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  1. Oh we've sold a few cheap estates to Africa actually but they've not flown over, normally someone done the deal for them in this country. I think they strip the cars and fill them with electronic goods then ship them over, the cars are still worth something over there and it's much cheaper than a container.
  2. Vauxhall Signun 2.8t to a guy that flew from Germany and drove it back. And sold a couple to France.
  3. Super - looks a lot of car for the money. Good luck with it
  4. We tried to take a deposit pending acceptance at one point Just incase we went through all the paperwork, got them accepted and still they wanted a little think. Now we just don't bother and take it all on the chin as part of the job.
  5. We hit a sticky patch mid month but then sold 9 in last four days, so it's been fine really.
  6. sorry ignore me, thought you meant raising finance. One of those days
  7. How much would you want? I'd just borrow it from the bank (if you can). If you borrow over 7k you get the better interest rates.
  8. That seriously affects value then as that’s their main selling point imo
  9. What year is the C'eed, only issue I could see if if that invalidates the Kia warranty or not (presuming car is younger than 7 years).
  10. Our VAT month too, and pretty much in same boat, think we've done 11 so way short of where we need to be but we still have two full weekends to go so we could all catch up yet
  11. Mallard especially I think advertise the 150k. Tbf it’s not something we deal in but I guess there is a market for it.
  12. First Response will now actually consider diesel vehicles up to 160,000
  13. I don’t think they are anywhere near as strict on mileages now. We’ve certainly had companies contact us that will look up to 150k on diesel vehicles - especially if they are newer cars with high miles. and 120k is certainly not correct as we got someone financed on a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe at 126k just last month (£2390).
  14. Which is fair enough and he is not the only dealer operating within that school thought - though personally we’ve never had any issue at all within the 7 years we’ve offered finance. One mutually agree DEKRA report in that time on a Mini that found one minor fault (nothing like the customers claim as we and Close brothers suspected...)
  15. To be honest there’s no reason finance couldn’t be implemented into the procees if Simon wished. Still take the £100 deposit, process the application (20 mins extra work but worth it for the commission). If they pass great they collect like normal, e-sign the docs and you are paid via bank transfer as you request.
  16. We are of the reduce a couple of hundred till it sells brigade, it happens, sometimes even on proper well prepared cars you've sold 10 times over before. Also like to re photo is somethings been in say 8 weeks. Then the price drops can start at same time so taking it to whole new audience.
  17. Can’t claim against you personally can’t lose house etc
  18. Having been in this unit for 3 years we've started to see a decent amount of folk returning now, 2 already this month from returning customers. Always the best business tbh. Just checked, 836 sales in that time, not bad on 2 staff, although that includes any bangers moved on
  19. It's less than two hours work if you do it yourself.
  20. Fair enough. We've seem dip at similar time. Luckily we were flying until last week of June so no undue damage and it seems to be picking up again in last couple of days. seen* similar dip sorry
  21. Grant, is there just two cars for sale on your website?
  22. I'd normally say outside photos but tbh there I'd say your inside one is a lot better, the car looks better down its sides as well.
  23. I successfully cleared one after running the car for about 4 hours, but another needed both batteries. Struggling to sell them if the warning lights are on, just puts customers off I've found.
  24. crazy though isn't it I've not had one professional driver deliver a vehicle in over 7 years of using them multiple times per week, that doesn't display them in the windows of vehicles and these guys are wracking up the miles of around 1,000 a week in some cases.
  25. I’ve sold 3 with online auction pics last month not proud of it but it continues to work