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  1. Dead as a dodo here too. Sold 3 cars8th-15th, now gone quiet again. Throw in 2 "first 30 day" repairs, and it's fun times.
  2. Mileage descrepancies

    Was looking at a car today, FSH, but failed the MOT at 30k (wrong mileage) and passed at 50k the same day. Something as cut and dry as that, I don't mind. Anything harder to explain, is just too much of a headache.
  3. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    You gentlemen are right. Just had that this very afternoon. Still, when times are tough, sometimes I wonder if the gamble is worth the risk. Plus having a business partner who has a conflicting mindset to your own makes it harder to stick to your guns.
  4. Lol, use your imagination. Well in THAT case, how far away do you live again?
  5. You really don't want to know how deep down the gutter my mind went with it! No Dave, you're right on the money haha!
  6. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    I don't understand how you gentlemen stay so patient with prices. When it's DEAD dead and you're up against the wall, cars that are nearing a month with no sale/viewing, get prices dropped, and I tread carefully when bargaining so as not to lose a sale. Even if it's less money than I originally wanted. And especially if there's an interesting auction coming up where I can roll my money over.A bird in the hand and all that. I'm not saying I like this method, I wish I could play hardball. But as a doorstepper and no other income, sometimes I wonder if I could support a family with this job.
  7. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    March was awful. April started off very well. 2 away April 1st, enquiries on almost all cars, it was like everyone had come out of hiding. Our most expensive car sold on the 9th, now it's back to dead again. Prices have been dropped a bit, photos and text reshuffled, now a waiting game again. There's no ease or "home free" in this job.
  8. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    James I try to follow your more descriptive approach nowadays. I do sometimes wonder if it comes across as too much. Still have people asking silly questions when everything is already in the advert.
  9. Warranty for home trader

    I still don't understand this. Tell a customer you don't provide a warranty, because the car's been serviced, MOTd and inspected, they think you're some shyster. Tell them they're legally covered anyway, they usually don't know what you're on about, and I feel that opens a can of worms for them to bring the car back in 30 days for some silly reason. Easier to give 1-3 months warranty and hope nothing goes wrong.
  10. The great thing about recalls on nice cars, is you have a beautiful green light health check from the dealer to go into your bookpack
  11. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Awful the past couple of weeks and back's against the wall. Funny thing is we have more cars for sale now, and it's completely dead. Couple of weeks ago we had fewer cars and more enquiries. Hope this passes soon.
  12. You mean you do the recalls tradexor you don't?
  13. Is this a euphemism? Or am I somewhere else entirely?
  14. Lol PRS and PPL, long time since I had to deal with those.
  15. I know Mojo. It's even been an article in this magazine last Feb. Apparently though even regular joes can be fined £2500 If they're driving around with outstanding recalls. Which seems to be like another money grabbing opportunity by the government.