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  1. Ask yourself why they would even want to be rated? Bad dealers have much to loose, good ones have little or nothing to gain? Can you imagine BCA/manheim trying to do the same? The trouble with ALL auctions is the lack of honest descriptions. The game is resisting doing it at all costs!
  2. Yeah, you might want to reread my post? vendor = seller buyer = buyer
  3. Bearing in mind, like all auctions, it’s run for the benefit of the vendors, I’d be surprised if they’d even let themselves be rated? Who would have the muscle to make that happen, certainly not buyers, they’re ten a penny?
  4. Surely billy will see that as an indication of your culpability?
  5. It would be interesting to hear mr cap and mr glasses opinion of how realistic their prices are? Perhaps a CDM exclusive?
  6. I think you’ll find most of the environmentally friendly vegan weirdos don’t actually live in London? They just like to come and demonstrate then fuck off back to Brighton!
  7. Might be a good point to make here that unsurprisingly many London based dealers advertise their cars showing ULEZ compliance. It's a big deal round these parts?
  8. Auctions are there for vendors. Buyers are two a penny now. They give out gold cards like confetti? They don’t care who buys as long as there are lots of smiling faces waving their hands in the air with money in the bank. Auctions are not moral arbiters.
  9. Back in the day you used to see a few BCA Enfield cars at Manheim Colchester on a Thursday evening. It makes you wonder how contractually obligated these larger vendors are to stick with one auction house? If they are able to ‘pull a few selected items’ from manheim and stick them in bca or vice versa?
  10. I’m based in London and I never see fiat pandas? I’m guessing that buyers looking for small, easy parking, cheap tax don’t buy fiats? Go figure?
  11. It’s interesting when you watch tv programmes about Chinese markets and even those vendors can get irritated by this? It’s a wonder they sell anything when they have to spend 30mins haggling over a £10 t-shirt?
  12. Things like adding keys, installing new batteries, diagnosing TPMS, etc. Stuff you can really just do yourself and not bother a mechanic.
  13. Makes you wonder how they’ll function in what is soon becoming a cashless society?
  14. Have any of you guys had to deal with 'travellers?'