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  1. .... on a 2016 Renault traffic business energy?
  2. So when 'Mrs Patel' is in the dock holding her 4 month old baby the judge will expect her to have understood what a rattle from a dmf is and it's consequences? Good luck with that?
  3. Yes that's true. But also the chance of digging out a nugget of gold at a good price is higher. I suppose we have to assume that a px will get a more thorough evaluation when taken to a main dealer. The wbac/ukcgr guy could be more likely to focus on beating the punters down price wise, and miss diagnose the car? I don't think you should disregard everything because it 'might' be trouble?
  4. OP yes absolutely. Everyone knows how to adjust search options nowadays, no different to your wife looking at handbags on Amazon or you looking at car parts on ebay? Or the other way round lol! Seriously, price is king for punters and quality/service is taken as read?
  5. That's true for a small percentage, and problem cars are always floating around the system (don't mention DA). but the majority of wbac stock would just be bolstering up main dealer p/x's like the old days? What I'm trying to say is that UKCGR/WBAC stock hasn't arrived from a different planet?
  6. If WBAC/UKCGR, weren't around there would just be more stock at Allen/Gates/Perry's/Sytner etc etc? What's the difference, does the dealer sticker on the windscreen really make a difference?
  7. Don't they have to buy licence to trade and lodge a 'substantial deposit'. There local government are way stricter than ours and more proactive, even in small towns. They are all 'dobbing' each other in too! "The land of the free and the home of the brave" my arse
  8. that minimum wage increase won't kick in until '2025'. What will it be worth then? We just have to hope that our customers still have jobs and money to spend?
  9. I've recently started using FB and you can't help but notice the huge numbers of cars for sale that are clearly 'trade' with no mention of it in the ad. In fact it's a challenge to try and find a genuine private sale. There was one guy (pics taken on a traveller site) with about half a dozen cars ranging from £500 to £4000. All these ads are carefully worded avoiding the obvious. But FB seem to put the bar low for filtering ads generally. Fake designer crap, dodgy trades people and endless posts from people complaining about being ripped off from the same? I should point out that I just joined a few motorsport pages, I'm not posting pics of my dinner! Absolutely, round these parts weed is easier to get than a mars bar!
  10. Not necessarily. Plenty of scumbags that have vat numbers. In many ways they are worse!
  11. It's easy to be more competitive, lower wages. Because working conditions have always been a barrier to trade? Not that I think the sinister characters like 'rees mogg' have this in mind long-term? "How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political freedom to keep wealth in power? Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics in the twentieth century." ~ Bevan
  12. Yeah absolutely. Most of these guys will end up working for BP when they graduate
  13. I'm guessing you're not a businesses that relies on trading with the EU? Or one that's been tasked with 'finding new markets'. I'm sure your business is rock solid, but where do your customers work?
  14. Yeah, but someone has to pay for the flat in brighton and the train tickets to london?