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  1. New tyers increases car value?

    im looking for one with free road tax
  2. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    it wa331 years ago i think you could only get £495 for them with a new ticket they had sleeves in the pistons and the bloke that did the head gasket had pulled the head off and lifted a sleeve i guess are you thinking the regal 21 with 21 extras but still only 3 wheels now 41 years ago i remember borrowing one to get home in the snow as the buses couldn't get through anyway i couldnt get to my flat because the front wheel would only follow the tracks made by previous cars,think i got home at 2 in the morning via london or somewhere
  3. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    me meeeeeeeeeeee i once had a reliant robin taken in with a failed head gasket ,i rang all the breakers non of them wanted it even though i told them there was no rust in the door bottoms ended up setting fire to it to get rid,bad move the town nearly got shut down for the black smoke and we had to say it was arson after 5 tenders had left and sgt plod wanted details
  4. Auction fees

    i always find it strange that when another trader asks what you paid for something we all say thehammer price shoshigers
  5. profit margins

    i see the the Going: isGood to Soft (Good in places)at beverley races this afternoon,now i want to back the sure fire winner so what is the nags name please,PM it if you prefer
  6. Lawgistics Warranty

    Me too As you say an unhappy customer is one that is likely to take you to court therefore offering a warranty to reasonably cover eventualities that a court of law would find against the dealer it makes sense to offer the warranty but with reasonable exclusions Its win win for the dealer if you self warrant because this way you can control the situation I delivered a car 100 miles last week but the customer signed to say the warranty they got was back to base at their expense,this will obviously cut out silly claims too and my own warranty specifically excludes consequential losses like hotel bills,fares taxis recovery etc This isnt denying consumer rights its enhancing their basic rights but ring fencing all possible problems to your advantage for any possible future claim thanks for taking the time Law Jaw appreciate it
  7. Autotrader shares

    well im putting my money into tulips
  8. Autotrader shares

    every business has its day currently everyone is looking for the next uber to invest in got to be better than 0.25 interest
  9. Paddock Wood

    it gets to the stage that everyones telling you the same old stories and how busy they are though when i used to go i just kept to a few dealers who i knew who didnt over egg the cake still easy to miss a car though as you slaarg off another dealer
  10. First trip to auction & a few other questions.

    if vehicle is in trade and you are moving it from a place of sale or test drive or taking it for repairs then put trade plates on iuse trade plates to go for mot too solaw enforcement dont niggle me most trade insurers request vehicle in your name before adding to mid but doing this according to lawgistics means you cant use trade plates on it .........................................it must be taxed your other questions need yourself to put in input to find answers epv will explain
  11. Lawgistics Warranty

  12. profit margins

    probably all about kudos and having it on the pitch they will probably smoke it for a week too these guys really are in the wrong business but hey ho
  13. Not to blame insurance claim

    they are probably just putting you in the picture howcan you be culpable if the authorities say it wasnt your fault
  14. Business Slow?

    by reducing it you are enticing them to buy beyond their expectations so its double lose remember there's others that want to spend more so you are out of their search box because there's something obviously wrong with your because its too cheap re advertise it dearerand offer good benefits and watch it fly