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  1. This job is no where near as good as it used to be ...... but it's better than having to go to work .
  2. Perhaps DA should explain what a fully appraised detailed description is to the main dealers.... www.Dealer-Auction.com is a unique online auction offering Trade cars direct from Franchised Main Dealers nationwide. You will have the chance to view, bid and buy trade vehicles from Franchised Main Dealers you may not normally have the opportunity to buy from.Our comprehensive vehicle listings give potential buyers the opportunity to view a fully detailed online vehicle appraisal along with photographs of the vehicle before placing a bid.Using an intelligent bidding system you can place "Your Maximum Bid" on a listed vehicle and it will bid up to this on your behalf. This gives you the opportunity to buy a vehicle without the need to constantly monitor the auction
  3. It's dead ... I'm sweating more than a lesbian walking past a fish market .
  4. Notice a lot of dealers on DA are adding a charge for using a debit card , wanting you to pay by transfer so they’ve got your money before you collect . Didn’t think you could do this now or is it different for business to business? ive read on a few listings business or personal debit card will be charged .
  5. I'd want it back , it says it in your add..... you need to change wording . a deposit is a deposit in my book , non refundable , what's the point of taking one if your going to give em back .
  6. I often get them letters off main dealers about trade cars I've bought .
  7. Scam .... trying to get you to pay for a new roof on his mud hut .
  8. Slower than my next door niegbours retarded son .
  9. Glad it was all ok for you on the end , you said he had his phone on loudspeaker and you could hear the conversation with bank , could of been any one on the other end of phone , that's how they suck you in .
  10. Wouldn't let a car go by transfer until I can see money in my account..... trust no fooker
  11. I signed up with them last month, didn't want to sign for a year , ended up getting a 6 month deal for 10 cars at £149 all in . sold 3 through them since signing up .
  12. So it's the part timers that are causing the stupid prices at auction , Jack it in and concentrate on your proper job