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  1. You're a builder, not a car trader. As far as I'm aware it's a private sale, I don't know why you're entertaining this guy.
  2. Rob where are you based? I'm sure lots of us could recommend you a decent garage to get the job done properly and at the right price, as I'm not sure you'll get anything out of BMW, though you could certainly try. If you're near the West Midlands I can recommend a place.
  3. I know the CAT isn't the point of the post and the OP's question. However, if OP bought the car at auction, was it a private entry, or direct from the insurer? If a private entry, there's no shortage of backstreet cowboys who will fix up the majority of damage, then push the car through auction with half the damage repaired. No matter where it is on the body, damage as light as a ding, or even a good whack, can't possibly write off a £55k car. Then again, we all remember my Cat B flood damaged BMW post.
  4. Did you buy it damaged or repaired? That wouldn't make it a Cat S. Not a 2019 car.
  5. Nothing's gone wrong with the car though. He and his inspector just didn't use their eyes properly. It's taken him a month and a half to notice. I'm not quite sure what his case/reasoning is. If you weren't aware there was a dent, there's also a good chance that he whacked it into the kerb.
  6. Actually yeah you're right on that. Not sure if it's the N47 or B47 on that one, but N47 is around £800 for the chain (I'm guessing a bit more for a private customer.) So yeah, factoring in the 4x4 you're right about the price. Would love to know the mileage of his X1.
  7. I'm guessing they've said "Well mate if it's a chain it's £1.6k, but then if the engine has gone, and it's a 4x4 (assuming it's an xDrive), then the subframe has to come off, and yada yada yada.) Not sure exactly how they'd excuse it. Even if it is the engine, he's looking at £3k max for a recon. Not even BMW would charge what he's been quoted.
  8. Mojo, if it's just a rattly chain as opposed to knocking, then it's around the grand mark for a chain (if that). Whoever has quoted him is taking him for a ride.
  9. If someone's quoting you 10k though, I'll buy it off you 10k down lol
  10. Do you mean where do you stand with BMW? Since it's full BMW history, I don't know if they'll offer a repair or contribution as a goodwill gesture, however, the car is out of warranty and I doubt you'll get anything out of them. Whoever quoted you £1.6k-10k is out to take you for a ride. Where are you based?
  11. They've changed the PAYG dealer portal. In the past you could add upgrades and it would tally up how many ££ worth of upgrades the car had. That's gone now and it's basically like the private side of AutoTrader. Not sure what the point or logic is.
  12. I can't do much because I'm PAYG, but it's interesting to see there's a workaround. Shame it's in the public forum though.