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  1. July, how’s it going

    typical July full of penniless dreamers in shorts i always dread august
  2. Alloy wheel repair

    every wheel is different so each one needs individual appraisal because if you get it wrong someone could die
  3. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    its like everything else if traders all stuck together and boycotted the show then the business model would have to change or fold unfortunately whilst your fellow traders are agreeing to boycott you will find them gleefully in the background bidding thinking ha one less bidder against me so the answer is as always ploughyour own field and feck the others because its the only way TV would agree but he threw in the towel in my opinion as theres only so much muck a back furrow can shift
  4. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    all this just takes the piss out of business to business contracts theres no way i would buy from these people
  5. Border cars

    https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.border-cars.co.uk just bloody wow i would cry if that had been my business
  6. Phone melting for Mazda6

    br brr br brrrrrrrrrr pip car sales extrodinaair ,johnny speaking, how can i be of assistance to you?????? i bought a mazda off you last week do you remember me? yes i do how can i help? no you cant help ,im just phoning to say how delighted i am with my purchase reminds me of the Heineken room for complaints covered in dust
  7. Printed invoice pads?

    this is myinvoice too but desktop published,i keep adding a bit if necessary this does not affect your consumer rights the link posted up ,did noah make that invoice out,wonder theres not a disclaimer to say 3 kangaroos are not allowed
  8. Code Reader Snap on ???

  9. 2010 Corsa engine gone

  10. Another (My First) BCA Tale of Woe

    my ten penorth if i had bought that (i wouldnt) i would have taken it out of the compound as soon as i had paid for it because its one of those cars every dick wants to sit in when they can
  11. 2010 Corsa engine gone

    if its cooked its head junk it if its jumped on the chain and ripped the cam out junk it thing is if it smoked before it popped its probably wrecked the cat too so the costs mount me? i would swallow the loss and try and recoup via say ebay if its a tidy car or buy a low mileage bumped thing and rip the donkey out of it the place in the link looks like a guy who trades straight looking at his feedback and i think a month warranty is personally very good when you have no idea what monkey might be fitting it just sayin............. ps dont buy anymore you might as well flagulate yourself if you really like pain because it will be cheaper

    ha ha these very same people,i wonder if they come to you first or me first coz ive ad all thems
  13. gets worse every year and yes it does cloud my judgement buying saw a car that i had sold in january in the block this week,it did £700 more than i paid in december (citroen c1)
  14. Cars That Stick.

    just sold he who waits rodney weird thing is i took a depo yesterday,customer left the building and i get another call for it ive had it 3 months i day and 22 minutes so if its not selling maybe your customers arent looking at your ballpark retail figure so up it remember you can always negotiate down never up
  15. Cars That Stick.

    this is why they like small engine cars though so they dont go fast and therefore they think its safer most people still dont understand black boxes either until you explain the merits but then they start putting up objections like little arthur is a lovely driver,yer............. then you see him friday night in the maccy dee car park stuffing his face and do..nuting.....