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  1. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

    I often get service letters and emails about trade cars that I've bought. You'd think in these sophisticated CRM system times they would work out how to save the stamp money!
  2. Am I being had?

    Or a bloke on an oil rig who can't get a phone signal to call you but funnily enough, can get on the Internet!!!
  3. New tyers increases car value?

    Best thing to do is probably buy a used car unseen from usedcarslancs and then get British Tyres to supply 4 new tyres, you'll be quids (or dollars!) in!!!
  4. New tyers increases car value?

  5. Auction fees

    Which of the big 3 auctions, BCA, Manheim or Aston Barclay have the most reasonable buyers fees in you guys opinion? I've got all 3 the same sort of distance away, BCA looks the most expensive followed by Manheim and then Aston Barclay but is this still the case when they add on all the extras such as the online fees and sure check and the like? I've also seen that Manheim want £70 +vat just to set up an account, is this the norm or have people got round it? Many thanks
  6. Car sales or car auction?

    The only staff we employ on site are key handlers, drivers and payment clerks...... Ask one of our staff to give you a valuation for your vehicle! Who is the most generous out of then with PX values then?!
  7. Motorhub finally nailed

    Don't know too much about them apart from what the article said, Glad that they got prosecuted if they were up to no good.
  8. As someone else posted previously.... FFS!!!
  9. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Just had a text from a customer about an old 2003 Volvo V70 I sold him, he's had the anti skid service required message come on, anyone care to take a guess as to what the most likely cause is? Also, do you think I should let his local garage look at it or try to get it back for my chap to look at? Cheers!
  10. Evans Halshaw Prices

    Was it a Stratstone Land Rover dealership? Surely they should have noticed the options? The whole UCM thing is how they price their cars but if they missed the options then someone seriously messed up! I think it was them that were banging out new Velars for peanuts on PCP a couple of months ago too wasn't it? £300 or so a month on 6000 miles a year.
  11. Vehicle Clamped

    How long roughly does it take for the amount you have to pay in back tax to come through? I had this happen to me, paid the release fee, got the the letter asking for details and telling me I might be prosecuted for back tax BUT it arrived after the date it said to send it back by! I called the dvla to explain and the chap said the matter was closed but I wasn't altogether convinced. This was the middle of January. What do you think I should do, chase it up and risk re opening things again or just take my chances and see what happens?
  12. Taxing a car with no V5C/2

    I know someone said this already but I can't remember when or where to look for it! When you check online if a car is taxed, What message at the bottom of the screen tells you if the car is in trade or not please? Many thanks!
  13. Advertising platforms and autotrader

    A lot of the calls your friend will be getting will be about the car accident he had and not the car he has for sale! Relentless from gumtree! My current record is 35 seconds from pushing the submit advert button to the 'Hello, may I speak with Mr Frank'!!
  14. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    This email is just screaming out that it is a scam, the language, spellings and general feel is just so terrible! 'taken over', 'parking lots', 'specialized' and 'shipping costs', these terms are just never used in connection with used cars and you don't really need to be a car dealer to hear the alarm bells ringing! I'm sorry people lost money but the warning signs were there.
  15. Rude email from BCA

    Lads, We are all in the trade, we can have differences of opinion but let's stick together eh? The world is full of people who hate big bad car dealers so let's just try to get on. This is spoken as a fairly newish member on here who appreciates the knowledge sharing and banter that goes on most of the time.