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  1. Drop me a pm, sounds like the kind of stuff I'd be interested in.
  2. Another oddball!

    Oh Mr Frank, I bring you lots of customers!
  3. No, don't get that message.
  4. Another oddball!

    Years ago when God was a boy and i'd only just started out selling cars Igot told by an irate indian chap that i'd be reported to Omnibus!!!! I can't even remember what made him so angry now but nothing ever come of it!
  5. The error code we have got when we put it on the diagnostic was C2495 I'm none the wiser and would appreciate anyones help! Cheers.
  6. Do you mean Trade Sales in Slough rather than the Great Trade Centrein white city (which is now car giant)? And as for consecutive number plates at places, Well I know Motorpoint buy directly from the used car department at the manufacturer I represent.... and they must buy in bulk because the can retail them for cheaper than I can buy them for!!!
  7. Trade insurance for performance cars

    Call me cynical but a newbie asking a question about insurance and another newbie just happens to be able to recommend someone? Maybe I've been in this game too long but hmmmmm!
  8. Recently taken one of these in as a part exchange and considering keeping it as a smoker, Its got the dreaded error message from the SBC unit though. Anyone had any experience of getting the error message removed, reset, or a place to locate a replacement unit? Forums suggest that it can be reset, my local Merc specialist chap suggested going to main dealer and seeing if there is any goodwill available. Not sure about this though as it hasn't got any history. Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if you think the best thing to do would be to get rid andthrow itn the ring!
  9. Where are you based Jimbo?
  10. Evolution brokers

    Where are you based?
  11. Evolution brokers

    Currently use them and all been very good, Also helps that the account manager is a good bloke and can't do enough to help me. Oh, and he brings me doughnuts - nuff said!
  12. Do AT ads without contract work

    What's the best time period for a classified advert please? Things might have changed on ebay but I used to do 28 days thinking you might as well get the longest time for your money but just seemed to get everyone watching and doing very little until the advert was about to expire. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Newbie ... well not really

    What sort of cars dou you sell Arfur?
  14. Part Exchange Banger

    Stephen, what part of the country are you in?
  15. How much???!!!

    Am a franchised dealer and we have our own bodyshop, I have to use them for any prep work and they have just started doing alloy wheel repairs too as another way of having my pants down. I realise that I'll pay somewhat over the odds bit I just feel they are killing me, how do these sound cost wise to you guys..... 2014 VW Polo, Nimbus Grey, was sure it would be a smart repair but they have painted the entire rear bumper, £225 plus vat. 2010 VW Golf, about 5 or 6 hairline cracks under the front headlamp, I think just fill them, sand it down and smart repair, According to them its a poor repair previously and only solution is a new front bumper, £350 plus vat Am I expecting too much for nothing or am I being royally had over?