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  1. We had a lot of problems a few years back with the 1.9 Vectras/Astras/9-3s many flywheels and egr valves/injectors/engine lights Even on 40-60k cars. Anwyay, I miss selling them as they do shift on quick, my question is if you buy the Automatic version I'm guessing that rules out DMF issues? I really want to get back into the 9-3 and 9-5 TDi's and see a lot of them are Auto. Cheers.
  2. I've had some right numpties this week, not been an enjoyable few days - today though 4 customers, 3 sales and one 'bringing the wife back'. Love it when you get the nice, sensible & reasonable customers!!
  3. I only use the guides for part exchanges to be honest and even then I still use my normal method as well. Work out what I can retail it for, work out prep costs, work out the margin I want/need. IF, after taking all that off, I can buy it at that price then I will, if not, leave it.
  4. This is a very strange industry in which we operate. I have had a base model Vectra Life with A/C in for 5 weeks, not really had a sniff, 2007 plate 75k, for £2290, probably slightly over priced. I only really bought it as a cheap stock filler when I was stocking up early July. This morning a lady rings up from 80 odd mile away, apparently it's the exact car her husband wants (we all sit and dream of base model Vectras lol), although he's not passed his test, they do not want to lose this car, can they put holding deposit on until Saturday and WILL have the car as long as it comes MOT'd with no advisories. I even agreed to deliver it to them (Yorkshire) for £50. If it represents value to this lady where are all the local 20 mile radius buyers in the meantime ??
  5. and apparently it's us dealer who are the 'dodgy' ones. Well done though.
  6. Worked the opposite way for me this morning, although it has been one of 'those weekends' with all the odd ball customers coming out at once! But yes, guy rings over the weekend of a 50k Titanium X Estate Mondeo I've got as 'due in' ( I had 3 enquiries on this vehicle over the weekend). The car gets delivered to me this morning at 9am and we start cleaning, he shows up at 10am and asks why it isn't clean yet despite me explaining 3 times it has been DUE IN and has literally JUST arrived. Anyway he says it's got too many scratches and dints so he will leave it. To be honest there is not one 'dint/dent' on the car, and there was about 5 scratches, 4 of which have now gone with T-Cut and one is still there to be smart repaired (£40 max). So yes in a way my tactic has bit me on the bum on this occasion but it has worked very well in the past. I'm certain the next chap will have this car as it is really, really nice. Next customer coming on same car at 4pm, so tactic obviously does work!
  7. Dead as the dodo customer that wouldn't consider our Mazda 3 any further as the headlining had been removed at some point so clearly had been in a big accident. Other than that, not a lot happening.
  8. No, nothing wrong with that!! TBH that's exactly what I pay (per car) so even if one car has one dent and one has three dents he will charge £30-£35 per car.
  9. Any chance you could take a picture from a bit further away to give us some more perspective?
  10. I do 60 hours a week (in the office) and maybe a few more at home pricing vehicles etc but to be honest I enjoy it and I only get bored when I am off. I suppose age must come in to in, at 28 I am happy to carry on with these hours for a few more years yet. It's just as stressful getting staff in and making sure they do it right anyway
  11. It may just be down to total luck but I have been putting adverts on AT and Ebay for cars 'due in this week' and a couple of pictures (if I have bought them online and they are reasonable pictures and not disgracefully dirty). I have probably listed circa 15 cars in this way so far this month and have sold 2 before they even arrived, and one more yesterday where the chap booked an appointment the day before and rang every hour since then to see if it was in and valeted yet. One customer said and I quote - 'I clicked on your advert as it looked different from the rest and I knew you hadn't had the car sat around two months'. Anyway just thought I'd feed back my experience, and also see if anyone else has had any success doing this. I used to think it wasn't worth the hassle especially if the car turns up a total dog or with a hidden problem but I've had success with it recently.
  12. I had the same Saturday, bloke and his dad came to view a Civic I had sold that morning, took a shining to the Mazda 3 right at the back, asked for it out at 3.45pm. Moved 5 cars, then it needed jumping cos they'd been sat in it with the radio and lights on for 20 minutes messing with all the dials. Anyway they drove it for 25 minutes, 'really liked it' but need to bring the wife back to see if she likes the colour (grey!?) Can you have it out for us at 11am tomorrow? So I did get it out for them and did they come back? Did they buggery!
  13. You can stick the commission in a pot and help with the warranty claims ? I think one month we got £1,300 commission, that was our record if you like and that felt good, almost like two extra sales for 0 output.
  14. surely the commission you can make should come into it, 5 deals a month say average of £150-£200 commission nice sweet bonus at the end of each month?
  15. Sold a Fabia this morning to chap from Wales (RAC Cars) but now totally dead, had another appointment but he's just text to say he can't make it. Got Palace vs Arsenal on the iPad so can't be bad.
  16. Love customers like the ones in your second paragraph haha. I just say to them, if you find one at £1,500 let me know where it was cos I'll go and get a few at that price, drive em here and sell them at £2,990
  17. Two new deals for me and two collections Took a 2002 Corolla 99k T Spirit in part ex. Had my first enquiry from RAC CARS, he's travelling from South Wales at 10am on a £3290 bright yellow Fabia. had a guy turn up on the Civic I sold first thing but managed to get him out in a Mazda 3 and he is 'bringing the wife back today' - so we will see!! Bought an 88k 55 v70 d5 SE manual from Sytner which made me happy.
  18. thank you, that would be a very acceptable turnaround.
  19. Another Q - sorry to be a pain All docs were sent off yesterday, when realistically can we expect them back ? Customer is pushing to get his new car you see. Thanks again.
  20. I've just brought a Lexus IS 250 into stock and it falls into the £500 odd per annum tax bracket. It doesn't worry me as it's still a cheapish way into a 'luxury' car? Do you think it's changed now they can tax monthly, the amount is just another D/D every month, or should we still be a bit wary when bringing in the big petrol gas guzzlers from March 2006 onwards ??
  21. Thanks Jim, all sorted and sent off this morning. Thanks for the offer of your number as well for advice, that's much appreciated. Craig.