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  1. Worked at a city central dealership where space was tight, was common practice to get the customers to drop off their cars at the NCP across the road on day of handover. We had a number of spaces on the 2nd floor. We were supposed to go over and reappraise the PX cars on handover whilst customers were sat in showroom with a coffee, this didn't always happen. Anyway, on this occasion I went over, looked round the car and all looked OK, didn't actually start it or get in it but looked OK. After customer had gone and a near perfect handover, went to move the car..... Can you tell where this is going? Got in the car, went to start it, nothing, no lights, must be flat.... Back to the showroom, get the jump pack, back to the NCP, open the car, open the bonnet........ NO ENGINE!!!!! CCTV showed it being towed into car park by a white van, customer denied all knowledge and then stopped answering the phone, it went legal for a while and I think the powers that be just decided they were getting nowhere. I think if was only the fact that I used to sell a fair few cars that saved me from getting the sack but I got a final written warning over it. Was regularly brought up though and I used to die a little bit inside every time.
  2. As a rule I always allow an extra £100 to prep if its a grade 4, £200 to prep if its a grade 5. Hope this helps.
  3. I've always found anything above grade 3 at BCA pretty much ready to retail. Get it delivered, quick bucket of water over it once it comes off the transporter and ready to go.
  4. Not an inspection service as such, my friend worked in Kwik Fit for a while so he 'knows cars' The advice I posted earlier was what he done when a friend was looking at a car. Are carswithnoreservereading really that cheap compared to other places then?
  5. I see your problem being that you ate far away from carswithnoreservereading. Have you asked them if they have any other branches nearer to you that they could move the car to so that you could view it? What car is it anyway and how much is it?
  6. Can you see if another car at the auction has some air in one of its tyres that you could 'borrow'??
  7. Probably best taking a mate who 'knows about cars' with you? Try to go in on a Saturday or Sunday as the salesman won't be busy thrn and can devote more time to showing you the car. When you first get there, be really short and business like with the salesman, you want him to respect you and not waste your time. Tell him that you are a cash buyer and use the phrase 'cash mate, no bits'. This will emphasise that you are ready to do a deal, salesmen hate faffing around doing finance quotes, cash is king. Once looking at the car, A good thing to do is to start the engine up from cold and really give it a good rev for about 2 to 3 minutes. If you do this and get your mate to lie on the floor looking under the car from the drivers side, the dealer will realise that you both know your stuff mechanically and are serious people to deal with. Make sure you run your hands around each tyre too, you'll get them a bit dirty but it's a good way of checking that the tread depth is even all round the tyre. If it's not, the car might have been in an accident and not repaired properly. Check the paintwork, look closely as even a slight scratch on a panel might be hiding a major previous repair. If you like the car, ask for a test drive. Once out on the road, make a sudden zig zag left and right movement once you get to about 20mph to check the steering. You can also see if there are any speed bumps locally, try to hit these as fast as you can to make sure the suspension and shock absorbers are up to scratch. Check the clutch by revving the car up to 5000rpm before changing up and then down a gear again, this will let you see if it is slipping or not. Regardless of what you think about the clutch, tell the salesman that you think its worn and needs replacing. This will be a good bargaining tool later on if you decide to buy. Whilst you are doing all this, get your mate to check all the electrics work, move the windows up and down, go through the radio presets whilst turning the volume up and down. Also check the heater by turning the heat and fan up to full power with the windows closed to make sure that works as well. Once you've done all this and are happy with the car, you can then try and negotiate if you want yo buy it. I'm happy to post more advice later if you want a few pointers on getting the best deal?
  8. What happens if you are barred from a dealer on DA? Does the system not accept your bids in the first place or can you win an auction but then get told to do one?
  9. PM me the details, I'll have it!
  10. Company registration number is a company called Auto Vehicle Solutions Ltd, do you think they are using a genuine company's details on their website? Oh and I've emailed them saying I'm after 5 cars and will they do me a discount!!
  11. Hi Frankie

    Did you get a WAV

    There is one in BCA Newcastle UKCG Trade tomorrow.11 Peugeot,looks half descent although it says ex taxi.It shouldn’t be expensive.I am away at the moment but if you have any interest,let me know because I have a guy who will look at it.If you don’t want it ,I might buy it .



    Trade Vet

    07836 799822

  12. I'm getting really pissed off with the amount of three post wankers on here lately.
  13. I often get service letters and emails about trade cars that I've bought. You'd think in these sophisticated CRM system times they would work out how to save the stamp money!
  14. Or a bloke on an oil rig who can't get a phone signal to call you but funnily enough, can get on the Internet!!!