problems dealers are having is getting good priced stock . So maybe they’d be willing to take the ones I couldn’t afford . To be honest I’ve had 2 cars up for sale up there for bout a month and already had 2 people in asking me to buy their cars . That’s without a sign up .
  7. The pitch is in a pretty good location, busy road a lot of signage etc , was going to put a “we buy your old car” sign up turn away the 1s I can’t afford has anyone got experience with this?
  8. Exactly my thinking Roy , I don’t want to be associated with selling cat d’s but for the £1000 to £3000 price range I think you get a good deal however , there is a real stigma with damaged cars for example the car I’m driving at the moment is a 2011 1.4 fusion diesel with 65000 miles , I reckon someone would get 4 good years from this I want £1400, however a trader I know is selling the same car but with clean history but done 110000 miles on a 2007 plate for £1800 I know what I’d prefer but as soon as I tell someone cat d they run a mile , it literally had 2 doors replaced
  9. Thanks for the reply’s , stuck between two ways to stock the place really, I could get cheap cat d’s with low miles that probably have a few good years in them or high mileage ones with clear histoy’s that’ll prob pack in shortly and have a lot of problems . Problem is as soon as a customer hears damaged repaired they want to run a mile . Even though when ur paying 1 to 2 k cat d really isn’t that much of a problem .
  10. Thanks for the reply , well the pitch is pretty big. So can keep car wash and valeting open and probably fit close to ten up there without it affecting it much . I actually have sold a few cars up there in the past for a family member as a favour really but they were cat d’s and used to get headaches from them and that’s why I stopped, however circumstances have changed and quite frankly running a car wash and making a profit nowadays with English workers is just about impossible.
  11. Hi , been a long time browser of this forum and this is my first post . I currently own a ex car sales pitch in the north. But I have been using it as a car wash and valeting. If u have any questions on detailing valeting I’d be happy to answer them!.However after a lot of other shall I say “cheaper” car washes opening and to be honest getting sick of the type of workers you have to work with in this game. I’m looking to start selling a few cars up here to see how it goes and hopefully change to doing just that in the future. I haven’t got an amazing amount of money to spend so I’ll be selling cars for around 2 to 3 k at first , aiming to buy some scruffy 1s at first , clean them up and sell them at some sort of profit. Anyway if you were looking to try to make money on cheap cars this way where would you recommend buying them from, and is there any makes/models you’d either stay away from or recommend? Any advice would be great thanks.