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  1. I think the law is quite specific, as Nick says, if a customer highlights the need for the vehicle to serve a specific purpose (ie tow a certain caravan) and this need is not met, then they have been mis-sold. Will probably come down to paperwork.
  2. I had this once write a letter to the DVLA explaining who you are, the fact you have trade plates and the vehicle was being used in conjunction with your job in the motor trade. Quote your plate numbers. i never heard a thing again
  3. Up to 12 with a return customer today, took the old one bag in as well, 2008 Picasso 82k on it and still in same condition as when they had it off my 2 years ago. So nice deal. My target was 12 this month so I'm gonna revise that now to 18, not sure if thats pushing it or not/
  4. at least you can walk away though. The best ones are people who bring them here and say are you interested in this. I've had a few families I've had 4/5/6 cars from now and all sold well.
  5. Something doesn't add up. I am going to try Aston Barclay, remember to look at Auction 4 Cars and also the Facebook T2T group and maybe make a push to buy private. In fact anything I buy private generally sells in 2 weeks, so that's the true way to go I think and prep costs are always minimal.
  6. It’s totally ruined I’ve been a frequent user for years, now looking for alternative sources 2020
  7. It’s on dashboard then somewhere in there ivr downloaded and printed mine. If you can’t find it will give exact details tomorrow
  8. Just bought my first car off the new system 2013 Ceed in silver From BCC Bolton
  9. I’m aiming for 12 minimumcurrently done 5 Hopefully the period between Xmas and NY is fruitful
  10. Type in mazda and not only does it show mazdas but all cars being sold by mazda franchises which is annoying
  11. Utter disaster still can’t get on and can’t get through on the phones
  12. Had a few Peugeot’s off that site back in the day
  13. drive around them shouting I WANT CARS AND I GOT KESH
  14. I really don't get why anyone wouldn't want to offer it tbh.
  15. I had a full time valeter for a while and so offered to do some local valeting for people in the village and the local businesses. didnt make owt from the valets as no one wanted to pay proper price but found it a nice supply of cars being offered each month.
  16. I went to Leicester tigers the other week Good day out but no idea what was happening on the field
  17. I love most sport, football, boxing, snooker especially.
  18. £30 + vat per wheel for refurb £29.95 MOT Labour £35/£40 on mechanicals Smart man is usually £60-80 per corner or whatever, few buffs or touch ins generally £20-£30 Mini valet £12 Full valet or big 7 seater around £40 if seats terrible Dent man £25 per car
  19. 19 here, steady not spectacular and slowed down last week really
  20. I've always thought if you put the odd cat c/d/n whatever it's called now on your site, even one tbh, you risk getting all your stock tarred with a similar brush.
  21. No - you can definitely add a random number on and it will work
  22. Total schoolboy stuff if it’s not been put on the invoice sadly
  23. I’ve 70% of the way to a great month shame I had to pay the vat really