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  1. As much as i agree with you about 'enthusiastic amateurs' driving up prices, the auctions love them for obvious reasons. Sadly highest bidder wins is the business model. And dont forget auctions dont see themselves as moral arbiters? Anyone can buy, if you have the money?
  2. Sorry if i missed this bit, but if the police were in attendance at the crash, wouldnt they have run him through the system there and then to establish whether he was appropriately insured to drive the car. I'm guessing that the PoPo will need to satisfy themselves that either the driver is insured or the driver is not, in which case is it TWOC?
  3. Fatboy, you'll need to pass various security checks! VAT number, inside leg measurement (?), wifes topless instagram pics and details of your website for a thorough scrutineering and financial background check! Welcome aboard!
  4. Yeah, our Umesh loves a hashtag!
  5. Clearly, the tyre is not fit for purpose!
  6. That will be 92 buyers who thought they could get a cheap bargain but then realised what 'sold as seen' really means? I'm happy for BCA/Manheim to get lots of negative reviews, it helps scare off the amateurs!
  7. met

    I miss...

    Usually, if I end up going to the supermarket i'm in a rush. Which makes it even worse that there is the usual 'gathering' of pensioners in the entrance, taking off coats and reading their shopping lists. Obviously they're there for the day?
  8. met

    I miss...

    We used to do the day time sale, have a quick kip in the car and do the evening one. Plenty of guys used to buy them on a thursday night and run them to Chelmsford for the saturday sale. Who was the old auctioneer at Colchester with the blonde hair who used to start every car with "up we go again...." or "for the sporting gentleman......"? Also, my memory is not what it was but didn't Enfield have an evening sale back in the old days? I sometimes have the pleasure of travelling by public transport, and by far the rudest are the pensioners.
  9. met

    I miss...

    Apparently 'recreationally trans' is a thing? But seriously transportable mobile phone, was a cell phone built into a briefcase to improve its reception? Those were the days! Who remembers those late nights at 'NCA' Colchester on a thursday! Sale still going at 10pm, after being at the 'day sale' since 10am. Those were the days
  10. Trying to be Zen about things, it is an interesting business model to have customers spending huge amounts of money but treat them with contempt. It's not just BCA, but Manheim too. When you consider the huge amounts of cash changing hands you'd expect complimentary champagne and dancing girls while you wait!
  11. met

    I miss...

    I remember complaining about poor reception so I got a big fancy thing built into a briefcase, like a Navy Seal magnaphone! Battery was always flat?