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  1. Warranty for home trader

    Thank you
  2. No, of course. Anything clearly wrong with it on the 15 mile drive down is repaired before the MOT, together with the service.Then MOT, then run for for a couple of days to make sure nothing crops up, then PDI.
  3. Ok so MOT and PDI are last after road tests. I'm doing it a bit arse backwards.
  4. Alloy wheel colour

    Nice response I assume you use a polisher or by hand? Wish I knew how to do that. Tried it on a black A Class by hand with Meguiar's Ultimate Polish. Thought it looked great. The following morning it rained, and all these white pasty patches came up on the car, which I had to wipe hard with a chammy to get off.
  5. stock showing on finance

    @David Horganyou touched on location. I've been wondering lately how important location is. I'm due to go it alone after summer, and Walsall where I live isn't surrounded by the most affluent areas. Where we work now, the bulk of our customers came from Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, even Wales and Bristol. Walsall is only half an hour north, makes me wonder how I'll do trading from home in a not so great location. Having said that, Emerald House of Cars are in a crap area, and they get customers from all over. Then again, I'm no Emerald House of Cars
  6. Alloy wheel colour

    @Nick M.K.I've got to ask, I know you edit your photos, has anyone ever come up and said the car doesn't look as good as in the photos? Because your cars look like showroom condition.
  7. Warranty for home trader

    Thanks James. Which A1 Approved is it? The one in London or the one in Leeds? Two different websites. Thank you
  8. Is this before or after the MOT? We get cars serviced, MOTd, run them a fair amount after that, and then PDI. I've often thought though, could they customer say that the car was fine at the MOT, but something got broken during our road testing/use?
  9. Warranty for home trader

    I've been deliberating over if and which warranty company to use. I'm not between Mark's recommendation of A1 Approved and Lawgistics. Any opinion regarding Lawgistics Administered vs Self-Administered? I'm thinking the former is a bit less of a headache, and they know better how to deal with people taking the mickey?
  10. Warranty for home trader

    Where has my like button gone?! Many thanks gentlemen. You bring common sense back to me. Now to decide whether to go 3rd party or self-funded.
  11. Mercedes Active Bonnet Malfunction Message

    We had one and it was to do with the bonnet lock. There's a plastic part where the bonnet lock is located, where one of the sensors had gone. You'd shut the bonnet and the warning would be on, open and close again and it would go off. So it might be a case of changing that part or the complete bonnet lock. There's a lot online about it, others say to have someone push flat the inner bonnet release while you shut the bonnet. Lastly, check where the bonnet hinges are, there's a plastic round plug on either side of the car where the hinges meet the wing. If those round plugs have a silver cylinder poking out, the car has had some sort of a bump and they've deployed. Hope this helps.
  12. Warranty for home trader

    Because they're covered by the CRA? But I understand and agree that I have to entice the customer, and a warranty among other things,might help do that.
  13. Warranty for home trader

    BHM, I've actually never advertised cars as having warranty. I'm thinking though maybe doing so would help. Maybegrabbing at straws thoughgoing off some answers on here.
  14. Warranty for home trader

    Thanks James.
  15. Warranty for home trader

    Reading through this thread for answers and still unsure. Still a home trader, might move into a small unit (alone) at some point next year if I work hard and smart enough. Looking at ways to increase business in the meantime, and thinking about offering either self-funded (3rd part administered) or 3rd party warranty. I think Jason said tailor it to the car. So what do you do on a 10yr old, £4k car higher mileage car? No warranty? Do you all only warranty newer cars? We've had very few comebacks, and I think that's because people saw as just as someone trading from home and never took us seriously. Depending on the car we sold, we either said no warranty, or 1 month warranty. I always made sure to tell them that they're covered by the CRA anyway. Now I'm thinking if I put 3 months/3000 miles warranty, it'll open up the gates for people to take the mickey. Or do I just put it on newer/lower mileage cars, and stick with no warranty on older cars? (Again, properly prepped and MOTd. I don't mean I'm going to rip people off)