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  1. I rarely venture above 80k. 50-60k on small/first time type cars.
  2. We’re in same boat wouldn’t panic yet
  3. Personally I think this is one of the trickiest questions in our industry I honestly think a large % of customers think our cars should all be our back to new mechanical standard and parts shouldn’t be worn. If a part fails and we offer to fit a second hand one how often do they say ‘I don’t want a second hand part’ - but EVERY part on the car is either used or second hand!
  4. Two enquires this weekend, two customers turned up, two sales easy as that isn’t it Two enquires this weekend, two customers turned up, two sales easy as that isn’t it
  5. Yep this idea would be doomed to failure.
  6. We’ve done 9 and ticking along nicely
  7. We were with Lawgistics for 3 years and they were great - helped us no end and I learned lots since we moved we’ve never needed them. My own experience has been enough. Never had to go to court and feel confident in dealing with everything in house - even the super screamers.
  8. Do you keep your old photos when advertising?
  9. 208s seem decent buys for me recently not as cheap as above but can get 14plates in £3-3.5k region and they are stylish little cars imo with good spec
  10. If you get one from A4C and they have missed something, ie clutch slipping, they will 9/10 give you a reduction. Back in the old days we picked up a 2002 Mondeo and clutch was slipping and they gave us £250 and it didn't cost us that to get it done (then). Not sure if that's changed now though.
  11. If you turned up and moaned and can prove you've paid they will let you have it. It takes longer and it's not good practice but it is possible.
  12. We had one customer ask if the fact it had an air freshener hanging in the shape of a C meant it was a CAT C No the last owner was called Chantal hahahaha
  13. We’ve done 5 and 2 that were sold from last year collected Realistically I need to fill 5-6 spaces though so that’s next challenge.
  14. I go through the same thought process almost monthly, but then we sell one through it and I think 'oh it can stay another 3 months'. Even if we do 10 a year through it (I'm sure we do more) it HAS to be worth it.
  15. Yes thanks for sharing David. We bought from a new (new to us) dealer on DA today and have now requested details verbally and electronically and then we can make sure they tie up.
  16. I hate them and won’t have them at all now either chains clutch misfires sensors Oil leaks
  17. How would the hacker have known that you had requested an invoice?
  18. Why can't dealer auction securely provide the sort codes and account numbers? Even if the dealership sent them again, you could cross reference them? I suggested it YEARS ago and they said no because they like to encourage communication between buyer & seller,
  19. 3 today, 8 for the month. Pretty pleased with that given how it's felt.