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  1. Just taken in an early VW Tiguan which has a pretty top end stereo unit (RNS510) which has nav, bluetooth and DAB, Anyway the unit is shagged and its either going to cost £350 to fix the hard drive or buy a 2nd hand replacement unit off ebay. Whilst looking there I've found a chinese brand new one that costs £149, The make is A-Sure, reviews are okay and its coming from a company in portsmouth but has anyone got any experience of these? I'm tempted to give it a go as its but theres a small part of me thats screaming dont do it! Appreciate anyones advice, Thanks
  2. CRA - Conclusive Action Required Legally

    For those of you who are self funding your warranty's, How much do you put aside for each car or do you put aside a certain amount each month?
  3. Your easiest sale ever?

    2005 and a bloke walks into the Land Rover showroom in shorts and flip flops, points towards a Range Rover Sport and says how much is that, I say £58500, he asks whether you can get it with a sunroof and I say you can but its £900 extra and you'd have to order one, it will take about 10 weeks. OK then, he says, I'll have this one! Came back next day and paid full balance on his debit card, it didn't even refer! Certainly one of the easiest I'll ever make.
  4. Got a call from a mate earlier asking for advice, he's put his 65 plate car into a main dealer for a service and whilst they have had it on road test its been in an accident. Range Rover has shunted it from behind. They are putting him in a hire car and propose to fix it and he'll have it back in 3 or 4 weeks. He was asking me what I thought. My feelings are that he should refuse the car back and ask for it to be replaced, I'm just thinking along the lines of what if he gets it back and its a bad repair, or the car develops faults in 3 months time, or if he comes to PX it and gets knocked on price as its obvious it's had a whack? All of these will just end up with him involved in conversations with the dealer or customer service and a lot of wasted time and effort on his part. I know that these things happen but am i telling him to be too demanding? What do you guys think?
  5. Devil's out to play

    I think the DVLA will be as unhelpful as they possibly can be on this score, And it will seem as if whoever youare talking to will take real delight in it too!I think your best bet is to HPI the vehicle again and that willpull up the new reg number?
  6. Any of you fine forum chaps got one of these cars that you can trade to me please? Fiat Punto 5dr, under 60000 miles, petrol manual. Thought I had one of these from a private punter but he's just messing me about now. I've sold it to a family friend (I know, I know!) so now scratching around looking again. Any help would be really appreciated!
  7. What is the reg number of the Touran? I'll look it up and see if it has any history for you?
  8. HSBC vs. Santander

    My mum, who was in her late 70's when this happened bless her, was asked whilst waiting in Sainsbury if she wanted to use the self service checkout. She replied by asking the manager if he was going to give her staff discount on her shopping as she would be putting it through herself!
  9. 2009 Corsa, speedo stopped working

    ABS light isn't on. Speedo needle is stuck half way up the dial.
  10. Corsa just come in and the speedo is knackered, was working fine when I appraised it last week! Is this a common fault and any idea what it could be? Thanks
  11. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    Interesting that people are choosing to buy cars this way, What sort of price range do you deal in?
  12. Moaning Customer

    No, He was in Yorkshire! I've had a conversation, He is basically moaning that he has spent £23000 on a car and the tyres are "only" 5 and 6mm, Wanted to go 50/50 on replacing all 4 but I said no. Put him straight on the 14 days thing as well and he sounded shocked, I'm so glad that he ended up coming to us to collect and that we are not into distance selling regs. My only worry now is that he'll post some shitty review online about how we conned him.
  13. Moaning Customer

    Recently sold a car to a guy who lives a fair way away from us, He has been a pain to deal with from the outset and Iwould have told him to do one but my boss wanted the car gone so I've been all sweetness and light to him whilst secretly thinking he is a w*nker. Anyway, We were going to deliverbut he came down to collect the car (unannounced!) on my day off onFriday. He moaned about us having to get finance paid out before he left, about a few marks on the car, the cost of the train fare, moaned about everything really. The car itself is a 64 plate Audi estate with 28000 miles, really really nice car but just hasn't shifted. We've prepped it to a very high standard and I doubt you'd find a nicer one for the age and miles, never mind what we have ended up selling it for. He's been on the phone today complaining about the tyres, they only have 2mm on them apparently. My workshop report says the fronts had 5mm and rears were on 6mm. We replace tyres that are below 3mm as a matter of course when we prep the cars. I've given him the workshop report showing the tyre tread and he's still moaning. He's now come back saying they are only 2mm above the wear bars!! I trust my workshop implicitly and I know he's trying it on. He's just stated that he has 14 days to return the car under the finance agreement, I'm thinking that he's confused and has 14 daysto settle and pay by other means?? I want to take a hard line with this guy but where do I stand and what do you guys think I should do?
  14. Raped p/x's

    Years ago, I worked for a big PLC and got the job of travelling round to sites that you might say we're "challenged". Went to one and it was mayhem, no sales team and total chaos, ended up just trying to help the sales manager get through the week until some reinforcements arrived. Went to move a PX Clio that had come in, walked round to the drivers side to find that there was no drivers door or seat!! I couldn't believe it! I always thought I'd never beat this until I went to another site in a city centre that was so tight for space that the px's would be dropped of at an NCP over the road. Went to have a look only to find 6 or 7 Alfa 156's that a salesman had raped for other cars he had sold that didn't have the right colour leather, right alloys, or body kits! Also found a Range Rover that had been dropped off by a customer with no engine!! F#ck knows how he got it in there!
  15. Best diagnostic tool?

    Sorry if I'm just being thick, how did you get all these?