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  1. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    I'd want it back , it says it in your add..... you need to change wording . a deposit is a deposit in my book , non refundable , what's the point of taking one if your going to give em back .
  2. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

    I often get them letters off main dealers about trade cars I've bought .
  3. Am I being had?

    Scam .... trying to get you to pay for a new roof on his mud hut .
  4. Business Slow?

    Slower than my next door niegbours retarded son .
  5. Bank transfer problem

    Glad it was all ok for you on the end , you said he had his phone on loudspeaker and you could hear the conversation with bank , could of been any one on the other end of phone , that's how they suck you in .
  6. Bank transfer problem

    Wouldn't let a car go bytransfer until I can see money in my account.....trust no fooker
  7. Car Gurus

    I signed up with them last month, didn't want to sign for a year , ended up getting a 6 month deal for 10 cars at £149 all in . sold 3 through them since signing up .
  8. How do you pass time on dead days?

    Dwarf porn .
  9. Newbie dealer struggling for 2 years

    So it's the part timers that are causing the stupid prices at auction , Jack it in and concentrate on your proper job
  10. Vehicle rejection

    clutch isn't slipping or they would of said , they never mentioned about biting point on test drive , buyers remorse for sure .
  11. Interesting sales technique.....

    I didn't see a car .
  12. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    Dontdeserve compassion ... how stupid can people be .
  13. A bit of feedback on my own ads please

    Why would you take photos before you've done the prep properly ?
  14. Rude email from BCA

    Just meet up and have an arm wrestle ... sorted .
  15. Received speeding ticket after sale

    This should be n the Private section ... makeup a name and address ....a copper told .... hire a hitman lol