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  1. Trade plate receipt

    Same every year
  2. Card payments customer not present

    They want to pay on a credit card I assume as they don't have the funds to simply do a bank transfer. If you do your checks and addresses, names etc all match up then I see no reason not to go with it. You could ask for a couple of forms of ID to confirm address. Good luck.
  3. HPi issue

    I phoned DVLA with the customer present and asked them to confirm the most recent issue date which was the same as the V5.
  4. HPi issue

    I have had this several times. DVLA have simply not updated HPI of the most recent new document date. Not helpful especially when customer cannot speak to DVLA. The most recent V5 issue date used to show when you do a DVLA vehicle check but it does not seem to provide it any more.
  5. Taxing a stock vehicle

    Never heard of that either
  6. I used to use this all the time but have stopped because it doesn't contain as much information now. It was very useful. But now just contains the same info you can get anywhere else.
  7. Impressive. Even if just to get confirmation of a specific models value across all the sites. Will watch with interest as it progresses.
  8. Card payment machines

    I had the same problem where I used to get charged 22 pence per debit card transaction. They then changed it to 0.23% per debit card which was a lot more in fees. I went to the trouble of checking every merchant provider and finally finding one that charged 0.25% per card but capped at 0.88 pence. I left the old provider, moved to the new one and 3 months later they changed the terms again and said they could not do the cap at 0.88 pence any more. When I challenged it they said I could move to another provider if I wanted without any notice fees (very helpful!) So I ended up in a worse position after spending a lot of time moving and filling in application forms. To my knowledge, no one is offering a fixed or capped price now for debit cards. Sell a car for £15K and its nearly £40 to accept a debit card. If anybody has found a provider with more favourable terms I would also be interested to know.
  9. warning from the dvl a

    So proud I am a Maserati main dealer When will the stock be coming to play with? !
  10. Thought I'd heard everything.

  11. Best places to source stock??

    Please add me to your traders email list as you are quite local Thanks
  12. Complete Novice To Car Dealing

    Have you accounted for overheads such as tax & vat?
  13. How long does it take your valeter?

    That is definitely too slow. 2 cars per day to a high standard as long as they are not hanging in the first place. If I get a p/x in that hasn't seen a sponge for a few years that could take up to a day.
  14. Hello community!

    Can there not be some kind of trade status check to stop Joe Public signing up? Even a copy of motor trade insurance would be a starting point!
  15. there is an android version