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  1. Manheim surecheck help please

    I've found that punters are more scared of buying a 'broken' car off a trader than a private seller, as the implication is that if trade can't/won't fix it what chance do they have?
  2. Not in the parts department on a Saturday morning!
  3. Urban legend. New Harleys are now bought by middle aged guys raiding theirpensions for tax free lump sums
  4. Mileage descrepancies

    Try tapping the reg in here!
  5. You and I sound like a 'double act'
  6. Mileage descrepancies

    Great example of this EJ59ESY, it's a howler!
  7. Bee(stie)

    So, I've got a few sheds in my garden and one doesn't get opened often. When I eventually did open it up I happened to look up and there was a huge wasp nest hanging from the roof. I thought I'd be clever and spray some 'junk' on it but big mistake, as they erupted from the nest I stepped smartly back and tripped over the step of the shed, doing a complete backward roll out into the garden!
  8. BCA bank hol opening times?

    And that's the reason auction houses have been so keen ononline bidding. Pluswelcomingprivates with open arms!
  9. Trader Newbie

    Nobody is safe! If those sorts of 'nasty' people want to find where you live, they will? Think like a MI5 agent. Always take a different route home. Zig zag to avoid the bullets
  10. Business Recovery Cover

    1993 2.5TD 270k miles. I owned it for 10yrs and apart from a couple of oil changes a year a the usual MOT bits it just ran and ran. One morning I was dropping my daughter at college and it blew up! Catastrophic engine failure? I sold it to some African guy who probably shipped it back home where it got a new engine and another 270k miles!
  11. Business Recovery Cover

    Same here. Originally they were the only ones who'd cover my old diesel shogun. Ironically it was them that recovered me home when the engine eventually blew itself to bits one morning!
  12. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    If all the supplying dealers on DA have a 'reserve' then they probably don't care where it's sold and to whom? DA could still administer the whole deal and use their size to get a good deal from the auction houses (low fees, free collection etc). Plus it must be hugely faster to turn them around, rather than have to deal with hairy arsed traders turning up at the lot 'kicking off' in front of customers?
  13. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    But if DA entered all the stock under one name at bca they get a mega deal wouldn't they?