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  1. So guys what are we missing out in the advance forum
  2. I am more concerned about Brexit than electric cars to be honest, they need to cancel it or get the second referendum on the table, stat!
  3. I’m sure the Eastern European’s will snap up the cheap London diesels !
  4. Your forgetting we buy any car, the fact that these days anyone can just look online and get and know exactly what their car is worth, gone are the days of picking up local bargains and getting great priced px cars in stock, the public now are better armed
  5. It’s dire chaps, and Boris with his hard Brexit ain’t going to do us any favours either!
  6. I’m finding online trade cars are going mostly behind book, the few cars that I sourced last week for trade buyers all went over book at bca.
  7. I’m afraid we have to fussy BHM or they will try to palm off all sorts of scrapper sheds to us under the banner of “trade sale”.
  8. The ads are fine, just makesure you buying the right car at the right price, and it’s up for sale at a realistic price that punters will pay, or your in the long game of waiting it out
  9. Some ads are quite entertaining, do they realise professional dealers are bidding? It’s not bloody eBay! A gem from today! ”Seems to drive fine, no warning lights, no strange noises, all seems very good but please be realistic this is a 200,000 mile 10 year old Range Rover and we haven't put it through the workshop. Good luck, just imagine how much this was new and think about just how much car this is for peanuts.”
  10. I stopped using card machines a while back and really don’t regret it, most people have the banking app, so they can directly transfer a deposit or even full cost, just keep a few card readers from the most popular banks in the desk drawer. main reason I stopped with the card machines was the amount of attempted and couple of successful fraudulent transactions from customers, and the total lack of back from the banks, it’s lose for us and win for them
  11. I’ve wondered for a while now when they will go online only, collecting a car from any bca now is an absolute nightmare, unhelpful staff, can’t find car, then when you do find it has no fuel or a dead battery, terrible customer service from bca all the way