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  1. Sold my last diesel

    I bet you read the Daily Mail
  2. Sold my last diesel

    Bit out of my league i'm afraid I'm within spitting distance of the North circular and I'm not sure how the expansion of LEZ in 2020 will impact on the me? Also don't forget that there will be a 'hate campaign' coming soon to scare the feeble minded owners out of diesels to save the planet?
  3. Sold my last diesel

    Well, they're popular around these parts so don't be surprised if it doesn't sell to one of my lot. I'd love to try a hybrid, good luck with it. Selling used cars in an affluent middle class area must have its own challenges.
  4. Sold my last diesel

    I actually sold it to two young girls from Maidstone? I rarely sell cars locally, weird? But the upcoming changes to the LEZ will bring it within spitting distance of me and I'm a little spooked at the prospect. We'll see what happens when the dust has settled. It's such a weird market, as many people live in Greater London but work outside of London so the LEZ won't affect their commuting at the moment. But I wonder how soon before the LEZ stretches out to the M25. I had a letter from the council today asking for my opinion on making the local school a car free area at school opening and closing times. They will set up ANPR outside to fine drivers caught driving in the hour before and after school. Homeowners opposite the school will have to register their car VRN with the council. Fine is £130 with the usual 50% reduction if paid early. I'm sure like the LEZ all this will be making it's way to the shires soon enough as it's a money maker and most local councils are broke so watch out!
  5. Just sold my last diesel. As much as I love them, I won't be getting any more to sell here in sunny North East London. Sign of the times. I still might be swayed into one as a smoker though
  6. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Exactly. The only auctions they see are on TV shows!
  7. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    You can say that again! "When I were a lad" I drove a Jensen GT for a while until it rusted away. But even as an enthusiastic teen I couldn't kill that Getrag 5spd box. The dog leg first was a pain, but that's the price you paid for a box designed for racing
  8. Apprentice Mechanic

    Just out of curiosity, to what extent do colleges focus on hybrid technologies?
  9. Who is doing well?

    In 2019 large numbers of buyers consider shopping as a hobby. It's what you do at the weekend or evening. Ideally a large Shopping Mall, where there is free parking, undercover from weather, toilets and lot's of options for food and drink. The high street is dying because the way people shop has changed. And it will keep changing. I find it interesting how the online shops are seen as the 'bad guys', and the local shops are the 'good guys'?
  10. Like a slight of hand magic trick. Pull the handle on the back rest with one hand, while operating the seat adjuster with the other! "I thank you, tip your waitresses, I'm here all week"
  11. Interesting because the 'super rich' are as hard to get money out of as the 'super poor'. Weird that.
  12. It's a zetec S. Drivers seat seems to work ok? And yes, passenger seat will adjust backwards/forwards when you pull the adjuster under the front of the seat. But when you pull the tab on the top of the backrest it folds down but won't continue forward.
  13. Thanks for the advice all. I've looked every fora video but failed, so i'm guessing its quiteunusual on these mk7 fiesta? I hope i dont have to get a new seat. Its hard enough to match the trim, but even harder to get a breaker to split an interior for one seat
  14. When I lift the button the back rest goes down but the seat doesn't slide forward to give access to back seats. After a search on google I appear to be the only person in history to have this problem! So, does anyone have a pointer or is it seat out and dig around for broken cable?
  15. Ferrari - write off?

    Yeah, I get that. My comment about 'no girls' was a bit tongue in cheek. Unfortunately 'model making' isn't a good way to meet girls! But, as with many things the beauty is in the simplicity. I have a few friends that have revisited flying R/C planes and it is fascinating following their journey back into a sport that has now moved on way beyond where they left it in the early '80s. These guys were competitive flyers. But as much as they all want to still make planes off plan from balsa, they don't want the hassle of glow motors!