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  1. BCA partner finance cars

    Exactly what I thought when I've looked through the section at Paddock Wood, looks like a load of knocked about p-ex's with problems, the partner finance dealers don't dare attempt to retail.
  2. Paddock Wood

    Parking is an absolute joke now they've moved the parking to infront of the main building, to the left of the entrance and nabbed the car park for transporter unloading, been twice on sale days and got blocked in both times. Staff are so stressed and over worked, one guy I spoke to first thing this morning was almost in tears getting so worked up
  3. I used to for the first few years, had a few burn me, clutches, gearboxes, wheel bearings, eml's popping up etc, then started asking to pop it round the block. Now a lot of the time the prices are in line with bca (or often even higher) I think it's even more important to test them. Especially if you've got to drive the thing 100+ miles back!! Fairplay to the op, I would have done the same!
  4. Misrepresentation timing belt

    If he's saying he's had a replacement engine fitted maybe ask him to take a pic of the engine number? Ideally a video showing the car reg plate then finishing at the engine number?
  5. FAO Scottish Dave

    Would giving the steering wheel a wiggle help on a Viano? Like a car with a mechanical steering lock when the steering locks held to one side under tension from the front suspension
  6. Blackbushe by train, which station?

    BLACKBUSHE COLLECTION REPORT!! All went fine, key office took 5 mins, 5 mins waiting for the banger bus, after dropping another couple of drivers off we were dropped at the end of the row we'd been told, the car was where they said, drivers rear window was half open, but luckily it hadn't rained! We took the little pocket boost pack which wasn't needed, signs for the exit could be better but no wait at the exit gate, all the staff we meet were friendly and helpful etc, oh and the cars fine, pretty good really especially compared to previous experiences at Enfield! They are putting some cars thru there, there were 1600+ on Monday, 1800+ yesterday, 600 vans today and they expect to top 2000 in a sale next week, mostly UKCGR
  7. Blackbushe by train, which station?

    I'm getting a lift up Thursday morning, will take boost pack just in case, wish me luck!!
  8. Blackbushe by train, which station?

    Thanks Nick, great:) Thanks DPF for the number, I'll use them . I should have been going this morning first thing but was so tired late last night I sacked it off! Think I should just pay for delivery, or go up tomorrow, I'll see how I get on this morning!!
  9. Blackbushe by train, which station?

    Brilliant thanks mate
  10. Blackbushe by train, which station?

    Lol EPV thanks I was just checking Blackwater!! Thanks Tom, is there a taxi rank there? Or a taxi office nearby? National rail enquiries website looks like there might be, but there's no mention of one on the app!
  11. New Year At The Block

    Blackbushe didn't seem crazy busy today, but of the 1678 cars in the catalogue and 60 plus we were interested in I managed to buy one!!
  12. Hi everyone, well, to all the Blackbushe regulars, which station do you use, got one to collect from the BCA retail (pretty much!) sale today, according to national rail enquiries Fleet and Farnborough both have taxi ranks, just wanted to check which station people prefer?
  13. Security gateway module

    Surely this goes completely against block exemption??
  14. Citroen C1 1.0 3 Cylinder, help!

    I didn't either! No joke, I thought early on it could have been that someone had put a can of diesel in at BCA, but sniffing the filler it smelt so much of unleaded I ruled it out! Swapped loads of parts with another car we had in stock, but kept thinking "it's just like it's running on rubbish fuel" , bit the bullet and pulled the tank out (took about 5 mins) , then put the petrol in a clear glass and it was so much darker than fresh!!
  15. Citroen C1 1.0 3 Cylinder, help!

    We had an Aygo with same engine a while ago, running rough, smoking (but no fault codes), did compression test, swapped temp sensor, coil packs, plugs from another car we had here, then checked the tank.... The fuel smelt stronger of unleaded then fresh unleaded! Whipped the tank out and it had been missfuelled! Ran great on just unleaded!!